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  1. Re: Little Anthony & The Imperials Who is Jeff Dee?
  2. Re: Little Anthony & The Imperials
  3. Re: Little Anthony & The Imperials Yeah, I have a firm idea in my head of how to handle the mechanics. I want to provide a "ready-out-of-the-box" conversion for any and all "friends" who want it.
  4. Re: Little Anthony & The Imperials The no conversions page does more accurately address the issue. I'm curious about the legality of the issue. My impression is that the law is not on Kevin (Siembeda's) side. Posting conversions of RPGs online is a tried and true practice. Home campaigns, etc. As long as I say "RIFTS © 2005 Palladium Games," and I don't repeat any details from the books (I don't describe what a Glitter Boy is, etc., I just provide a statted HERO idea), I think I'm in the clear. I'm going to hit up a lawyer friend or two and see. If we could get some "blue text" - DoJ representative posting - I'd also appreciate it. If it all goes against me, I'll just clearly and regularly advertise (on the boards, and on starherofandom.com if arooo allows) the existence of a "personal" conversion, and send it to any and all "friends" who ask for it, along with updates.
  5. Re: Little Anthony & The Imperials Umm... That policy only bans derivative works made for commerical or financial gain. Anything posted online for "personal use," they are happy to have. Since StarHeroFandom doesn't cost money to use, a HERO/RIFTS conversion would be wholely allowed. You don't see much RIFTS stuff online because it's a horrible system. ;-)
  6. Re: The Last Word My best word is MOIST. Your best word is WRONG! Hahahahahaha. Oh, I crack myself up.
  7. Set to the tune of "Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop" *ahem* Gimme Gimme Siembeda Gimme Gimme RIFTS Gimme Gimme Siembeda Gimme Gimme RIFTS I am a po' man, but I have been dying to do a full HERO conversion of RIFTS. I hope to have money in three or four months, and I figure doing the main book will take me that long. So I'ma gonna beg. If anyone has a copy of RIFTS they would be willing to mail to me, I would owe them forever. And then, once I start pounding away, I will threaten arooo with Glitter Boyz until he puts HERO Rifts up on starherofandom.com, for all your viewing pleasure. Yay! Please?
  8. Re: How would you do this? How about a Recoverable Charge in which the recovery is being defined as "trying a new task"? And whenever they go home and get a cybercheck-up, wipe the slate clean on what tasks they've done before, just as good role-playing. Works for me. Poison/weapon's easy enough, and already has good explanations.
  9. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Why in God's name do you have a mouthful of cheese? A: Watch and learn, monkey. Watch and learn.
  10. Re: "There is no pain; you are receding...." I'd build it as Flash to Touch Group, and then with a Limitation to reflect that it's only part of the body (-1/4). Please see this thread for people's feelings about the implications of Invisibilty to Touch Group, which could also apply to Darkness/Flash.
  11. Re: Answers & Questions Q: What happens when you eat Vegemite? A: Three black squares and a purple circle.
  12. Re: Answers & Questions Q: So, what witty comeback did you think up three days later? A: Oh'dark thirty.
  13. Re: A Thread for Random Musings I could eat Girl Scout cookies all day.
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