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  1. Re: Star Wars - Balancing Jedi with everyone else and heroic vs. superheroic I've never done anything like this, but it sounds really well balanced and perfect. Forces the players to get lots of skills and contacts and resources that they wouldn't otherwise get. Some cybernetic reconstruction... Man, that seems brilliant!
  2. Re: Third Magic System (Please Help) Sorry. The fact that they're animals should have nothing to do with their magic, or very little. They're just another permanent species. They don't shape shift, they don't invoke their own beast powers. In fact, certain species even eat their own animal equivalents. I just want a third, interesting magic system. My friends want to start a new campaign, and want to utilize the freedom of HERO and get away from D&D. So, I want a crazy magic system that doesn't resemble the D&D magic system. But I don't want to use Valdorian Age magic - I want the magic to be as combat viable as any other, without the (necessarily) lengthy casting times or the favor system. I just threw the animal race description out their for completeness' sake. The only thing I care about this magic is that it be different from the other two in what it can and cannot do.
  3. Aloha! Looking to make a third magic system for my campaign. Something dynamic and powerful, balanceable, and unique and interesting. I am not above blatantly stealing from other material. I want a system that can definitely do things, and has areas it can't touch (for plausible reason, not metagame "arcane can't heal" reasons). Every racial grouping can use every magic, but each magic system belongs to a racial grouping, and is strongest in them. The first system I have is classic elementalism, and belongs to the races most easily described as elementals and those of elemental bloodlines. Elemental magic is pretty obvious. It consists entirely of summoning elementals to do your bidding (think Valdorian Elementalism, if a little more showy). Magic items are nigh impossible to make with elemental magic. The second system belongs to the races of man - humans, halflings and giants. It is essentially psionics with some mumbo jumbo. It consists of the sfx of telekinesis, empathy and esp - using powers of force to influence the world. You can make force fields and force bolts and all kinds of magic items, but you can't summon lightning or invoke the spirit of the bear or anything like that. The third racial group is all the combinations of man and and animals - elephant men, wolfmen, et cetera. I want a funky and combat useful magic system to go with them... I'm kind of stumped right now and thought I'd hit up the hero forums for help.
  4. Re: Fantasy Adventures Or Why are we always underground...again In an old D&D3E campaign I used to run, I had a player who was aware of the metagame easiness of a dungeon, and knew I used them when I hadn't prepared an adventure for the evening. [tangent] My GM style is very transparent - Prepared: "You must infiltrate the Earl's Court and convince him to open up the land across the River Nerele for expansion, in order to drive away the wood nymphs who are draining his domain of magic." Unprepared: "So, there's this cave..." [/tangent] He would go to the most extraordinary, in-character lengths to sidetrack a dungeon adventure. He was an easy player when I had a well-crafted adventure, but when I did a dungeon... He would go into town and try to rouse a lynch mob to go into the dungeone, he would use his magic to divert a river to drown the dungeone, he would do anything he could to destroy the dungeon without ever going in. He didn't care about the treasure - he cared about making me work for it.
  5. Re: Game: Skirmish [criticism] Is this meant to be a game played "in game"? I could see characters mentioning/playing Rue - it's relatively simple, with simple pieces. This game feels rather anachronistic - I can't see it being created in a fantasy context, when paper was (arguably) rare. [/criticism]
  6. Re: Star Hero fictional settings we haven't seen In response to this post, I was over at sjgames.com reading about Transhuman Space, and I saw this: http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/transhumanspace/highfrontier/ Can anyone confirm or deny that that's a typo? 44 pages for $25?! Crazay!
  7. Re: Your Costume is always Clean. I have always used (what I consider to be) a very elegant solution: Just make it a campaign rule that, save for extenuating circumstances, the condition of a character's costume is related to his health. Stun or Body, depending on the style of campaign. Stun works really well, because it allows for characters (I'm thinking Ultimate Spiderman in my head) to run through a sewer, get in a fight, come out all stinky and torn, wipe grime off their costumes, mutter a "Yech!" and in two turns, they're completely back to pristine condition. Worked out nicely for me.
  8. Re: Ghostbusters HERO Uno - I'd build the proton pack with linked powers. Dos - Ghostbusters feels like a Heroic Campaign to me more than a Superheroic Campaign, mos def. Tres - We also need write-ups for ghosts. QUATRO! Da da rumba doo bah boo bah.
  9. Re: Sci-fi wear swords? Muwahahaha. My spin-off thread has grown larger than its original parent! I will RULE THE WORLD!
  10. Re: Growing Up Polytheistic Repped the above post.
  11. Re: Character: Priest Two thoughts: 1.) Why'd you build the Sap with Energy Blast? Seems to be more of a Hand Attack. 2.) If I remember correctly, Luck is generally rolled at the beginning of each evening's sessions. How would that work built as a power requiring incantations and gestures? As a GM, personally, I wouldn't allow it.
  12. Re: Game: The Red and the Blue I think this would be helpful if you could give us a walkthrough of the game. Show us a quick two person game, with some copy and pasting in Photoshop, to show us a turn by turn demonstration. If you would, please.
  13. Re: Kushiel's Hero I own all the books, but I've yet to read any of them. Maybe I should... After November. Then I'll chip in with RP thoughts.
  14. Citizen Keen


    Re: Starships And also... Buying a ship with character points is arguably the equivalent of "one shot wealth".
  15. Citizen Keen


    Re: Starships Do you own Star HERO? This excellent resource goes into detail regarding different ways GMs can give the HEROs a Starship. Just giving it to them outright, having the ship owned by a patron, as well as other options in addition to the two you listed. It also goes into the implications of each choice. I highly reccomend getting Star HERO.
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