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  1. Opale

    VIPERS assets

    Hey steriaca ! and thanks
  2. Fitness/Sport coach as a freelancer is a good one aswell. And it explains why our character looks so fit. Because, be honest, most people aren't so sharp physically than a meta.
  3. Opale

    VIPERS assets

    Hi LL ! Yes, with COVID, I had at least time to come back to Champions rpg somehow ^^. And let my imagination do the rest. Thanks for the pointers. I am considering opening a tabletop for a campaign where my PCs starts as normal guys, and get empowered. Or maybe they will become agents of VIPER, ARGENT, or who know where they will decide to go ! Maybe I should open another thread focused on VIPER, and see how the community can contribute 😛
  4. I was introduced to Champions by a GM using a mix of 4th and 5th editions. I bought the 6th edition myself, with alot of 5th books for settings. And now after alot of games and considerations, I consider that 6th edition is not worth it. I prefer largely 5th that I consider more consistent, coherent and balanced.
  5. Opale

    VIPERS assets

    Hey ! I was reading again the Coils of the Serpent recently, and I realized that I couldn't find all the enlisted Supervillains. Wouldsomeone know into which book find those ones ? Adder Poison-spitting, knife-wielding super-agent Bloodstar High-DEX, high-SPD weaponmaster Boruto (“Volt”) Electricity powers Japan Brute Super-strength Copperhead Powered armor Delusion Holographic super-technology Miami Epoch Time manipulation Cairo Gauntlet Power gauntlets -> found in Villains 3 Hayaikaze (“Swiftwind”) Speedster, wind manipulation powers Japan Hi
  6. Out of curiosity, where would you play ? On a forum thread ? Email ? Discord ? I might get interested depending the platform used :)
  7. that would be nice to see the group grow
  8. so any news from the rpol admins ?
  9. I read that the problem is known by the admins, and they are trying to solve it.
  10. Thanks Simon Issues solved.
  11. Heya I created my own HDT (named Fantasy Hero hdt) for a Shadow WOrld game, that includes specific stats. Which works fine; But I can't manage to make the Equipment tab appear when I load it, and I can't find why. Please can you tell me what I may be missing ? Attached is the said file Warm Regards Opale FANTASY HERO.hdt
  12. crossing my fingers your issues will be solved soon, guys
  13. well, link to the rpol ?
  14. Hey Quo ! I had fun during the San Angelo campaign you had to stop last time If you have still a room for me, please do tell me Warm Regards Opal
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