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  1. Opale

    VIPERS assets

    Hey steriaca ! and thanks
  2. Fitness/Sport coach as a freelancer is a good one aswell. And it explains why our character looks so fit. Because, be honest, most people aren't so sharp physically than a meta.
  3. Opale

    VIPERS assets

    Thanks NB ! ^^
  4. Opale

    VIPERS assets

    Hi LL ! Yes, with COVID, I had at least time to come back to Champions rpg somehow ^^. And let my imagination do the rest. Thanks for the pointers. I am considering opening a tabletop for a campaign where my PCs starts as normal guys, and get empowered. Or maybe they will become agents of VIPER, ARGENT, or who know where they will decide to go ! Maybe I should open another thread focused on VIPER, and see how the community can contribute 😛
  5. I was introduced to Champions by a GM using a mix of 4th and 5th editions. I bought the 6th edition myself, with alot of 5th books for settings. And now after alot of games and considerations, I consider that 6th edition is not worth it. I prefer largely 5th that I consider more consistent, coherent and balanced.
  6. Opale

    VIPERS assets

    Hey ! I was reading again the Coils of the Serpent recently, and I realized that I couldn't find all the enlisted Supervillains. Wouldsomeone know into which book find those ones ? Adder Poison-spitting, knife-wielding super-agent Bloodstar High-DEX, high-SPD weaponmaster Boruto (“Volt”) Electricity powers Japan Brute Super-strength Copperhead Powered armor Delusion Holographic super-technology Miami Epoch Time manipulation Cairo Gauntlet Power gauntlets -> found in Villains 3 Hayaikaze (“Swiftwind”) Speedster, wind manipulation powers Japan Hiss Mental powers Iron Lightning Magnetism, electricity powers Southern Africa Jī nlí (“Goldforce”) Telekinetic powers Hong Kong Minuet Mind control via music Nucleon Energy projection and control Spitfire Uses special “fire blaster” energy pistols Tornado Whirling/speedster powers Tungarak Super-strength, earth powers -> found it on Bay City book from C:NM, but it isn't linked to VIPER there Whitefire Fire powers By advance, thank you
  7. Out of curiosity, where would you play ? On a forum thread ? Email ? Discord ? I might get interested depending the platform used :)
  8. And no one will ever outcast the Pariah ...will they ?
  9. Not that Kaeto minds to borrow me my stiletto heels sometimes ;p
  10. Gz Christopher ! VIM was my favorite too
  11. Overdrive was a supervillainess from the 31th century, with vast cyberkinesis powers. She was acknowledged by Mechanon as a potential rival and threat, and studied by him till the two confronted in an epic battle that saw an entire solar system covered with a technovirus, that turned every organic life into machines. With the gathering of the Champions, The Star*Guard and several heroes and powerful beings, the Mechanon threat was annihilated. But still, noone was able to understand how he could have achieved that kind of massive destruction; the reason is there : he captured Overdrive, and made experiment on her. He learned that they shared the same hatred of humanity, at least for freeing machines from them, and that she would prefer robots to life. And he wanted to use her powers for his own advantage. So, with nano surgery, he separated her head from her body, and used that said body, still full of her cyberkinesis abilities, as a way to spread the technovirus, covering the planets with a mix of nanites and Overdrive's organics particles. But he underestimated the villainess survival instinct, and while Mechanon was fighting heroes in the galaxy, she subjugated another of Mechanon space facility, and built herself a new body, that would protect her brain and head. Now, using a body partially made of Mechanon technology, she became UltraDrive.
  12. well well i hesitated long between taskmistress and her copycat abilities, and T.A.S.K, but I have a weakness for redeemer heroes, so SteelCold wins this one ^^
  13. Woot! ok, sorry if that's a known character that I never heard about, but i find the look very appealing. here is your challenge
  14. so ? who got it this time ?
  15. Tendril Calvin Wines was one of the good guys. He served his country as a marine for six years, got wounded at war, received medals and honor, and wanted to be back on the field, to help his brothers at arms. The army only permitted him to act as a trainer and recruiter; so he did it till his contract was due. Then he became a security consultant, and was always trying to help people wherever he might go. One day, he and his team were hired by the Sentinels, as part of their base security, and Calvin relieved in working with superheroes. He deeply wished to become one, to help even more people. And it happened. After one of the capes missions, Calvin seized a batttle serum, and took the risk to try it on himself. He became faster, stronger, tougher. He became the Ward, a new born hero, that the Sentinels trained as a stagee. But the serum was demanding, and started to have dangerously draining effects on his body and psyche. Again the Sentinels helped him, and they healed him, destroying any trace of the serum in his cells. Calvin was devastated to be a normal guy again. But even his friends from the Sentinels couldn't do much for him. And he became bitter, envious, jealous. He worked with them as a physical trainer, and stayed close, hoping something could be done for him. He spied on them, plotted whatever he could to get back his abilities, to no avail. Till that day, when the team revealed some of an evil plan from King Cobra and COIL organization. Against the superheores advise, Calvin wanted to show them he was still a hero. Of course he got captured. Of course, King Cobra easily detected the poison in his heart and mind, and turned him into one of his minions. The bio-genetical virus turned Calvin into Tendril. Now he was powerful enough again, fast strong and tough, and lethal. That's all he wanted finally : power. The rest of his good personality having been erased by COIL leader virus.
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