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  1. The Book of the Empress is close. She is originally introduced in Champions 3D and it appears that she got her own book. I guess I'll just have to take extra care of my copy. Was hoping for a kickstarter.
  2. I was going through some of my older books and ran across this gem. I think it's from 4th ed. and was wondering; does anyone even remember this book? I've been cruising the online store hoping that it will be reprinted for 6th edition, maybe a kickstarter.
  3. With the loss of the power Transfer, I'm looking about to try and rebuild my favorite Dooms Day Devise. The Effect: Once activated, the device slowly (at first) begins pulling the very fabric of creation from the objects around it in order to feed it's growing destruction. This was previously done with an area effect (explosion), continuous, 0 END, Transfer Body to Transfer.
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