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  1. I'm not into gritty realistic "low fantasy" and it's been so long since I created a Fantasy HERO character I wouldn't know where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.
  2. Actually I was curious as to what kind of Fantasy HERO game everyone was interested in. High Fantasy, Low fantasy, Fantasy Superheroes, power level, and so forth.
  3. when is it and how do I reach the game?
  4. I've often had characters who want to gather information from people in a crime scene area or such. Much like what the police, private investigators , and nosy reporters and do. I wondered how to do that. In your mind is [skill;conversation] enough or should I do it some other way? Policing: [ INT based] This skill allows the user to find someone who has some information regarding a crime and ask them pointed questions. [example] did you see who did this? what kind of car were they driving, which way did they go, etc...
  5. I'd also be interested in a Fantasy Hero game.
  6. Re: Jokes Whats the difference between a vulture and a lawyer? A lawyer can remove his wing-tips
  7. Re: Urban Fantasy Hero Book of Power: the Blood Qur'an There are more things in Heaven and Earth.... Shakespeare
  8. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat A pizza from TOMBSTONE???
  9. Re: Jokes Question:What caused Adam & Eve to have their first fight? Answer: After they realized they were both naked they covered up with fig leaves, Eve then turns to Adam and says "Does this make me look fat?"
  10. Re: A Game Of Questions No you won't or no you can't ?
  11. Re: WWYCD (kind of): Advice Time for Scarlet! Ice Paladin "Not right now..wait until you can arrange for their safety then you can think about going public..." Windstorm " I woudn't...I may not see eye to eye with my parents but it would wreck them and I'd have to deal with them telling me that I was wrong again." Blackstar "Not for me to tell you...I don't have the leisure of revealing my identity to anyone unless given orders from S.H.I.E.L.D. in triplicate."
  12. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat NT: We aren't having Christmas at our place this year because of_________ Daddy ran away with Santa
  13. I was part of a Champions group many years ago that seemed to use certain words to describe combat effects. Here are some I remember; PRANG- An attack that did not get beyond the characters DEF was said to have made this sound. GUMMO- An acronym for "at Game Masters Option" , when a character was at -31 STUN or more. Did any of you guys ever have something like this???
  14. Re: Personality quiz for characters Back when Champions 2 &3 came out there was a number of sheets intended for general use. One of them was a sheet with a list of questions something like what you are suggesting. Ask Steve Long if any copies exist. From what I can remember some of the questions were something like; What does your character do in his spare time, hobbies etc?
  15. The GM was Gullible There was this character who survived falling into a vat of chemicals, she became a classic brick BUT she was 100% blind Well the player asked GM if he could replace it with something like; Susceptibility 2d6 Flash. (Blind only temporarily , like Hysterical Blindness) It turned out that both were EXACTLY the same number of points ( 10 pts). So he lost no points in buying off the disad, and the character was 99% SIGHTED ! Anyone happen to know what happens when you roll a " 1" on a die for Flash results (HINT: NO EFFECT, NOTHING) Even today I don't think that the GM knows what he allowed.
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