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  1. I might be interested and I know a few others who are looking for a game also.
  2. Is there still room in this game?
  3. I'm not into gritty realistic "low fantasy" and it's been so long since I created a Fantasy HERO character I wouldn't know where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.
  4. Actually I was curious as to what kind of Fantasy HERO game everyone was interested in. High Fantasy, Low fantasy, Fantasy Superheroes, power level, and so forth.
  5. when is it and how do I reach the game?
  6. I've often had characters who want to gather information from people in a crime scene area or such. Much like what the police, private investigators , and nosy reporters and do. I wondered how to do that. In your mind is [skill;conversation] enough or should I do it some other way? Policing: [ INT based] This skill allows the user to find someone who has some information regarding a crime and ask them pointed questions. [example] did you see who did this? what kind of car were they driving, which way did they go, etc...
  7. Buy Life Support- Immune to Alcohol
  8. I was always curious to know what you GM's think about what villains to include in your game....
  9. There was a conversion table in Fantasy HERO . 3rd edition I think. It's a start
  10. I think that the power AID to itself as you mention was deemed an illegal power some time ago. There are many ways to abuse the system, some of which were actually mentioned in the book. Remember LANDLORD the guy who put all of his points into a base with followers and owned the whole Earth and everyone in it.
  11. Character B- Try some form of POWER TRANSFER-Usable by Others.You "transfer" what you want into food and someone (even you ) eats it. This completes the transfer...
  12. How about Telekinesis Usable by other? You give the power to the earth beneath your target and it makes him heavier or lighter
  13. Wouldn't that depend on the special effect of the clairvoyant? I mean if this guy has dreams it's going to be harder to record. Also I'd have to ask whether such a thing would be admissible in court, or considered illegal search.
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