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  1. Re: Astromancy Six Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Spirit, Earth, Nature And the stars designed so far (Minus The Phoenix and a handful of others): http://community.livejournal.com/roseandthecrown/tag/stars
  2. Re: Astromancy And additionally, six of the twelve ecliptic constellations are completely composed of stars of all the same element.
  3. I present, for discussion, the most complicated magical system ever. For the past few months, I've been working on the background and origin story of my world that most of my writing takes place in. After a discussion of how to get myself out of a gaming rut, it was recommended I run a one shot game of something totally different than I normally run. I had the idea of running an extremely simple game set place in The Age of Steam. In my world during the Age of Steam, on a purely conceptual level, the world has three unique "occupations" if you will. Each of the three occupations i
  4. I'm probably being silly, but I'm planning a campaign to run with Alice and a friend of mine in New York when we move. We may not be moving for at least a year but I'm designing it and getting ready to run it as if it were happening today. Cast of Characters (Characters of Old): Michael Williams - The Messiah. If you haven't read Alice's Via Logs this can fill you in quite a bit. Basically, he is the Messiah of the world and the son of the creator. After his father's death. Michael became the sworn protector of the world. Michael is a superhuman from the Champions Universe with Mi
  5. Re: WWYCD Fantasy HERO Edition #2: Sophie's Choice For reference, our entire party flat out refused to negotiate with Aciarren. One of the party members is the widow of the aforementioned sacrificed character.
  6. I normally don't create these types of game threads but I'm curious what you guys would do if presented with a similar situation as we were. Aciarren is an evil, powerful necromantic sorcerer vampire. He has complete control over a region of land that is known for abducting people and forcing them into slavery. He is pure evil to the bone. Your party, at one point in time, faced him and at the sacrifice of the life of one of your party members, were able to get his sword away from him. This sword gave him great magical powers and defenses and is considered to be the most powerful arti
  7. Re: WWYCD Fantasy HERO Edition #1: The Princess Shell Game Zalvin ix'Daris Sebastian Corrielle would turn to his fiancee and ask her to read the minds of each of the "Princesses" to find out which one was the real one. Or she could sniff it out... princesses smell special to dragons.
  8. Re: Joe Quesada as a Disadvantage What's this about Howard the Duck vs. Firelord?
  9. Re: Joe Quesada as a Disadvantage With DNPCs, the cost should have a -5 point cost for "Periodically Cloned/Retconned Back Into Existance"
  10. No, this isn't another rant thread about One More Day. We have that over on the NGD. Imagine for a moment... you are Spiderman. You've got a wife and, though you don't know it yet, a kid on the way. Then, one day, suddenly everything gets changed around on you for no apparant reason. You are behaving differently than before doing things like revealing your identity to the world. Or perhaps you start getting appearances of some other guy's rogue's gallery. So how would you put down an Editor-in-Chief as a disadvantage? Or perhaps alternative, how would you put down changing writ
  11. Re: A Thread for Random Videos I've actually made myself into a Chipmunk voice before.
  12. Re: [Log] Chester School For Teens E107.5: Yakusa Matata - Episode Aired December 1, 2007 Coming Soon!
  13. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER You can obtain a Sword of the Reaper without using the Party House. To do so, you need to first gain access to the Reaper Missions. Second, you need TicTac and Robogirl and complete the "Tictac and Robogirl have a Sneak Plan" mission. Once you have the Soul Candy, you will unlock "A Voice Beckons". The first mission is a 10/6 Gen mission. The second part requires letting yourself lose 2 levels in Gen, Nin, and Tai. However, this gets you the Sword of the Reaper which GIVES you +2 levels. So while your Character Level drops by 6, your levels with
  14. Re: [Log] Chester School For Teens E106: Winter Wonderland - Episode Aired November 11 E107: Permafrost - Episode Aired November 18 Special Note: This was a big two-parter that had a WHOLE bunch of fail in the first game and really kicked butt in the second part. I'm going to edit in the rest of the summary later. I'm having trouble getting to finishing this at this time. Winter session has begun. Most of the students are away but some are either required to stay or have no place to go. As it happens, Sin Girl, Brick, Striking Tiger are required to stay. Owlet is stayin
  15. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Kid sets Candy Shop on fire... and then things get weird. http://youtube.com/watch?v=WsYrVikF4Vw
  16. Re: [Log] Chester School For Teens E105: The Big Game - Episode Aired October 28 The Big Game is coming between the Chester and their Rival School and with that is the homecoming and homecoming dance. The Rival School has yet to win a game and the Chester Football Team is hoping to be the ones to take them down. Between Brad's superhero classes, patrols, football practice, and working on teaching himself Japanese, he is very busy. Chester offers Sin Girl a chance to be the leader of the superhero team but to do so, she needs to get everyone to agree on a team name. Chester is
  17. Re: A Thread for Random Videos They're Made of Meat:
  18. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Kevin Smith on Protesting his own Movie: http://www.videosift.com/video/Kevin-Smith-protests-Dogma-his-own-movie
  19. Re: Trying to create a character For the stats, I'd go with something like this: +5 STR, Only when in a form that would have higher than average STR (-1/4) +5 DEX, Only when in a form that would have higher than average DEX (-1/4) +5 COM, Only when in a form that would have higher than average COM (-1/4) I'd leave it to the GM to determine when exactly you get those. I'd also highly consider putting No Figured Characteristics (-1/2) on the first two unless you want to have a nightmare of a time calculating your PD and OCV as you change forms.
  20. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER And why aren't you guys playing Billy vs. Snakeman?
  21. Re: World's Greatest Healer I'd give them a 1d6 Healing Regeneration, Regrows Lost Limbs. Extra-Time (1 Month), Set Effect (Only to Regrow Lost Limb). It is a poltice that when applied to a lost limb, slowly regrows it over the course of months (years if you are talking a leg or an arm). It uses a drop of blood mixed into the trade-secret powder that applies to the wound. This way it can't be "sold" to another person after the limb is regrown.
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