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  1. Re: Suggestion Box: name our Teen Champions team I have to admit that I really liked coming up with that idea.
  2. Re: [Campaign Design] Starting Small... The biggest problem you might encounter is giving the characters the powers you want to give them. Create three or four power groups PER player and give them a couple to pick from. Nothing sucks more than getting a power you don't like.
  3. Re: Fairy Tale Challenges? Why not use the six soldiers of fortune? http://www.grimmstories.com/en/grimm_fairy-tales/six_soldiers_of_fortune
  4. Re: [Log] Chester School For Teens E104: Split Personalities - Episode Aired September 23, 2007 Date: October 17, 2006 Through Erin and Genevieve's coordination, a large group of students get together to go catch House on Haunted Hill 3: The House's Revenge in theaters. There are mixed reactions for how good the movie was (particularly the scene were the balcony actually ate a person) but fun was had by all. Striking Tiger goes on patrol and rescues a woman dangling from a fire escape. She rescues the woman who thanks her, shaking her hand. Striking Tiger thinks it is odd b
  5. Re: Hero Sales Figures, new blood? I'm going to be getting Demon and PAH later this year.
  6. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Picture #1 Caption: Ur elf is doing WHAT with the dwarf?!? Picture #2 Caption: Don't go! Its a trap!
  7. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER I just noticed Bazza has a blog entry. Hmmm, maybe I'll try that out here and see how it works. Anything to keep me distracted from The Rose and the Crown.
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... All quotes broke off due to one scene in the game, also the first quote of the week. Singirl: "Hey, teach!" Singirl whips off her top Yuki: "If I wanted to cop a feel, apparently Singril wouldn't mind." Unknown: "You could always call that tactic Operation DD" Brick (regarding a proposed team name): "Team DD"
  9. Re: [Log] Chester School For Teens E103: Big Threats - Episode Aired August 26, 2007 Date: October 3, 2006 Striking Tiger sits in Metahuman History class. She learns the history of superhuman schools. The first, being the Chester Sister School of Ravenwood in Millennium City. She learns that it was the schools on Machinist who was able to hack into Dr. Destroyer's computer network and learn his plans to minimalize the destruction of Millennium City. And she learns of the school's less pleasant history of Gloriana. In Metahuman Biology, Omnipresent discusses the unique nat
  10. Re: [Log] Chester School For Teens E102: Prerequisites - Episode Aired August 12, 2007 Date: September 20, 2006 The students are in the Personal Finance class and paired off. Each student is required to setup a mock budget for the class and will be keeping an actual budget and practice investing in the stock market. One of the paired off student is required to setup the initial budget this class Brad and V both get this assignment. Yuki is given the task of opening up the checking account at a local bank. While Yuki is at the bank, the bank manager gives her a tour. A tel
  11. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Imagine being 1000 words away from finishing the climax of your story. Imagine having unbearable pain in your wrist writing this one post. Imagine not having enough money available to invest in a new keyboard that is better on your wrists. There... you have imagined my day.
  12. Re: [Log] Chester School For Teens If you would like, go for it. It will help provide depth to the game.
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... The Great Booger, who is a stretching brick with a oozing, sliming metahuman form is facing Singirl. GM: "The Great Booger tries to grab you." Player: "Abort! Abort!" Candle is attacking the blind Brick. He moves to a new location and states, "It's liking shooting fish in a barrel." Upon smashing the ground to get some pieces of the combat arena, he throws it into Candle. Brick: "The fish bites back." Candle, an energy blaster with fire powers takes a second blow from Brick, leaving him with 10 STUN. GM: "He's not feelin
  14. E101: School Begins - Episode Aired July 22, 2007 Date: September 13, 2006 For Genevieve, Brad, and Yuki, the first day at their new private school was more than ordinary. The Chester School For Teens was, after all, more than an ordinary Magnet School. Designed to accelerate teenagers with a passion for Art, English, or Science, the school also had a special Metahumans program. And the three Sophomores were part of a group of 15 in the pilot program. Orientation was expectedly boring. After orientation, Genevieve, or as she prefers to be call, V, left for her room with her
  15. Re: A Thread for Random Musings +maximinus +iovico in google turns up nothing. I need to order a coin book from Amazon now. Darnit.
  16. Re: A Thread for Random Musings A lesson to the wise: I never strike first. But when I strike back, I don't hold back. And I'm a pack rat. That's important to remember too.
  17. Re: New to the hero system, trying to figure out some things 5th Revised pg. 346 When you use an autofire maneuver, you make 1 attack roll. For every 2 points you make your attack by, you get another hit. Now I'm not quite sure how you have Autofire setup in that first example but to hit 256 times with Autofire in one phase, you would have to beat the DCV of the target by 254. So it isn't going to work.
  18. Re: GMs: making abilities useful It is ultimately, up to the player, to make non-useful skills useful. Acrobatics, for example, at a cursory glance is really not something you would think of as coming up often. How often does someone need to walk across a tightrope or something like that? But a player can use that skill to simulate lots of cool maneuvers. MIF: Wind Instruments may never come up in battle, but I can use them to create roleplay situations. At the old tavern, I play some music to get the locals to relax and open up some. GM throws down a bonus to Conversation Rolls be
  19. Re: Buying a Perk, Independent, Charges Never Recover.... I have a bigger problem with Charges Never Recover than I do with Independent. Independent at least gives you a chance to get the item or power back again.
  20. Re: Bricks Get Hosed, Or Not Actually, when you consider damage classes, it almost evens out the extra points needed for the defenses a brick takes. 45 STR = 35 points (9 DC Attack) 45 Brick Attacks MP (45 points) 3d6 HKA (4m - 18 DC Attack) 9d6 HtH (4m - 18 DC Attack) Compared to, say, an energy blaster who needs to drop 90 points to get an 18 DC attack of some kind.
  21. Re: How to kill characters? Be honest but get to the point. "I'm starting a new campaign. I want you there and I expect this new campaign to go on for a long time. This isn't a reboot that will happen again and again. You said you are okay with your character being killed so I had an idea. How about we give your character a big heroic death? You'd have to create a new character anyway, but this way you also have a great beginning and end to the character." If the campaign is set in the same world as the first, they could also consider having their new character being relate
  22. Re: Post-Apocalyptic Hero -- What Do *You* Want To See? I would add it is a very good idea.
  23. Re: Post-Apocalyptic Hero -- What Do *You* Want To See? I wouldn't use Mutant as a package deal. A mutant is really more of an adder to any package deal. Social Limitation + Distinctive Features (if applicable) with mutant abilities. The Mariner in Waterworld is a Survivalist/Road Warrior Mutant where as the Kangroo things from Tank Girl are a sort of Ganger/Warrior Mutant group. It looks like though you hit all of the key archetypes for the genre. Several post-apocalyptic movies and books have the psychotic character that is a loose cannon from having drank too much sea
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