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  1. Re: Post-Apocalyptic Hero -- What Do *You* Want To See? What archetypes are you using for the Post Apoc character creation if any?
  2. Re: Infinite Crisis Read 52.
  3. Re: Some issues with the Ultimate Series... I think the problems you are finding within the Ultimate Series falls into one of two categories. 1) The Power doesn't fit all character builds If you are building a Brick with no STR Cap and no Power Frameworks, the Adrenaline Surge is pointless when you can do a +24 STR, No Figured Characteristics. On a somewhat side note, I don't believe No Figured Characteristics should count as a limitation for cap purposes. If it did, you could build a +20 STR, No Figured Characteristics on a character with NCM. You may not get your boost to
  4. Re: combat calculation As a player, I roll and subtract the result from my OCV + 11. I announce to the GM what DCV I hit. "I hit a " OCV + 11 - (3d6) "."
  5. Re: Review My XP Policy Please take this discussion to the NGD if you wish to continue it.
  6. Re: Some issues with the Ultimate Series... Change Environment has two purposes. It can make similated effects that shouldn't be cheaper in cost than the power it emulates. It is also a way to throw an environmental condition into an area. Radiation is an enviornmental condition just as mattingly pointed out that change the temperature levels. It is also used for creating Zero Gravity environments. Try writing that up for less than CE.
  7. Re: Some issues with the Ultimate Series... And don't forget that some GMs cap STR without a limitation of some kind (NFC not counting). In my Teen Champions Game, the Brick is going to have a low cap on STR at the start.
  8. Re: WHY is combat so slow and what have you done about it? I still have yet to find a good computer version of Axis and Allies.
  9. Re: WHY is combat so slow and what have you done about it? And really people... long games? Warhammer at 9 hours? Try playing a single game of Axis and Allies.
  10. Re: Knockback/knockdown/KNOCKUP?? I had a character named Inertia. His entire concept was Knockback related. Double Knockbacks and Indirects. I think he had an "Inertia Storm" which was an Indirect, Double Knockback, Explosion, NCC (-1 can't control effect). It sent people in completely random directions. Indirect is the solution you seek.
  11. Re: Review My XP Policy Hmmm, extra XP for Pizza might be a good idea to include.
  12. Re: WHY is combat so slow and what have you done about it? I believe the entire action went as a 7 Roll event over two phases. If you include the third phase, combat looked really nice for my character. Phase 12: (I'm surrounded in non-combat) Shift of DEX Skill Level to Fastdraw. Shift CSL to DCV vs. Swords. Draw Rapier, Failed Roll take Half Phase to Draw. Attack Roll to Saddle 13- needed. (3 DCV, -2 Penalty vs. 7 OCV). Guards Draw Weapons for remaining half-phase. Nearest guard makes DEX to remain balanced on horse. PC in party uses a change environment to turn the
  13. Re: Review My XP Policy A semester is 6 game sessions long. There are only a couple of long story-arcs (which is what that bonus for). Those story-arcs are 2 or maybe 3 game sessions long. 4 semesters + 4 story arcs = 8 XP 2 summer semesters + 2 summer semester story arcs = 4 XP 36 total game sessions = 36 XP ~12 difficult games = 12 XP 60 minimum XP from start to graduation. There is a potential of 36 XP from the "extra" system and 36 XP from good roleplaying. Total potential XP: 132 That is a pretty decent number to turn a Teen Champion to a full fledged Supe
  14. I want some feedback for my XP System I will be using for my Teen Champions game. Overview 1 XP for showing up. +1 XP for a difficult session. +1 XP for completing a semester. +1 XP for completing a story arc. +1 XP for good roleplay. 1 Team XP. +1 Team XP for excellent roleplay as a team. Up to +1 "Extra" XP. Team XP Team Xp goes towards the team's resource pool. The resource pool is not used during the first Semester of school. However, as this is something that is used to throughout the entire Teen Champions campaign and carries over to the Champions campaign upon
  15. Re: WHY is combat so slow and what have you done about it? I propose a theory. My theory is that it isn't that combat in Hero is too slow but combat in other systems is too quick. Most combat systems cut out the little nuances that make combat grand. I mean, sure there are a lot of rules and it takes forever, but I have actually cut the strap to a saddle and made an acrobatics role to "swing" under the horse and kick the rider off his steed, sending him toppling to the ground. You can't do stuff like that and make it "fast".
  16. Re: Post-Apocalyptic Hero -- What Do *You* Want To See? Well there is your problem. You should have Blockbuster Online. You get those extra free rentals that way.
  17. Re: Post-Apocalyptic Hero -- What Do *You* Want To See? I plan on doing a Post-Apoc setting book in full. Whether it will be a free PDF, a buyable PDF, or something I try and get Steve and company to license, I don't know at this time. But this will have to wait until after The Rose and the Crown is complete. I have also decided to wait until after Post-Apocalyptic Hero is published and I own a copy.
  18. Re: Post-Apocalyptic Hero -- What Do *You* Want To See? The Post-Apocalypse book may be a great place to drop information on how to handle (un)natural disasters (nuke strikes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, meteor strikes, etc...)
  19. Re: Post-Apocalyptic Hero -- What Do *You* Want To See? There is also the Earth 2 style apocalypse. A colony expedition goes terribly wrong. I've also seen this else where in Trigun.
  20. Re: Post-Apocalyptic Hero -- What Do *You* Want To See? I'd like to see something in the book about typical post-apoc societies. From "The Postman" gangs, to Thunderdome arena survival camps, to the Councilmen survivalist walled settlements. At least a breakdown for the type of civilizations that may emerge would greatly be an aid to GMs.
  21. Re: Post-Apocalyptic Hero -- What Do *You* Want To See? I've been waiting for this for a WHILE now. Mutations, Mutations, Mutations Mutations are extremely important. I'd ultimately, like to see a list of mutations for various body parts (arms, legs, head, skin) with minor and major severity. I'd like there to be a random chart to determine a minor or major mutation on a character (be it NPC or otherwise). It also would be really nice to see rules on how to handle handling, preventing and treating "radiation" that can trigger mutations. Tech Salvaging Rules on findin
  22. Re: A Thread for Random Videos An animated Calvin and Hobbes (in Italian): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajsWq5-yL_0 Note, this is not the Robot Chicken video.
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