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  1. Re: Musings on Random Musings Hmmm. Citizen-Times charges for Ads for Lost pets, which is outragous, but doesn't charge for letters to the editor. I think we can at least do a letter to the editor about this... and include information on the lost pet IN the letter.
  2. Re: Musings on Random Musings Still no Jeff but thanks everyone for the support.
  3. Re: A Thread for Random Musings *sigh* At least I can find the humor in all of this...
  4. I'm trying to open up a discussion on something I'm pretty sure hasn't been talked about before. In writing and in movies, themes are used to help tell a story. These work well in those mediums because the creator has complete control. However, in a roleplaying game, the element of the theme is not as easy to control. But, I ultimately feel that not only can a theme be carefully woven into a game, but it can also make the game better overall. My Teen Champions game that I'll hopefully be starting fairly soon is going to have one big theme for the entire "Teen Champions" portion of the campaign and several small themes that will last the length of a game session or two. The major theme is "What does in mean to be a hero?". It is a question that all players have to answer for there character at the start of the game and will have to answer again at the end of the campaign. The lesser themes are just more to give games flavor and to help keep a single session more solid. For example, one game will involve around a very loose money theme. One character will have troubles with paying his student aid, another character will be flaunting her wealth, and of course that game will involve bank robberies. But I've gotten off track. In this, I've realized that one way to really strength the game is to build the NPCs to help with the theme. Contrasts are a great way to do this. And being a Teen Champions game, I have a perfect way of trying this out. I have a classroom of supers that I need to come up with. And so, I'm building them as themes around the characters. To do this, I'm creating NPCs with similar power structures or similar natures but with contrasting personalities and motivations. Alice's character is a sort of dark-rooted power with a motivation to overcome her evil root. One character has a "dark" power that also can lead to temptation but her motivation is "because it is a family tradition". Another character will have a power that easy to manipulate others and she is willing to embrace the temptation for personal game. But what is important is in how I show the contrast. I'll, for example, craft a scene where Alice could abuse her character's power but didn't where as another character does abuse her power and demonstrate the far from heroic repricussions this brings. Or, if we are looking at power base, I might have one of the bricks rip a wall down, causing innocent civilians to get hurt and displaced when another approach was easily available. The point to all of this is to make the game much more fun, get them thinking about the game, and to build their characters so that they truly FEEL they are heroes. But the topic itself could be very openly interpreted and perhaps even debated at its effectiveness. And so, I'm curious what others think of this.
  5. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Last night, I commented that I wasn't sure we'd have enough money in our budget for something. In the rush of the move and everything the state of our budget was hard to tell. Well, I'm still double checking but it appears we had enough and then $700.00.
  6. Re: Musings on Random Musings I washed. It is just two spots that itch where I brushed up against the leaves.
  7. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER The Red Sox are having a great year this year from what I have heard. Of course I haven't gone and looked to closely into their status.
  8. Re: A Thread for Random Musings My arms really itch.
  9. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Colbert Explains AT&T
  10. Re: Pleasure Effects I have a Teen Champions NPC that is all pheromone based powers. Unrelated, pleasure can also release endorphins which makes the body feel pain less (+STUN and +CON).
  11. Re: Red Herrings Needed Rather, I want them PMed or put under spoiler tags. My wife browses this site and she'll be playing one of the characters in the game.
  12. In my Teen Champions game, there are going to be other superheroes in the metahuman classes. In fact, there are going to be 18 (minus players) in total in that class. Everyone in the class has a secret ID and I'd like to have some various red herrings running around the campus to make it a challenge if someone decides to try to figure out who they are. Here's the wrinkle. I don't want the red herrings on the board at all. So I'm going to post the basic information on the 15 metahumans here. I only just recently upped the class size from 15 to 18 so some of the class members I haven't worked out all of the details on yet. Genie (F) - Genie with energy blasting and telekinetic powers. Nymph (F) - 'Prom Queen'ish character with pheromone powers. Midnight (F) - Shadow manipulator who wears an EGL style costume. The Owlet (F) - Gadgetter/MA with Heightened Senses Athenian (M) - Weaponsmaster/Brick who is from the past. Little Knowledge of Modern Times The Ooze (M) - Big, blobish with stretching and brick-like powers. Calculator (M) - Gadgetteer - Superior Intelligence Projector (M) - Illusionist with little other powers Cloak (M) - Invisibility and Darkness Field Projector Mimic (M) - He, well, Mimics other people's powers. Basilisk (M) - Speedster with Minor Lizard Shape Shifting Powers ??????? (F) - Alien shapeshifter with decent intelligence. Little Understanding of Earth Culture. Unknown Unknown Unknown If you have any questions on any of them for more details, let me know. What I'm really looking for is a name, simple description of appearance, simple description of personality, and if you REALLY feel like it, area of school focus and Characteristics. Thanks for all the help you can give me. I'll update this more as I can.
  13. Re: A Thread for Random Videos No, it wasn't that way before I sent it to YouTube. YouTube is given the latency. I'll convert it to an .RM and send it again.
  14. Re: A Thread for Random Videos It worked before I uploaded it to YouTube.
  15. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Jeff gets revenge on Risu.
  16. Re: Maxim's Hottest Comic Females Maxim, showing the world just how much it has run out of ideas from objectifying women moves to comic books instead. Why am I not surprised? When I first heard of this list, I stopped to think about who I would rate comic book women. I couldn't place them. Because when I look at my comics, I'm not looking at hotness, I'm looking at the character and the story. Here were the five comic women I immediately thought of and why. Carol Danvers - Really cool character who puts anyone in her place (up until Civil War at which point in time she became Stark's... well you know what I mean). Wonder Woman - Amazon Princess sent to spread the Amazon world into the man's world. Has had recent struggles with such a mission and is working desperately to overcome them. Supergirl - Despite her whinny, immature state she has been in lately, she has started to show some growth. I wonder where she is going. And I'll rule out the writing of her in Brave and the Bold #2 as someone unfamiliar with her character. Montoya - ? Need I say anymore. Natasha Irons - Didn't listen to dad, had to learn the lesson the hard way, now is getting a second chance and I'm excited to see what happens with it. Even to this very moment, I can't think of a female in comics I find "hotter" than others. I just don't look at comics that way.
  17. Re: Post Apoc Setting Situations beyond my control are going to put off me getting this updated for some time. I'll try and throw some teasers up as I can. Hmmm, something stat related... Crystal Energy Pistol (CEP Shorty-3): Energy Blast 6d6 (30 Active Points); OAF (-1), END Must Pull From a Connected Crystal Charge Pack (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4). Total Cost: 12 points. Value: 600 ER Crystal Charge Pack: END Reserve (18 END, 10 REC) (12 Active Points) Limited Recovery (See Radiation Exposure Chart on pg. ###; -1), Crystal (-1/2), Only Fits Shorty Style Weapons (-1/4). Total Cost: 4 points. Value: 300 ER No, I don't have the radiation chart available yet. Sorry. plus Endurance Reserve
  18. Re: Post Apoc Setting Oh trust me... there are definitely hot spots. There are spots that are cleaner than others. I haven't worked on it much. I've figure that the brunt of the contamination struck the US thus the reason it fell so quickly. Europe/Asia/Africa is contaminated based on population density. The higher density, the faster the spread. Thus Africa is fairly safe where as Western Europe is in for some trouble. The ocean life is affected though most of the effect is in the Pacific Ocean. Japan, while relatively contamination free is having issues with getting beyond its coast. I don't have the notes on me at work right now, but I have rules on determining how hot of a zone an area is and rules on how to deal with radiation.
  19. Re: Post Apoc Setting Good point. I have some already (such as the Padres of the different Houses.). I guess I need to get them into the history. One of the bigger guys is coming up in the next section. I'll try to make sure to mention him a little bit more in depth than I had been originally planning.
  20. Re: A Thread for Random Musings I think I failed my Enraged roll.
  21. Re: Post Apoc Setting Feedback? No? Then I shall commence with writing on the the energy crisis and start getting the city's history complete to go onto the real meat of the game setting.
  22. Re: A Thread for Random Musings I made a Hitler Mii.
  23. Re: Post Apoc Setting Here... have some more of the Post Apoc. The Aftermath The History of the City of Salus The Journey East Servicemen aboard the USS Reagan were in the Atlantic Ocean the days preceding Caeli striking Earth. Their orders from the Pentagon were to remain at sea and await further orders. Seventeen days after Caeli had struck, operation of the United States of America was relocated to the USS Reagan. By this time, the USS Reagan had been joined by USS Clinton, USS George Washington, and over a half dozen destroyers, two battleships, and a lone submarine. Joining the massive military fleet were countless civilian ships. The United States was gone. For seventeen days, the Pentagon had tried to regain control of it. The devastation of Caeli Radiation was too overwhelming. Those exposed to small doses were fine but the longer one was exposed, the more inhuman they became. If there was a square mile of America left untouched by the radiation, the Pentagon could not determine where. The Pentagon, too, was exposed and when they locked themselves in quarantine, they made one last, awful discovery. Humans who were exposed to Caeli Radiation for too long began to slowly generate the radiation from their very cells. The chain of command within the United States had broken down. The President and Vice President were missing and presumed dead. All members of the cabinet had been confirmed exposed to the Caeli radiation. Recognizing the inevitable, Admiral Jack Bennington was promoted to Commander and Chief. He was given his final orders to to establish sovereignty anywhere they could find that was safe from the radiation using any force necessary. Unfortunately, it became apparent that there were no such lands free from radiation. As his first executive duty, Jack ordered every man and woman of science to report to the USS Reagan. With all scientists aboard one ship he held counsel to discuss the fate of the survivors. Through the discussion, it was proposed that the impact site of the core of R5/2012-K3 should be investigated. It was stated that if it were the outer rim that was contaminated, the inner core might be safe. While the crater of the impact might not be habitable, with careful leadership and work, a city might be constructed within the crater. Early Complications Constructing a city was filled with complications. Rainfall had filled the crater with fresh water. Mysteriously, the rain water was free of any radiation. As the construction would need to commence from the bottom of the massive crater, the water would first need to be pumped from the barrier walls. Two of the military ships were grounded on opposite ends of the crater. Powered by the reactors of the two destroyers, giant pumps were constructed to force out the water to workable levels. Engineers immediately focused on constructing containment walls in the center of the crater to allow for the construction of an artificial island. Salus island was initially constructed with a 25 kilometer radius flood walls and a 1 kilometer radius plateau for using the iron core of R5/2012-K3 and the hulls of the two dismantled destroyers. Over time, the plateau has been extended in 1 kilometer arcs from scrap iron and steel. Though to this day, the has not fully reached the flood walls on all sides, nearly 240 degrees of the city has reached them. After the initial plateau and flood walls were finished, the pumps, from the natural crater were moved to the flood walls allowing the fresh water rains to slowly fill the rest of the crater. An artificial barricade at the center of a crater would not be enough to support the hundreds of thousands of survivors. For such a large population, to support itself, it would require a power source capable of supporting such a vast number in a small space. The survivors had an adequate supply of nuclear fusion available. However, the military fleet's power sources had two significant limitations. To disable a ship for a source of energy would greatly reduce the defensive capability. Also, the nuclear facility of a military ship was not built for longterm support of a massive population. It could provide a temporary fix during construction and help with the electrical burden of the city, but it would ultimately fail to provide all of the resources necessary for a fully operation city. In the end, both power supplies for the completely dismantled vessels were transferred to the lower levels of the artificial city to provide a primary and auxiliary power supply. The long term plans were placed on hold as more immediate concerns begin to surface. The already slow construction of the city nearly came to a stop. Food supplies were beginning to run desperately low on the military ships and civilian ships were already fighting over fresh water and the limited supply of fresh fish. Workers, who had been volunteers from the beginning, were losing moral. A New Government Jack Bennington called for a council of experts. With himself, his appointed head of defense, and a representative for each of the major sciences, he held a discussion to determine the direction of the survivors. On the first day of dialog, there was no progress. Each representative fought over which task took priority. After the sun had set, Jack walked the Deck of the USS Reagan and pondered deeply the situation. Come morning, everything would change. Jack presented an alternative no other had considered before. The survivors not only needed food, but they needed purpose. Many sat idle on their boots dreaming of better days. Jack found a solution to that and other problems at once. As he saw, immediate survival would require three objectives. The city of would need to be built. The problems of the government of the city would need to be resolved, enforced, and respected. As the city lacked a true industry, the city would need to embark into the outside world for many needed supplies. Jack proposed that no science was more or less important than the next. Furthermore, without organized and controlled labor, the city would never be finished or would fail to operate after completion. To resolve this, Jack foresaw only a single solution. A democratic state would need to be dissolved. Decisions to run the city could not be left in the hands of people who wished only to see their own survival. Because science was a necessity in survival, each science would be given a council vote. In addition to this, the military which would be key for both law enforcement and defense would need to be able to present a vote. Finally for the people to feel represented, their would also need to be a representative of the labor force. The proposal was not accepted overnight. The majority of the population would not work and follow such a system for food and survival alone. People would need to have both entertainment and something to inspire after. Finally, the decision was settled on to make the Caste based society. The immediate concern would be survival. The population was informed that their was a new form of government in effect and that citizens would be placed into a castes based on their skills and willingness to help the system succeed. Those willing to participate, went with members of the military on raids to the coasts for supplies. Seen as the protectors of the city, those who conducted the survival raids were placed in a special caste, the Praetorians. Being a bit of a fan of Ancient Rome, Bennington saw the name as a symbol of honor for the city. So it came to be that the City of Salus was founded. As the city's buildings began to emerge, people began to see the visions of its leaders. The acceptance of their new lives was slowly accepted but was, inevitably accepted. Within ten years of the city's founding, it was viewed as the only way to live. It was just in time for new complications to emerge.
  24. Re: Post Apoc Setting I've seen that sight before. It isn't that bad. For those waiting eagerly for more information, I'm trying to once a week update either my Via project or my Post Apoc project. Next up is an update for this post apoc project. I'll hopefully get into the gears of the city itself as well as give a general detail of the Caste system.
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