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  1. Hi, i tried to contact Mr walters on the forum by pm but i cant send him a message , there is no contact or mailto links on high rock press site and in my despair i even tries to reach him via the facebook page linked to high rock press i think i'm out of options...
  2. Hi, i just bought the deck and i must admit there is a nunch of things that worries me ... the idea of trying the game with new players who dont know thecreation rules appealed to me but some cards have variable power pool ( wich seems oddly technical for newbies) and for marksman there is an undocumented multipower( nothing in it again ...newbies will be lost ) i m not sure the cards themselve are balanced after all 40PD seems a lot to me ( at least compare to most official material villains ) have you any idea how to save the deck ?
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