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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I should put this over in the oldold thread, too.... testing out an adventure for a convention next year, the PCs hear about a 10 story on fire, with a daycare in it.... the Team rush in, variuous ways, to save people.. ...terminator rejects show up. "Come with me if you with to live." after several turns of battle, 1 PC is battling a t100 on the stairs, with another outside, screaming. "Do you see that? Is it real? Am I going crazy?" while shaking a fireman.... later on... at another location, the master villian shows up prclaiming to be their leader. Another PC, really a dragon, attacks the villian. the other 2 PCs jump in the middle, one grabbing the tail of the dragon trying to pull the dragon away. While the other one stands between the 2 of them, shouting. "STOP! I'm so confused!" oh, she won't enter the HQ until she saw someone's ID and the newscrew showed up to film what was going on...
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