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  1. Re: Why play Fantasy Hero over other fantasy games? 1. There's no default spell system in the basic 5'th edition books. You can either make your own with the 5'th edition book only, make your own using 5'th edition and the advice in Fantasy Hero, or use the premade magic systems in Fantasy Hero or The Turakian Age setting book. There are also free magic systems availible on the internet. 2. Check out this site for tons of recognizable example characters, some of which are Fantasy based: http://surbrook.devermore.net/index/archive.html
  2. A multipower would probably be the cheapest way to do it, if special effects and the power skill aren't acceptable to your GM.
  3. You can use Change Environment if you want it to be temporary. Area Transform is good if you want it to last.
  4. I like to use a transform for stuff like this because it gives people a chance to resist.
  5. I might be misunderstanding your explanation, but this sounds a lot like N-Ray Perception (FREd p. 106).
  6. I also recommend the UNTIL Superpowers Database as the second book to buy. It's much easier to get started in Hero with a lot of examples to look at.
  7. When I wanted this effect, I ended up just doing Drain Dex as a copout. That's sort of paralyzing =/ I think the book needs an specific option for paralyzing drug, like it has for mental paralysis. This could be just be a small conditional power limitation. Something like Conditional Power: Does Not Work On Individuals With LS: Vacuum/High Pressure (-1/4). A whole -1/4 seems like a bit much for that though, unless it's more common than usual in your campaign. If it's not that common, maybe you could expand that to a slightly broader category of protective things.
  8. Snarf

    Does Size matter?

    I would just set up a different size calculation rule for each tech level and campaign setting.
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