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  1. Re: Build Help: Paradise Grenade If you used succor, it would have to be maintained or made uncontrolled and given a condition that ends the effect. I think Aid with a continuing charge is probably the best option.
  2. Snarf

    Video Games

    Re: Video Games I'd want to see Kirby done in Hero Rules. With write ups of a bunch of the powers he absorbs too.
  3. Re: Power Construction Help Needed This sort of thing is usally done with Usable By Other, but that doesn't work with the giver being dead...
  4. Re: Porting the best of HERO to Tri-Stat You could use it like a combined END and STUN, I meant. For instance, GURPS has a fatigue stat that works like a combination of endurance and stun. I'm pretty sure it's possible to make special attacks and items that do small amounts of body damage and lots of energy damage, but I'm still pretty vague on the tri-stat rules.
  5. Re: Porting the best of HERO to Tri-Stat Tri-Stat already has Energy Points to represent knocking someone out instead of killing them. You could just use that more, instead of adding a new stat. I like the idea of introducing a speed chart. The normal system for extra attacks sounded like a real pain to me.
  6. Re: Power Defence... Ugg There are sidebar examples on 5'th edition page 138 which show how to make power defense versus one special effect. Magic Only and Chemicals Only were both worth -1/2. That doesn't seem like much of a discount to me, but I guess the price assumes you'd use that cost in a campaign where those attacks were very common. I use unmodified power defense in my games as a strong life-force that resists alterations, like some other posters have mentioned. I'd prefer it was kept simple by default, with the option to make it complicated, like it is now. But I do think here should be more written about limiting power defense by special defect. At least half of everyone here seems to prefer it that way.
  7. Re: Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu I vaguely remember that she also has super stretching. In the second episode her stretchy arms chased Hale up a couple stories of the school or something like that.
  8. Re: Dependence: A useless Catagory of Disads? That annoyed me too. I usually resort to physical limitations to model dependancies that are more inconvenient than deadly.
  9. Re: XP....how much per session....? I usually give 5 or 10 per session, but my group doesn't play that often. I don't put a lot of effort into giving XP as a reward, I mostly just try to give enough to grow the character at a decent rate.
  10. Re: Using d20 instead of 3d6 (DON'T KILL ME!) I agree that the effect you've observed about modifiers was completely intentional. A difficult task is supposed to be meaningless to a master, difficult for the moderately skilled, and utterly disastrous for the novice. But enough about that, as for how well it would actually work in practice, it seems possible to me. A roll of 10 is still the median, but there's no curve around it anymore. The range of the roll would expand some, now that you can roll 1,2,19, and 20. People would have to spend more points to make their skills really reliable, because of the greater range of the roll and lower predictability of having no curve, but that wouldn't break the system. If skills costs doubled with each level like GURPS, it would be a big difference, but skills have a flat cost in Hero, so it wouldn't matter that much.
  11. Re: Turns, Segments, Phases and simulation In real life fights, it often takes way more than 6 seconds to throw a punch, mostly because of people pausing and watching each other, or in boxing matches, getting into clinches. The way turns work in Hero and most other RPGs is more like how fights are in a movie or comic book. I once read a GURPS supplement that tried to simulate those pauses by rolling a die for the amount of turns between pauses. Maybe introducing a random element like that would help you get more realistic results.
  12. Re: Counter Attacks If you took Only For Throwing off the 25 STR damage shield you could use that for both the punch and the throw.
  13. Snarf

    2 questions

    Re: 2 questions Short Answer: You can use it with abort, as long as you use it defensively. Longer Answer: The GM can allow any power to be used on an abort, if he thinks it's being used defensively. Ask the GM if it's okay.
  14. Re: Continuous power which is faster than me An uncontrolled area of effect power works on every segment ... err sort of. When the area is first entered, targets are hit on every segment, but after that they are attacked only on the attacker's phases until they leave the area. If the point of attacking on 12 phases was keeping an area of continuous damage, then uncontrolled would work. But if the point is to attack lots and lots of times it wouldn't help.
  15. Re: Reality TV game.. how would you do it? On shows like Survivor and The Apprentice, the contestants are formed into two teams and only the team that loses that weeks challenge has to vote to eliminate someone. I think that kind of format would work best in an RPG game. The good guys team would have the PCs (possibly playing 2 or 3 characters each as you suggested) and the bad guys team would be a bunch of enemies that cheat and do obnoxious stuff between challenges. Another possibility is to somehow include a viewers vote type elimination like American Idol. The character who was the least likeable or least flamboyantly roleplayed, according to the GM, would get eliminated.
  16. Re: Inflicting Unluck and other Disads The cost of Major Transform is based on the cost of equivalent dice of killing damage, so if something is not as bad as killing someone then I'd make it a minor or cosmetic transform. I think inflicting bad luck would be a minor transform unless you're adding such a huge amount of unluck that they wish they were dead.
  17. Re: Healer Nerf I've always felt like that option should be the default. Or there should be an option to buy up the maximum effect. Doing it the normal way seems really weak for the points to me.
  18. Snarf


    Re: Pain! If you want the efffects to go away instantly, you could use a Suppress. What exactly do you plan to primarily use this power for? If you don't care about combat use at all, you could make it skill levels which give bonuses to interrogation, persuasion, and stuff like that.
  19. Re: Bringing new players to HERO System. If the potential players don't already like rules heavy games, then I wouldn't try too hard to recruit them. You're going to be fighting an uphill battle the whole time unless they're pretty open minded and willing to put some effort into learning a new game.
  20. Re: Case Closed aka Detective Conan I made her a DNPC because in the few episodes I've seen someone is trying to kill her half the time and she hasn't helped at all. It also saves me the trouble of figuring out how many points she's worth... I saw a little bit about that. He knew all kinds of camping tricks, like how to start fires with wet matches. Ran was really suprised when he talked about how TV studios are deliberately designed to confuse visitors so they can't be taken over by terrorists and he had to make some lame excuse about why a 10 year old would know that. These suggestions are all great. Unfortunately, I haven't seen most of the episodes, so I couldn't come up with a comprehensive list of Conan's knowledge skills and enemies. If you could write this stuff up in Hero System terms, I'll add it to that character sheet I've been tinkering with.
  21. Re: "Get Over Here" Maybe a delayed effect limitation would work or a limited power based on delayed effect. You could define it is 1/2 of the damage when the attack first hits and 1/2 when the harpoon is pulled out.
  22. Re: Absorbsion, usable by others... I like it! I would leave out the fully invisible though, just to save on points.
  23. Re: Case Closed aka Detective Conan Here's my completed Conan Character Sheet. The total cost was 246 points using superheroic rules.
  24. Re: Transfer power and me I think the transfer's combat power would depend a lot on whether it stole body and stun or stole something that didn't kill that target. Something like transfer fire powers sounds less dominating than transfer BODY.
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