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  1. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Wire in the Blood
  2. Re: What Non-Fiction Book have you just finished? 'Age of Reason' and 'Common Sense' by Thomas Paine. What has happened to our government?
  3. Re: Setting, really: Corporate Champions? I am trying to imagine Ghost Archer with a Dr. Pepper logo on his chest having to stop in the middle of combat to hold up a can, pop the top and take a long drink to satisfy his corporate sponsor. I guess the dazzling white smile would be brought to you by Crest. After a while all the heroes would begin to look like NASCAR cars.
  4. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? The Satan Bug by Alistar MacLean
  5. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? The Guns of Navarone by Alister MacLean
  6. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Just finished Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child. Debating over Fever Dream by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, 61 Hours by Lee Child, Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison, or Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn. Optionally I could go back and finish High Profile by Robert B. Parker.
  7. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. I love crappy sci-fi movies, you know that junk that comes on the SCIFI channel? Well, when Ghost Fletcher was eight, he and I were watching a movie called Gargoyles, a 2004 epic starring Michael Pare. Somewhere near the end, the star is talking about a 'murder' by the gargoyle and my eight year old son says, "That's not murder, it's the food chain." Makes a father proud
  8. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. One Mrs. Archer remined me of . . . Archerette, age five, is playing with a baby carrage. Not statisfied with a babydoll, she decides to try a real 'baby', one of our three Boston Terriers. Now Bostons aren't that big, normally. maybe 12 to 15 pounds. Well, we had the Hulk of Bostons, DJ, weighting in at 25 pounds. This is who five year old Archerette figured would make the best baby. So, scooping up a complacent DJ, she drops him in the carrage and covers him with a blanket. That lasted just long enough for Archerette to start pushing the poor dog around before he sought escape. Bounding out he upset the carrage, toppling it over onto it's side and sending everything Archerette had pack inside all over the floor. "OH! SHITAKE mushrooms!" screeches my little darling. Wish she'd use language like that NOW!
  9. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Archerette walks into the kitchen as I am making breakfast. Her: What are you cooking. *Note obvious pan full of bacon and the distinctive aroma* Me: Bacon Her: Oh Two minutes later the Boy Archer wanders in. Him: Whatcha cookin'? Me: Go ask your sister.
  10. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
  11. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Blowin' In My Ear by Feature Comforts
  12. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Just finished the seventh book of the Nightside series by Simon R Green. I think the only reason I have gotten this far with then is I was given the first eight and I was bored. I think I read a review that went something along the lines of 'Raymond Chandler meets HP Lovecraft'. Yeah, right. Green tries too hard to give his main character, John Taylor, a hardboiled Chandler spin but I think it fails. He manages to fill the books with his 'neat little' tropes that get dull after the third repeatition. I mean, here is the guy that can find 'anything' with his special gift and doesn't work over half the time so he has to rely on 'old-fashion detective work'. Also by his descriptions every thing in the Nightside is mad of MEAT and I think he's in love with the word. Like most 'Urban Fantasy' books I have read, the big bad in each book is more terrible that anything the hero has ever seen, until the next book. That gets old too. Mr Green needs to read the Dresden series. At least Harry doesn't go around killing gods like they are goons. I do admit some of his supporting cast is amusing, Shotgun Suzy, Razor Eddie, Dead Boy but they are pretty one dimensional but that is a Chandler character trait, right? If you have nothing else to read and someone gives them to you as a gift, waste a little time, other else...If I read "I opened my inner eye, my third eye, my rpivate eye..." one more time, I'll hire Suzy Shooter to take me out. Two out of five stars.
  13. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Crickets by Mother Nature
  14. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? "Cross-Eyed Mary" - Jethro Tull
  15. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? For the Love of God: Steve Vai
  16. Re: Champions Jargon Dice Lice: the tiny, horribly over-weight, creatures that GENERALLY scamper around War Eagle’s dice, their weight in the dice pips causing him to roll just the opposite of what he needs. Dice Lice can be, and usually, are contagious. Picking Lint: the player is off on his own little adventure in his head. It also means a player who did not make the game. He is said to be Picking Lint. Tick Turd: generally used by Sarge to indicate his frustration with either a character or player. Nine time out of ten this was directed at me. SOF: for Soldier of Fortune. It indicates a particularly stupid move, like firing a LAW rocket from inside a closed up helicopter. A SOF move is always detrimental to the whole group rather than just the individual. Screen doors on a submarine: mostly the same as SOF but generally a lot more dangerous to the group, like opening a hatch on a submarine a 1000 feet down. Mist or Red Mist: killed by an overwhelming attack, like 24d6 haymaker on a normal. “He’s mist, Sarge!†I Shoot Him: a boring combat declaration heard so regularly from War Eagle it became a warning to players that they had better get more creative or the one XP for roleplaying was out the door.
  17. Re: The cranky thread Cranky, huh? Okay, how about this. My eleven year old daughter wants to learn how to play RPGs. So I have been taking things over with her, filling her in on what its all about, talking about a character, Champions, of course. So what does the wife tell me when my daughter is out of the room? "I don't want her to play because she'll end up hanging out with geeks and nerds." Yeah, that make ME cranky.
  18. Re: The cranky thread Get assigned a job. Objective, reduce the time it takes to complete said job. Discover the average time required the do said job over the last few years was 118 days. Put together a team, set goals and accomplish said job in 29 days and saving something like 192 manhours. Take the same job, and each is very much an individual job, none being the exactly the same, and accomplish the job in 25 days and save 892 manhours. What do you hear? You saved too much money. WTF? I know I work for the government but WTF?!?!? Now do the same job a third time, still haven't gotten the final results, but we did it again in 25 days. Now the fourth job comes along. Everyone above me is singing the praises of the system, mind you the SYSTEM, not the 13 people that are doing the work. Everyone above me is claiming other teams need to learn to do their work this way. YA THINK!?! So when another team becomes available to take the next job, my team figures we get a break. Um . . . WRONG! Those above me can't trust the other teams to do the same work as my team. Huh?!? I have 12 working for me. The other two teams are 15 and 18. Somebody check that math and e-mail it to 'those in power'. Must be government thinking. BTW, this fourth job is at least 80% larger than the previous three. My team's new job. Set up a time line for this new, larger, job. Okay . . . we set the time line last Tuesday. This morning they dropped a huge increase in the work package on us. Okay, government . . . oh . . . we don't get ANY increase the the time allowed to accomplish this job. We have, get this, 35 days. A ten day increase in time for a job that is probably TWICE the size of the last package. So I figure we are being set up to fail because 'top men' aren't comfortable with this system, even after three successes. Two levels above me is an idiot without a spine that doesn't have the brass to tell HIS boss it ain't gonna happen. I don't have that problem so I have been banned from any meeting involving upper management. It sucks when no one has the guts to tell the truth. So, my little team is going to struggle along under intense pressure and blow the schedule out of our collective a$$e$. The other nuggle of crap is that I have been acting as a supervisor for the last 18 months, acting because the way the government figures pay scales, I would have to take about a $600.00 per month pay cut to be 'promoted' to supervisor. Now they tell me they have changed how they figure pay and that if I take the job, it will be a pay raise. About 70 cents an hour. Well, I am a GS worker and in January I get probably 80 cents an hour anyway. Oh, and in April, I am supposed to get a promotion up two grades. That works out to something like $3 per hour within the next six months. So their 70 cents looks pretty tiny. The trouble is, I like what I am doing. I like the people that work for me. We are a great team and I would hate to see my people screwed by a new supervisor that doesn't have any idea what's going on. And if I come to the end of my supervisor position, they have no idea what to do with me. I hate not knowing what I'll be doing from day to day. I had enough of that when I was younger. SOOOOO, I am cranky.
  19. Re: The cranky thread About three more weeks to go. . .
  20. Re: The cranky thread Three years and seven months from retirement.
  21. Re: The cranky thread Twelve hours a day, seven days a week sucks. Screw the money, I want time off. Oh, and I just found out my big boss was made permanent. That's like finding out George W. gets a third term. I'd compare their IQs but you can't compare something you can't find.
  22. Re: The cranky thread I'd like to say thanks to everyone for the good thougts. Something must have worked since my CAT scan came up clean. Again, thanks everyone.
  23. Re: The cranky thread Four more days until I get the CAT scan results. I've never been worried about it before so why am I this time? Its only been 16 months since the chemo ended. It can't be back already. This sucks. Where's my Wellbutrin?
  24. Q: So, Tim, what happened when you met Roseanne? A: Wasn't MY fault it as in backwards!
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