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  1. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Oh totally. I should have said deserved good things. Get the belt off Kelly and then have her and Natayla feud.
  2. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone You had to figure Punk being in the boss's ear now would bring good things for his lady friend.
  3. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Sheamus has gotten over by beating people up and being a monster. As long as he doesn't start pandering to the fans as a saccharine babyface he could do good business for WWE.
  4. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Rumours are saying that Punk has kind of moved into the old HBK role of being someone Vince actually bounces ideas off of. He is also apparently the one who got Ryder on TV this week on Raw and the new role he'll have on SmackDown.
  5. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone The Cena-Rey match was excellent. Cena has really been on fire in the ring lately showing that he is actually pretty decent when he wants/is allowed to be.
  6. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone He really doesn't though. I like Rey as much as the next guy but he's proven to not be a draw, and he just isn't a believable champion at all. They did a good job of setting up the match last night with Hunter's little "I've talked to both guys and they want this" deal. Rey is as babyface as they come and his desire to do the right thing and give Cena a shot ended up costing him. Rey is about the only guy I'd less like to see with the title than Cena.
  7. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Whoo, Punk is back. And using the "Cult of Personality" theme he used back in Ring of Honor during his Summer of Punk reign where he held the ROH title hostage after he signed his WWE contract on it.
  8. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Someday he'll be a monster over face. He has the work ethic and the charisma to turn the boos into cheers. However, interesting end to the show, where do they go next week?
  9. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Pretty lackluster show to follow up the huge PPV. Though Punk's tweets throughout the night have been great. Anyone else get the feeling they are turning Miz face with this whole run with his "injury"?
  10. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Joe vs Punk from Joe vs Punk 2. Everything that was great about the first one taken to the next level.
  11. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Replace Lawler on the PPV teams with Punk and then we're talking. He's so obviously unprepared on every show and not knowledgeable about his own product it is sad.
  12. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone "He knocked over my soda, I'm calling the cops." "Good to know a DUI is job security." "That's why I'm a wrestler." "Superstar" "You say tomato..."
  13. Re: WWE Non-Snark Free Zone Punk is freaking amazing as an announcer. He was great back in his RoH days, and just great now. The things he gets away with are hilarious too. From all sorts of inside remarks to wearing a freaking Colt Cabana shirt on Monday Night RAW.
  14. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Watched Scott Pilgrim, and it was amazing.
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