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  1. Hello! Been lurking for a while now because I really haven't been playing Hero System games for several years. I'm a 4th Edition diehard, but my circle of friends willing to deal with this system's crunch has shrunk to the point where nobody who's left wants to do it anymore. I've been keeping busy during the pandemic by writing and releasing my own superhero rules system and a city setting supplement for it - specifically for those who have problems with the math these days (which is a lot, actually). 1) My handle comes from one of my favorite songs by Red Rider. 2) The very fi
  2. Some prime retro 80's synthwave from Andromeda Dreams - Stardust and Point of No Return. Excellent music for writing up science fiction adventures.
  3. My all-time favorite supplement for Champions is Challenges for Champions. But, Villainy Amok ranks a very close second. My absolute favorite supplement is Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads for Cyberpunk 2020... LF
  4. Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? LF
  5. Milwaukee is a good location for a silver age city. Population between 500,000 and 750,000, lots of traditional industry, and of course, the setting for Happy Days! But, San Francisco is also an excellent choice at around 750,000 at that time, and probably the best one for adventure opportunities. And yeah, San Angelo is also an awesome setting for just about any superhero game, as is Freedom City. LF
  6. KEEP METRONOVA WEIRD Overview Many Old Portlanders would say that the city was pretty strange even before The Cataclysm. Now that we’re seventy-plus years past that, most Metronovians will say this place is just plain weird. And to most residents, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What follows is a run-down of the more famous (and infamous) strangeness that has visited (and may still be visiting) the city. The Bizarre Case of Carl Pendleton Gray The popular NBC television show Grimm which started in 2011 does a lot of its outdoor and location scenes i
  7. I have no idea. Just a villain team from one of my campaigns. LF
  8. TEAM ONYX: This group of super-powered females has orchestrated several high-end jobs throughout the United States. Blackball: She's a mutant with super strength, super toughness and a lifetime of street fighting experience. Blackbird: She stole a prototype stealth combat hardsuit one piece at a time from her former employer, modifying it with additional weapons of her own design. Black Jackie: She's a martial artist with ability to teleport both in and out of combat, plus employs a deck of razor-edged playing cards as weapons. Black Note: Her voice is enhanced with dark magic which she
  9. The Gray Ghost would immediately try to find some way to trace the origin of the machine and send it back from whence it came. He would also actively discourage anyone from attempting to use the machine until he could figure out how to send it back. LF
  10. Okay, here's the initial write-up of Metronova's districts and points of interest. Let me know what you think! LF Metronova City Districts.pdf
  11. An intriguing idea, but the location is well off the map boundaries. When I get around to doing a regional map, I will keep this place in mind. Thanks for contributing! LF
  12. UPDATE: Still working on the districts and points of interest on the map. Getting fairly close to the end and I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend. I guess my typing speed has suffered a bit since the stroke. Oh well... LF
  13. I also chose S.O.N.J.A. since my paradigms for intelligent computers were forged by Star Trek. LF
  14. Thanks. I am working on the players' write-ups for the districts and points of interest on the map. As with other campaign cities I have worked on, I'm leaving space for additional points of interest to be added by adventures and character backgrounds during play. LF
  15. Metronova City Map.pdf Here's a preliminary map of Metronova. Enjoy LF
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