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  1. I would check your local game stores first, as 2 in my area still carry copies on the main books. Also as Amorkca mentioned you can get the pdfs here on the site as the actual book weight like 10 pounds lol
  2. I say NO 7th for many more years as I just finished buying almost all of 6th edition stuff. Now that I got that out of the way, I like 6th edition as it is but then again I have only been playing since the day 6th came out. I would also say that the my only real issue with 6th edition is players that don't get it or try to abuse it.
  3. Re: 6th Edition Character Sheet I am looking at buying Adobe In Design, I qualify for the student priced version so it is under 200 bucks. Thanks for the info and help
  4. Re: 6th Edition Character Sheet I just saw the sheets and they are amazing. I got the fonts down loaded, but im ay have missed this. What program did you use? Again very nice sheets
  5. Re: 6th Edition Character Sheet Very Very true lol
  6. Re: The HERO System 6th Edition Sweet . Thanks for the info. I will look forward to buying it.
  7. Re: The HERO System 6th Edition I am also hoping there will be a Combat Book, I am glad to see an Advanced book and Basic book. I will be buying the all Also are there any plans for a Martial Arts book for 6th?
  8. Re: 6th Edition Character Sheet The only problem I see my self having is what question to ask first lol. I am going to a local con and will get to play, if a few weeks, after that. Let the questions begin lol
  9. Re: Thoughts on a Kung Fu Panda Hero Game Thanks for all the links. I have been doing a lot of reading. I love all the info frying around lol. I look forward to getting my 6th Ed books so I can start writing my game will all the info I have. Again thanks guys
  10. Re: Thoughts on a Kung Fu Panda Hero Game Hey thank you for the welcome and advice, I will start reading more post and hunting around to see what I can find. Again thanks to everyone for being so helpful.
  11. As many will guess I a super noob around here. About 2 months ago I was shown the glory of the Hero System by a new player to my Pathfinder Game. He told me about it and I looked high and low till I found a Hero System 5th REV. As I was reading it (while watching Kung Fu Panda) I was like this would make an awesome game. So I logged on the website and found that Hero System 6th was about to be out so I put everything on hold. Now that 6th will be here any day now, I was hoping to get comments and suggestions . I love martial arts and the no humans all animals idea, but I have never p
  12. Re: 6th Edition Character Sheet One thing I have been able to do though the years is look at a character sheet and know if I am going to like the game or not and how difficult it will be for me to learn. This sheet is clean simple and to the point. So I started reading my friends PDF and I was hooked. I hope to be playing soon.
  13. Re: 6th Ed Hardcopies sighted, ahoy! I am new to the Hero System and it seems like I picked the right time to join and I am chomping at the bit to get the ones I ordered. Also I am glad to hear it looks as amazing as it sounds.
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