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  1. Re: Assuage my fears about the complexity I first just want to clarify that I'm not the one who needs to learn the rules. I already know the rules. The thread is about how to get my players to learn the rules. And so basically what I'm hearing is that the best thing to do is start them with pregens or characters that I make for them, play for a while and hope that they (or even one of them) gets interested enough to want to learn the rules. The truth of it rings true. I already know which guy is going to be the one to try and which guy is going to be the guy that plays for years and still won't be able to make his own character.
  2. So I'm starting to like my new big HERO 6E books and I have a list of possible things I'd like to use it for. BUT It does look a bit on the crunchy side. And While I enjoy reading and learning game systems, I find that most other people don't. I know there is that 2-page summary of HERO thing, but after reading it, I see that, while having good info, it doesn't REALLY tell the player how to do anything. So what's the best way to go about bringing this system on line for a group? What's the best way to go about teaching someone how to play? What about teaching someone how to make a character? I have a fear that I won't be able to use this system because I won't be able to teach it to anyone.
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