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  1. Re: THE HERO SYSTEM EQUIPMENT GUIDE -- What Would *You* Like To See? How about a redo of the Multi-Purpose Energy Weapon from Star Hero but instead of using NND for the disintegrate setting, presenting some other alternative that would permit attrition of a forcefield and some leakage of damage through such force fields.
  2. Re: Sandard Effect: Why 3 ponts per die? Wouldn't you know, this popped up after I posted: http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php/39140-Standard-Effect-...-why-3
  3. Oops, its STandard Effect: My search-fu is limited. Why was a value of 3 (vs. 3.5) per die used for Standard Effect. Over the course of a few dice, that 0.5 accumulates to something significant, dosen't it?
  4. Re: 6th Edition Books on eReader? Tasha is right. iPad is best way.... using GoodReader: I have every 6E book in hardcopy and PDF. I can comfortably read on the iPad with complete preservation of the pages, one at a time (no scrolling necessarily required with a natural page turning gesture), though zooming in and our is easy. I get color of the books and artwork... and with the bulk of Hero hardbacks, it's convenient. It sucks not to be able to do Hero Designer on iPad.
  5. Re: Help! Phaser Disintegration Redux This is all good info and ideas!
  6. Re: Help! Phaser Disintegration Redux Blasphemy! Infidel! Seriously, your points are quite valid and like all things HERO, there are many ways to achieve a goal. It's a matter of interpretation. My final phasers will be significantly powerful devices with 8 to 16 level settings (first three are stun, next three are EB with thermal effects like heating rocks, and the next ten are increasing levels of molecular disruption). Little hand phasers have settings 1-8 while pistols and rifles are 9-16. My earlier example would fall somewhere into that setting range of 7 to 16. Yes,
  7. Re: Help! Phaser Disintegration Redux I thank you for the thoughtfulness of your reply. I have considered your points, and it has helped me settle the matter for my purposes, though not necessariy in agreement with you. As such: I do make the interpretation that any single strike from an energy weapon that inflicts 3x BODY of a character/NPC/creature will result in vaporization by disintegration. This is fairly hefty, essentially -2xBODY. While incredibly powerful for an RPG, playing in the Trek universe requires some responsible behavior by players to avoid the abuses of suc
  8. Re: Help! Phaser Disintegration Redux True enough. It may well be what I seek for effect, so be it. *************************************************************************************************** Uh-oh..... In the description for Penetrating, it explicitly states Penetrating cannot be used with AVAD. I would assume the same prohibition with NND. So, back to square one. Other ideas? I guess as a GM, I could state NND (ED Resistant Protection defined as a force field or the like) with the additional Penetration quality. While It flies against the definition of
  9. Re: Help! Phaser Disintegration Redux Good thought.... Hey, is NND ( ED Resistant Protection defined as a force-field or the like) with Penetrating a legal combo?
  10. Premise: Reasoning from effect that Star Trek phasers, whether handheld personal or starship-based weapons, can essentially disintegrate matter (with Disintegration modeled in the recent Champion Powers as an RKA with NND of ED Resistant Protection defined as a force-field or the like).... how can I reconcile the Star Trek canon of damage leaking through the force field shielding as it is NOT the all-or-nothing effect that NND defines? Specifically, how would I be able to get a NND-like effect with ED protection that allows for 10% (BODY) damage breakthrough in "legal terms" per HERO 6E?
  11. Re: A Comment on 6E Presentation It must be a complementary color thing... The bright yellow on powder blue is very striking on the shelf compared to my other books. By the way, technically what is the precise shade of blue & yellow? Can I find them in a Crayola box of (64) crayons? What font and size are used? Thickness of paper? Color of stitching? Really
  12. Re: Traveller Hero printed books: Redux
  13. Re: Star Mapping software: You call THIS progress? Have you checked AstroSynthesis? Not free, but supported by an active community.
  14. Re: Phaser Disintegration in 6E My intent was to simulate the effects seen on TV/movies instead of design for play balance. Hey, phasers can kill.. sorry, time to deign another character with HD. In the case of armor, despite the fact that it is not unprecedented to see in Star Trek (TMP, ST VI, Klingon armor in TNG), I will argue it doesn't stave off disintegration at all. Look at all those scenes dueing the Dominion War for DS9 (i.e. Siege of AR-558)... the Federation is at war and in a dedicated grond action and they still don't wear armor. I think Trek has been relatively co
  15. Being well-aware that Steve was a designer of Star Trek role-playing games in the past, and how 5E Star Hero's Multi-Purpose Energy Weapon was modeled after a phaser, how would you simulate a phaser set for 'disintegrate' in 6E while trying to maintain the canon of degrading the strength of force (deflector) fields with repeated fire (sort of flies in the face of 6E NND). Thanks from this newbie in advance!
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