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  1. Re: Assuage my fears about the complexity This game is as complex as YOU want it to be. On the inner core it is simple : roll 3d6 try to hit 11 or less. You dont need to read/apply all the rules/powers. Just use what you NEED. As you feel a need preparing a scenario look into the book to find the rules related. For beginner, use precreated characters you found elsewhere. When you are used using them start making small modification. When you will feel the need to create your own characters and powers that will mean you have mastered the system enough congrats
  2. Re: Help! Secret ID is being uncovered! Sure... but it sound weird as it affect all and every lines, even thoses that doesnt concern spiderman directly... And it is totally ignored nor having any consequence in other series with spiderman, like his participation in Avengers. I am fairly sure the last 5 years DID have happened in that story line, even if nobody speak of Spidey identity in them. For me the write off is only for official Spiderman Comics, evey other comics where he is part of a team didn't mention a major timeline alteration, they just do as he never show is face at the first place.
  3. Re: Beginner suggestion for a free download That is the reason why I suggested using a generic scenario (usable in Fantasy, Hero, Dark Hero and SciFi Hero), such as the ones I provided, then adding several "kit" with different stats for heros, opposition and traps depending on the setting you want to play the story in. One scenario, one stat sheet by campaign setting. Of course the designing of heroes and opposition is where the knowledge of experienced sytem user is the more required.
  4. Re: Beginner suggestion for a free download As I want to do my part here is a synopsis that can probably be adapted to any kind of hero game. It was originaly for a Superhero game set in the '50 in France as an introduction for the players One of the significant NPC of one of the player is abducted by the local mob in front of the other players. There is some armed opposition and unexpectancy that make it impossible to avoid the abduction but a tailing could be made. The identity of the abducted can be deducted from element left behind (handbag, papers...) and the player that is alte to the rendez-vous show up to be introduced to thoses that tried to help. The identity of the abductors isn't hard to find as there are famous local mobsters working for the kingpin. The DNPCs was escorted to an abandonned building for interrogation, by the boss and a lieutenant. The Heros arrives just in time (they could have tracked/tailed the abductors or be tipped on the location ) and after a quick battle the mobster flee and they liberate their friend.. YEHAA The reason of the abduction is that the DNPC witnessed the mob convoying cargo from the sewers, strange cargo not in there usual deal (magical, techonological, weaponary...). If the PC investigate, after a few sewer oriented mishap, they discover that the mobs have found a large vault of war material dating from few/some/lots of years ago and were in the process of evacuating it. The previously defeated and on the run lieutenant is there too and he equip and use some of the loot against the heroes. There is a large battle and the heroes win but not before the sewer cave collapse and all the loot and the bad guys is seemingly lost forever...but not for long. Is it generic enough ?
  5. Hello, as a beginner in the HERO system I would be delighted if there is some short introduction to the system adventure avaliable to download in the free section. The adventure could be pretty basic, but with pre-designed characters, and the stats of NPCs. Ideally the could be one adventure by genre or just one adventure wich can be adapted to any genre by adjusting the NPC/PC used. Eventually, not to slow down the production process, an adventure design competition could be set on thoses forums with experienced gamemasters providing the material. Such a thing would be greatly appreciated by beginner in HERO like myself because : - It will provide with examples of a balanced campaign environnement. - It will provide readily avaliable game to play with my players so I can interest them in the system in the first place. - It will help demonstrate the different setting avaliable, for better than pages of description. - It will help new players play and enjoy the game BEFORE spending hours and hours on reading rules and designing NPC/PC/Power with barely no knowledge on how it really work. Thanks for reading my suggestion.
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... "Metreon (OOC): *Twists his own nipples like radio dials thru his t-shirt, and looks orgasmically happy*" Pronoun : the difference between hot and disturbing...
  7. Hello, I found the notion of MP very confusing, except for the VFPP. Here are 3 example : 1- A Hero with Energy control he could use to Fly, Throw different energy blast and use as a Damage Shield. The rules use this as an example of a MP. 2- A Hero Gadgeter that use a Modified PickAxe, he could use it to attack with, at melee or throwing, to tunnel through earth and to raise dirt-walls (as cover more than protection). Even if this is a OAF this is still a MP, right ? 3- The same Hero use an Harness that give him extra-strength, a resistant protection, life support(breath) and have a radio and sonar integrated. This is a OIF but this is not a MP. .. I am starting to really wonder about the whole MP thing. The more I think about it the more it look like a way to lessen cost for no real good argument (except the gadgeteer tool belt of course). After all you can pretty put every Attack power into a MP : Attack Power Pool and be rules compliant. As some have already asked, aren't MP attaques better described as a lone power with large Variable Advantage ? Aren't MP just construct that exist because of points limitation and campaign setting limits on Active Points ?
  8. Re: Champions Ok, that was convincing enough for me to buy the .pdf waiting for the next edition in paper. And frankly this is a very good buy. For now I only have one grip, as I was translating the hero archetype in french for my player I noticed that, if the Brick is well detailed with historical perspective and example, the more you advance the less the archetype are detailled, the Weaponmaster being singled in just one sentence. For the next edition, perhaps adopting a standard layout for each archetype, with historical and exemple for each one could help... Because, frankly, without the picture it is not evident to assimilate Green Arrow or Wolverine to the description of the Weaponmaster by example...
  9. Re: Champions What about the Stats compatibility between both edition ? will the NPC be totally rewritten or just the value upped to be in adequation with the new cost ?
  10. Re: Champions Can we have a timetable for the release of Champions 6th Ed ? Will it be a reprint with updated stats or a real new book ? In the interim is buying the .pdf of the 5th edition valuable (knowing the NPC stats wont be right) ? or will it be too much dual product ( 6th edition copy paste with new stats ) ? Regards, N.GOUSSET.
  11. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Thoses are from an Earthdawn game some weeks away, I will try to translate them correctly. The party is exploring wasteland and stopped by a large gully filled by nearly invisible watery substance. "Ok, your groups stop at the feet of the pit" (this one mine) "Can I see the river ?" One PJ. "No there is the gully that block the view" Another PJ "Did I see the invisible water ?" (thoses are theirs)
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