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  1. Re mind control - a grand mal fit is not something you can induce voluntarily just because you are mind controlled. It is a physical process. Obviously you can mind control someone to mimic a seizure ("Lie on ground, do not respond to or remember external stimuli, thrash around"). I'm interested at what point we see the extent of mind control to force modifying autonomic functions? Can you tell people to cease breathing until they pass out? Slow and stop their heart? Would it make a difference if someone had studied the yogic arts (certainly they seem to be able to slow and speed up their heart while meditating)? Practically speaking a Mind Control +30 is already taking someone out of a fight until they break out , so I suppose it is a bit theoretical :-)
  2. I think this is a classic HERO reality vs game effect issue. Describing a grandmal seizure in pathological terms, it sounds like a pretty easy thing to set off - all you need is a small electrical charge across the brain, which compared to the level of physics altering powers that heroes are hurling about, sounds pretty straightforward, right? The problem is that quite a few areas of the body are equally vulnerable to small changes - increasing the pressure on a couple of arteries in the brain will either give you an ischaemic stroke or a haemorrhage depending on how you do it. Running an electric current across the heart may well throw it into fibrillation. Altering a few of the components of blood can cause all sorts of problems very fast. Etc, etc. So, it is easy to be seduced by something that sounds simple, but has a big game effect. HERO works on a points for effect basis, not a points for clever use of mystic energies on areas of physiological weakness. Ultimately, it's not a medical degree you need, it's a clear idea of the effect you want to happen in game, a HERO rulebook and a chat with your friendly GM. (All the above ideas seem sensible, I particularly like the mental entangle + linked END and/or STUN drain.)
  3. Hi, all, I've been here a bit but not introduced myself - apologies for rudeness. My handle, Doccowie? My name's Andrew Cowie, I have a lot of friends called Andrew, they tend to call me Doc to differentiate. First tabletop RPG? Holmes Basic D&D. A friend's American aunt bought it for him and he brought it back to London. Same one I GMd. So, that's, er 39 years ago... What am I currently playing/DMing? Mostly 5E - I've been playing with the same group for 20+ years, and they ain't shifting from D&D. Why am I here? Well, I see D&D as going out for pizza with my mates, it's great fun, and we love it - but that doesn't stop me experimenting with a gourmet rule system. When they change their minds - I'll be ready!
  4. Good luck to all my American friends, You have had a stressful few months (it's been tough enough with the Atlantic between us). The bile and misery in the news seems so alien to how I always find people in person, both those supporting Clinton or Trump. So, go vote for whoever you think best, and I am confident that the people I know and love over there will still be there no matter what the result. Keep/Make America Great!
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