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  1. Hi, all, I've been here a bit but not introduced myself - apologies for rudeness. My handle, Doccowie? My name's Andrew Cowie, I have a lot of friends called Andrew, they tend to call me Doc to differentiate. First tabletop RPG? Holmes Basic D&D. A friend's American aunt bought it for him and he brought it back to London. Same one I GMd. So, that's, er 39 years ago... What am I currently playing/DMing? Mostly 5E - I've been playing with the same group for 20+ years, and they ain't shifting from D&D. Why am I here? Well, I see D&D as going out for pizza with my mates, it's great fun, and we love it - but that doesn't stop me experimenting with a gourmet rule system. When they change their minds - I'll be ready!
  2. Good luck to all my American friends, You have had a stressful few months (it's been tough enough with the Atlantic between us). The bile and misery in the news seems so alien to how I always find people in person, both those supporting Clinton or Trump. So, go vote for whoever you think best, and I am confident that the people I know and love over there will still be there no matter what the result. Keep/Make America Great!
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