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  1. And another piece of my childhood slips away... R.I.P. Mr. O'Neil. Thank you for all the pages of fantastic adventures.
  2. And here I thought I was alone in liking 13. It's actually my lucky number, as well. I mean hell, no one else wants to use it. 😁
  3. It's kind of cool to see one's name after a 'Created by'. As for the b/g revision, I like it. I recognize the story, but there are enough changes to make her a different person. I especially like her having the chutzpah to basically tell Savage that she was going to be his successor. Nice.
  4. This is a bit backwards, but the OP said that I should still post it. Instead of this being a commission for a char that I created, this is a char that I created based on this commission that Storn did for someone else. When he posted it to his thread, he said it was for an R.T. I do not know who that is. When I saw the pic I knew that she had to be a char of mine one day. So, she ‘sat’ in a folder on my computer until the day she would come to life. That day finally came. It’s somewhat ironic that the game was also based on The Protectors (from To Serve and Protect). I was looking to join a HERO Central game that Hermit was running: New Protectors Rising. The Protectors were running auditions for new members. There were no spots in the game left, but I went ahead and created the char as if I would be in the game. I tied her into the game world and the Protector’s history that Hermit was using. Luck for me, winterhawk (another poster here) decided to run a spin-off game based on Hermit’s Protectors game. It was called Protectors: Renegade Edition. Artemis was alive. I used this event, from Hermit’s game’s timeline, as the basis for her background. February, 1989 Little Orphan Hostages - A terrorist group takes a local orphanage over and begins to make demands of the city. As the terrorist group is heavily armed AND employing at least two super-powered mercs, the city turns to the Protectors for help. One child, a brave one who decided not to sit on the sidelines when the protectors were seen, ended up getting injured, but no other children were harmed, and the injured child was adopted soon after by person or persons unrevealed. Caitlyn Rose is the orphan hostage that gets involved. Once the Protectors arrive, she helps younger kids move out of the line of fire and hide. Huntsman dodges gunfire and Caitlyn is hit, taking her sight. HM feels responsible and gets her adopted by a research employee at SavCo and his wife. They are Robert and Jennifer Mathis. He is a high-level engineer/designer on the "Sonic Sight" project that repairs her vision. It is based on Doc Sonic’s research. She continues to train in MA and the bow; when she's old enough and the Protectors start recruiting, she steps up to join. NOTES: The part of Caitlyn is played by Cobie Smulders. There are slight colors changes to the image to match the Huntsman color scheme. These were done by another poster, Log-Man. Thanks Logan. Artemis'_origin_vignette.doc Artemis_v1.7.hdc
  5. It's what's in them that you really have to worry about.
  6. Considering this. Quick question: are there point guidelines/limits?
  7. That's how I went. This is Wildcard. Charles Jean-Paul "J.P." LeBeau. He is the son of Gambit and Rogue. He has Remy's kinetic energy power and staff-fighting skills. He also has Anna Marie's strength, resistance to damage, and ability to fly.
  8. Although The Yes Album, Fragile, and Close To the Edge are my favorite YES albums; I'm going to nominate Tales From Topographic Oceans. To me it's even more "progressive" than the other three. It's still an incredible album, although for me it requires more... "effort", I guess, to process it.
  9. Way, way, way down on my viewing list. Same with most of the DC movies, even when they're free. I still haven't even watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  10. There were so many good moments for me like the Superfriends theme and the Hall of Justice exterior shot. My favorite moment of all was the scene where the Earth-2 Flash takes the other Flash's speed and takes his place on the treadmill. For me, allowing John Wesley Shipp's Flash be the hero brought closure to his role in the 1990-91 series, which had a very abrupt end. I also thought that using the clip from that series (as if he were reliving his past) was a great touch.
  11. The tears are making typing this a bit difficult; but I wanted to share this video that I found. This is the last song from Rush's last album. I can't think of a more appropriate tribute.
  12. Rush was my first and, as of now, my last live concert. Their music has always been there with me over the last four decades. I can hear a Rush song and I remember somewhere I was or something I was doing back then. I heard this news the other day and now I just feel empty... and oh so very old. RIP Neil. Thank you for the words and the riffs.
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