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  1. Gotcha. As much as I like Jozy, I really wanted the shutout after how flat the Sounders looked for much of the first half. But a win is still a win.
  2. The result was actually 3-1 Seattle. Jozy Altidore scored with a header in the third minute of extra time. I really wanted a clean sheet; but yes, life is great.
  3. I took up cycling again in July, after not riding for decades. I had really forgotten how much I enjoyed it. The first ride was 10 miles, and I felt it. Last Friday I rode a 30 mile interval in 2 1/4 hours. I've ridden 812 miles in the last 4 months. I'm also down 10lbs since the summer. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it's me doing this, but I sure am enjoying it. Just wanted to share.
  4. Brady really only did what was needed to score just enough points to stay ahead. Those really deserving the praise are the Pats New No-Name Defense™. No huge names, no #1 defensive player, but they absolutely shut-down the Rams much-touted #2 offense. The closest the Rams got to the goal line ended with Goff heaving one up as he went down under a pass rusher, right to a Patriots CB. I think they should have given the MVP to the whole defensive squad.
  5. Greatest of all time bay-bee!!!
  6. Well, the run in Seattle was fun... but the 'Squawks are back.
  7. Here in Boise they call them "magical protection lights". They do use them, but it's when turning into the actual space that another vehicle occupies. They fully expect all vehicles to be magically moved into safe positions, thus avoiding any collision.
  8. But, it was supposed to stay in Vegas! ?
  9. Aren't we supposed to be mediocre, since no one is special?
  10. Since I haven't read this thread for a couple of months, will someone please catch me up?
  11. Best wishes and positive energy being sent your way, H-Man.
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