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    I'm married to a wonderfully understanding wife (30 years as of March 2019). Can't seem to get her into role-playing, though. I have a 23 yr-old son named Rayne (named after X-Man Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane).
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    A/P Specialist for Boise Police and Fire Depts

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  1. ...with a side of fries and a banana shake, please.
  2. See 2 posts above. It goes for the Celtics and the Bruins, as well.
  3. Sorry, L-Man. It's a genetic thing. I've been a fan since I knew what baseball was. GO SOX!!
  4. I'm right there with you, Hermit. My HERO GM, aka The Doctor here on these boards, moved out of state years ago. Since he and I were the HERO and Supers part of our group, things just dissolved when he left.
  5. I totally understand, Dr. M. More and more I feel like it's time to pull the plug on this experiment. Some days giant asteroid just seems like a really good idea.
  6. Sorry, but as a cyclist I would like to point out the other side of that coin. A majority of the drivers I see when riding believe that STOP (as on a stop sign) stands for: Slow Then Obstruct Pedestrians/'Peddlers' None of them stop where/when they should. They slow down and stop blocking the crosswalks or bike lanes. Usually, right when I'm riding by. 🤬
  7. Isn't she supposed to have TWO handguns?
  8. I'm pretty sure we have a Darwin Award nominee here.
  9. Hell yes! Every Sunday night from 6-10, on KMET Los Angeles. Followed by "Harrison's Mike", a talk show with host Mike Harrison.
  10. Condolences and positive energy from here in Boise, Pariah.
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