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  1. Sorry, but as a cyclist I would like to point out the other side of that coin. A majority of the drivers I see when riding believe that STOP (as on a stop sign) stands for: Slow Then Obstruct Pedestrians/'Peddlers' None of them stop where/when they should. They slow down and stop blocking the crosswalks or bike lanes. Usually, right when I'm riding by. 🤬
  2. Isn't she supposed to have TWO handguns?
  3. I'm pretty sure we have a Darwin Award nominee here.
  4. Hell yes! Every Sunday night from 6-10, on KMET Los Angeles. Followed by "Harrison's Mike", a talk show with host Mike Harrison.
  5. Condolences and positive energy from here in Boise, Pariah.
  6. Great Dead Parrots in History
  7. Acrobatics (one of my favorites)
  8. OT: Hey Moderator, can you rename this thread "Bazza's Stand-up"?
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