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  1. I didn't want to put this in the Political thread, just in case: Do you realize that T***p will be the only POTUS that will never be called "Former"? He will always be a Piece Of Totally Useless S#!t.
  2. In WA maybe, but the folks in northern Idaho, I don't know. I mean... Idaho. I'd say they're the ones who made the original complaints. I wasn't sure which way he'd decide on this, but good on Hoodie.
  3. I prefer my pastrami beagles with Asiago cheese and a garlic aioli.
  4. ABSOLUTELY. GET A DOG!! Although, to be honest, my 50+lb. Golden Doodle does the exact same thing. And yes, it's very painful. 😮
  5. I just don't want to type out that word/name. And in my head, I read/hear it as tRump anyway.
  6. Neither of these will ever happen. T**** does not have the ability to change that much. It's in his DNA.
  7. CNN is reporting that Pence’s family was on Capitol Hill for the proceedings, and that no one checked on him/them while the mob was heading down the street. It looks like T**** might have been tossing Pence to the lions for not overturning the election for him. Pence might decide that that is sufficient reason to do it anyway.
  8. "The young Johnny Thunder became its master by saying the magic words "Cei-U" (or "say you" - which is "Yz" backwards)." This from the DC Database.
  9. Lobo and Deadpool. Or better yet, the two of them can punch each other in the face... for eternity. 😡
  10. It's amazing how much my being 57, and my son being 24 now, have changed my feelings for Christmas.
  11. All this needs is a little lawyer being dragged out.
  12. Yes, as a whole, the human race sucks. I wonder if maybe a giant meteor might not be a bad thing. Maybe the Earth needs an enema, as it were.
  13. Those are all their good points. What is it you don't like about the Raiders, really?
  14. I had two copies, but I sold one (for a reasonable price) so I could share the awesomeness with someone else.
  15. Axe-catching is even more fun. The matches don't last very long, though.
  16. I have almost everything that Mr. Allston wrote for HERO. I'm working on getting the rest. This genre fiend/romantic is still sad that he never had the honor of meeting him.
  17. Happy Natal Day Anniversary, L-Man! 🎂
  18. Speaking of Frank Miller, I couldn't find him on either list upthread so I'd like to nominate him. And a second for Bill Willingham.
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