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  1. Speaking of Frank Miller, I couldn't find him on either list upthread so I'd like to nominate him. And a second for Bill Willingham.
  2. It belongs to one of our posters, Wildcat. It's his namesake PC. It looks like he checked in 3 or 4 weeks ago. I'd PM him.
  3. Nice. I don't have facial hair - and pretty much all fragrances bother my sinuses - but nice all the same.
  4. As a long-time Gambit fan (and don't even start...) I really enjoyed this. Even more than a couple of the other X-Men movies. I liked his and Rogue's costumes, although his could have used a slight touch of color on the chestplate, maybe.
  5. I thought most people knew the word, but as I found out... not so much. If I may ask: where would "these parts" be?
  6. As long as the @#!%%$*&@ drivers keep their %%$(##$% cars out of them! I can't believe how many people use the line of the bike lane as a guide for their vehicle.
  7. I'm finding that out. I thought maybe it was an age thing - but that's not it either. Maybe a region thing?
  8. This came up at work yesterday. I used the word "bedclothes" in the description of a purchase. Someone who looks at these things had to ask what bedclothes were. What does that word mean to you? For the record, I've always used bedclothes for sheets and stuff.
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