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  1. Yay, Tom Lehrer. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park is one of my all-time favorites. Let's try these: Semi-Charmed Life Never Let You Go Blinded Don’t Believe a Word Everything Is Easy Screamer
  2. What can we do to elevate this conversation?
  3. Could it be Asia? The Ballad of Jenny Ledge Sorry, they only had 1 album.
  4. Quite the uplifting topic.
  5. Yesterday was the kidlet's 24th natal day anniversary. To celebrate we watched Howl's Moving Castle.
  6. That's Jimi Hendrix. I Don’t Mind Boris the Spider I Can See for Miles Acid Queen Behind Blue Eyes Love, Reign o'er Me Squeeze Box Sister Disco You Better You Bet Eminence Front Wire & Glass Ball and Chain
  7. I believe that that is Oingo Boingo Pride and Joy Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Look at Little Sister Crossfire Hard to Be The Sky is Crying
  8. Or you can get a dog instead. 😝 (Sorry for the late quote, I just saw these posts)
  9. The Cars. Crystal Flame Sweet Pain Whoops Runaround Canadian Rose Pretty Angry Eventually (I'll Come Around) Amber Awaits Carolina Blues Borrowed Time You Don't Have to Love Me Hurricane She Becomes My Way
  10. Aren't those good if you exercise a lot?
  11. Pariah's band is Kansas. How about this one? Working Man Anthem Bastille Day A Passage to Bangkok Closer to the Heart Spirit of Radio Tom Sawyer Subdivisions Distant Early Warning The Big Money Time Stand Still Show Don’t Tell Ghost of a Chance Nobody’s Hero Test for Echo Ghost Rider Far Cry Caravan
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