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  1. Mother Nature is truly not happy with all of us...
  2. And another piece of my childhood slips away... R.I.P. Mr. O'Neil. Thank you for all the pages of fantastic adventures.
  3. And here I thought I was alone in liking 13. It's actually my lucky number, as well. I mean hell, no one else wants to use it. 😁
  4. It's kind of cool to see one's name after a 'Created by'. As for the b/g revision, I like it. I recognize the story, but there are enough changes to make her a different person. I especially like her having the chutzpah to basically tell Savage that she was going to be his successor. Nice.
  5. This is a bit backwards, but the OP said that I should still post it. Instead of this being a commission for a char that I created, this is a char that I created based on this commission that Storn did for someone else. When he posted it to his thread, he said it was for an R.T. I do not know who that is. When I saw the pic I knew that she had to be a char of mine one day. So, she ‘sat’ in a folder on my computer until the day she would come to life. That day finally came. It’s somewhat ironic that the game was also based on The Protectors (from To Serve and Protect). I was looking to joi
  6. It's what's in them that you really have to worry about.
  7. Considering this. Quick question: are there point guidelines/limits?
  8. That's how I went. This is Wildcard. Charles Jean-Paul "J.P." LeBeau. He is the son of Gambit and Rogue. He has Remy's kinetic energy power and staff-fighting skills. He also has Anna Marie's strength, resistance to damage, and ability to fly.
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