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  1. why does anyone ever put live rounds in guns on set?
  2. dmjalund


    i love the sound of them whooshing by!
  3. might be cheaper to buy personal immunity with STR (and any attacks the person posseses)
  4. he needs to get his sheet together
  5. Mental Transformations are often targeting the character's EGO score, so have Mental Transformation Spirit to discorporate
  6. So that's what happened to Giant Spock
  7. Why not both? (see Monsters vs Aliens movie)
  8. does the address come with a special instructions line? if so maybe repeating the unit information there could work
  9. I'd much rather go on the SpaceX three day trip rather than the Blue Origin 3 minute trip
  10. dmjalund

    Pulp Images

    What do you truly desire?
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