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  1. Also, if I disbelieve the illusion, ican I still see it (but not affected by it)?
  2. I mean that powered (as opposed to powdered) milk mus come from mutant cows
  3. looks like that church is about to b swallowed up by that dimensional vortex
  4. Tsk, flagrantly breaking the Prime Directive. They ought to be court martialled
  5. Aren't hit location modifiers for Normal a]and Killing attacks already seperate?
  6. what would be nice is a clip limitation for multipower, which is for a particular clip size, you have to specify beforehand which slot of the multipower is "loaded"
  7. HEROES Season 2 where they redefined peoples powers
  8. this need to be a MRW (My Reaction When) image
  9. Lords are usually lower rank than Emperors (dark or not)
  10. Instant Change isn;t targeting yourself, It's targeting the clothes you are wearing
  11. Here I thouGht this was going to BE A western version of Fantasy Island Fantasy Gulch perhaps?
  12. "I'll Sue Ya!" - Weird Al, probably
  13. I would allow naked advantages but add the points to all the powers it could apply to to calculate active points
  14. It would make sex a bit awkward
  15. I would have Growth, Density Increase and Shrinking be examples of Form Modification where a set of Linked Atrributes and Abilities (including some negatives) and be increased together. Here Mass Increase And Size Increase/Decrease would be part of the packages (mass increase will have a level of Knockback Resistance inbuilt)
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