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  1. "You can't make friends with salad"
  2. I believe she was kicked off the forum
  3. What kinds of horrible people are there?
  4. Both punch and Killing Attack do knock back. I suggest you buy your Drain as doing knockback before you apply the +1/2 to add STR. also 5 pts of STR will only add 5 points of effect to your Drain.
  5. so does Tarzan count?
  6. and the upcoming Sodomy Geese
  7. Name the Bat-villain who would use this as a death trap
  8. they can bet on what date the sports return
  9. but wouldn't lightspeed increase as you get further away from Discworld, as it was the magic of Discworld that was slowing the speed of light?
  10. wouldn't the palindromedary get 2 wishes?
  11. I'm slightly sad the kid was unable to instill his joy of running through puddles in the dog
  12. Only the Sith deal in absolutes
  13. I missed that episode of Quincy
  14. other option get a friendly shapechanger pretend to be the enemy shapechanger pretending to be you, and have them confess on camera
  15. What the world has is Social Democracy, there is a significant difference
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