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  1. Well I'll quote my GM "We are not the friends you want, we are the friends you deserve." It'll be something horrible and then will go down hill, I guarantee that junk.
  2. I knew it was in 5 I could't find it in HD under powers for the 6e. Fbduary, while that sounds really interesting I'm not sure that would work real well with my group.
  3. With just the above it was 242 of 400. The only thing I couldn't figure out how to buy was the environmental movement abilities as that power went away. It's interesting so far.
  4. Yeah we get a kick out of some of his shenanigans. The hilarity that ensued from him infiltrating a law office and trying to 'walk normal' and him pantomiming what he was doing was priceless. To answer your question what I've played in the past and enjoyed has tended to be brick based characters but we do have a bit of that already in this group and I was trying to do something different with this guy. Now while I love rolling tons of dice and doing lots of damage or such things it invariably comes around that someone notices and you are the classic glass cannon and spend the rest of that segment unconscious, not my idea of fun. I thought Pinecones input about the animal DNA was interesting, maybe more of a fleshing out of how he was created vs. what he does or maybe just a refinement? One of the ideas I was bouncing around my head so far is this; Cypher; infiltration/spy/assassin specialist; gadgets to do things like memic/cloak himself as other people; special pistol user maybe?; Maybe psionically active to help with the whole infiltration angle. Just some thoughts but when they started bouncing around it looked interesting and reminded me a lot of Cable though I do not know Cable beyond a few general details. Oh and what I'm looking for? Either or really. I'm not as up to date on the rules of Champions as much as I'd like, hence asking for help. My main requirement would be is it fun to play.
  5. Superheroic, standard Champions as far as I've seen with nothing too crazy. We've run up against Argent and some gang members that's pretty much it. Had one battle against a Malachite creation named Perfection. Team right now is; Brass Knuckles (not actually his name but a translation of it) - pretty much a Brass Body clone from Iron Fist Blur - speed ster, goes to speedster anonymous meetings, floats just above the ground, lots of speed tricks Element akaThe original ginger - immortal elementalist that has been there and seen that Ceric - Dan, alien pretty tough brawler/blaster Troupe - Alien, shapechanging centered on what she's seen on tv in the form of female characters (Abby Shudo from NCIS etc.) Forge - Think Iron Man in a junk yard with hub cap missiles
  6. So I'm drawing blanks on a character for our current Champions campaign, my current character is effectively a group taxi and uninspiring with little to know depth or interaction with anything in the setting. Talking with the GM tonight we agreed it might be more beneficial to start from scratch with a new concept instead of trying to fix the problems with the existing character as I was really not feeling anything as to where the character could go. Now with the current plot going on in our world and some further discussion we semi-settled on a bio-engineered escapee from Malachite I've used most of my limited scope of familiar comic book heroes to create characters I've used in the past so what I'm really looking for is some cool pointers or ideas on what I could do with this character. Kinda crowd sourcing for inspiration you know. I do appreciate the help guys.
  7. Baneon

    Bat gear

    Re: Bat gear Fabulous list JmOz, absolutely incredible. I think I saw somewhere that this was spawned or used by a Green Arrow/Robin character of yours? Do you mind sharing?
  8. Re: This Power Armor suit [shas'o R'myrs] Well I don't have easy access to the Vehicle book nor am I overly familiar with the Vehicle rules. That being said though the GM has a very good grasp of vehicle rules but I'm thinking he'll lean more to having it as a suit of power armor instead of a mech though I REALLY like the hangar queen idea. Him constantly tinkering with the armor (or armors in this case whenever he finds the others) will be a significant part of the character. And just for a size reference the picture show is 2-3x the size of a normal 'human' figure, but it's all relative as we use stand ins and such allot.
  9. Re: This Power Armor suit [shas'o R'myrs] Straight super heroic 200/150 builds. And I agree, if the point break is going to be that extreme I'd rather stay in the normal power build instead of going with a vehicle. And yeah the model might look big but it's only maybe x2-x3 the other models we are using so well within the power suit build size IMHO. I drafted up a bare bones background for him and an Idea on how at least his primary power is going to work. When Marcus heard of his father's mysterious death in the blackened ruins of their family estate, which doubled as their personal laboratory he knew something was up. Marcus had been attending college for the past several years working on a Doctorate in mathematics and Quantum mechanics. He was preparing to begin working with his father on their Meta-Physical and Hyper Spatial research. When he received a No Return address package with his father's hand writing he suspected foul play, when he opened the package and discovered the prototype SPARTAN gauntlets he knew something had gone monstrously wrong. Suspecting that his father had learned of an attempt to steal his research and sent the prototype to Marcus for safekeepings. Suspecting that either those hunting their research had destroyed the lab and killed his father in a fit of rage or his father learning the truth had destroyed everything before being killed he didn't know. What he did know was that whoever was hunting the Meta-Physical/Hyper Spatial gauntlets would quickly be coming for him and he would need to hide till he learned the full workings of the gauntlets. Primary power is a Multiform **SPARTAN Meta-Physical Manipulation Guantlets**(350 Character Points in the most expensive form) (Instant Change, x8 Number Of Forms) (90 Active Points); Activation Roll 14-, Jammed (-1), Nonpersistent (-1/4), Only aware of one 'Form' (-1/4) Of course the 'one form' he's aware of is the above image. It phases the armor in around in when actived thus the Instant Change but one of the disadvantages is Accidental change when struck by electricity due to the prototype nature of the device.
  10. Re: This Power Armor suit [shas'o R'myrs] Interesting thought, hadn't considered that. What would the ramifications be in a normal Champions still game of a Mech instead of a Power Suit?
  11. Okay so I have this very nice Forgeworld model that has struck my fancy as being a nice power armor super hero, beyond the color scheme which is meh. Unfortunately I have NEVER built a working Power Armor super hero and nothing I've seen so far has struck me as wow I gotta include that. Right now I'm kinda at a loss as to how to build a character around this model. Background/Skills/Playstyle I can handle but the power set has been driving me completely bonkers. As far as I've gotten with a week of brain storming is maybe an MP with one barrel variable effect and the other barrel being variable advantage, while cool isn't meaty at all. I was thinking of the name S.P.A.R.T.A.N. So basiclly What Would you Build and a massive HEEEEELP!!!
  12. Re: Dark Sector Conversion It's a video game about a special forces man who after afected with a disease is slowly having this second armor skin building up around him and has a glaive like weapon that can take on elements that it comes in contact with. However, by your answer I'd imagine that my answer is no. No one has done a conversion of the main character.
  13. I have been unable to find one in a search but has anyone attempted or seen a conversion of the main character from Dark Sector? We are starting a new campaing this weekend and this character intrigued me. I just realized I didn't put allot of info in here, campaing is a 350 point campaign standard Champions.
  14. Re: Slade, time management, and you.... I kind of prefer the advanced preperation/Triggered action idea better. Just seems cleaner for the effects generated.
  15. Had an idea while playing God of War last night that Kratos might make one interesting Hero character so I started jotting down notes and such. I'd like to get some feed back from you guys on what you think as well as what should be added and such. I will post the completed character sheet when I've got everything worked out. So far: Chosen of Olympus: Medusa-Entangle, Takes no dmg from attacks Zeus-Lightning EB, range based on Str, Beam, maybe Auto Fire Artimus(sp?)-AoE Electricity, Hole in the middle Rage of the Gods: 1 Charge (time recovery) Aid 3d6 Str and Pre maybe Spd Simultaneous, Visible Might change this to a flat stat bonus Blades of Chaos x2 Hand Killing attack; was thinking maybe something along the lines of extra modifier or something when you get hit over multiple phases, not sure though Stretching 3 or 4 inches Some type of TK or something to simulate pulling people out of the air Whats everyone elses take or ideas
  16. Re: Anyone else awaiting this? Deffinatly going to be an interesting year for movies I'm looking forward to the FF movie and hadn't seen any trailors for it yet. Thanks for the link.
  17. Re: Gun multipower A focus is a limitation and in such on a PC it is the GMs responsibility to make the player regret taking the disadvantage. Making a player second guess the GM during character creation is pointless and calling it abusive is a tad bit insulting. Using your argument; taking a x2 Stun disadvantage vs Sonic attacks is abusive if the GM never attacks the PC with a sonic attack but the player is supposed to think about that at creation, Please. OIHID is not a Focus does not work the same as a focus, focus is a limitation for a reason.
  18. Re: Amusing Conundrum ... From my experience never assume character's are the same straight out of the book. If your normal attack had left him twitching on the ground then you know he's still vulnerable to Electricty.
  19. Re: The Knights of Justice And it's fairly in character as he has to spend time repairing suits that have been damaged in combat. It just doesn't fit to have an indestructable suit of technological body armour unless it's built that way, which these appear not to be. Adds for some nice roleplaying elements I must say
  20. Re: Hypothetical Question Regarding A Hypothetical Campaign Sounds very interesting, like what has been said previously the work load in advance would be determined by the PBeM GM desiding how detailed the Rogue's Gallery and Predecessor would need to be.
  21. Re: Viperia: Less Pow Than Champions?? Does the hunted take into account that she's wanted and the Champions could call on the National teams for backup to bring her down? I'm pretty sure that if the Champion's found out she was in this certain place helping viper do this really bad thing that they'd get some backup from Primus or UNTIL to take her down. Dunno just throwing an idea out there Guess it's all up the writers interpretation in the end.
  22. Re: Your Hero's Hero! Hmm that's kinda tough, never really thought about it much. Tombstone - Would have to say his heroes would have to be honest beat cops. Able to walk and deal with the filth and detritus of society on a daily basis but still manage to do their job honestly and continue the pursuit of justice. Patriot - This one is deffinatly a little rought as Patriot is ex-CIA and has pretty much been there done that and doesn't trust much of anything for face value. He's starting to trust his team more as he fights with them but still hasn't completely opened up to them. I'd have to say his heroes or those he tries to look up to for guidance would be the Champions team.
  23. Re: Need help naming Enviornmentalist team. Afore mentioned member of the team but eh figure I'll help anyways Planet First The Tor Green Dream
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