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  1. I like having pregens, not because I would necessarily want to play one, occasional exceptions not withstanding, but because it gives me a FAR better idea as to relative power balance to aim for when building a character myself, than does a set of abstract guidelines. That's in my case at least. As always though, I expect a GM to want to tweak any character I submit and do my darnedest not to make too much fuss about their decisions.
  2. Hero Designer allows us to take both complex gestures and requires both hands, both of which add an additional -1/4 limitation. If you take gestures and flag both complex gestures and requires both hands, it gives you a -3/4 limitation.
  3. In Hero Designer when adding limitations to powers, when you select gestures the program allows us to select 'complex' with those gestures for an additional -1/4 limitation bonus. I have no idea what changes between complex gestures and regular gestures to make it worth more of a limitation. Does anyone have a clue? It is not in the main rule books. Anyone know where this is defined?
  4. Something to consider... A rule I have given to myself in a couple of games run by GMs who were themselves new, running new players who invariably had, to be generous, less than optimum characters... New GMs have no idea just how effective an experienced Hero player can make a character. However without cheesy exploits, there is still a power limit defined by available points. My trick in those cases was to give myself the rule, communicated of course to the GM so he knew what I was doing, that I could spend half my character points on combat, in any way I chose (excepting cheese), and the other half had to be spent on non-combat utility and RP. If everyone held to such a rule, I suspect you might have a fairly balanced group while still allowing players to build their own.
  5. There is no defeating your argument. If you are the GM, you get to define the terms of your game. It is up to everyone else solely whether they want to play or not. For most new players, this is likely to not just be the easier choice, but will result in a more effective character. I have frequently seen newbies show up to a game with a character they have built themselves with such glaring flaws in their construction as to be functionally useless. A character you build will not likely suffer from such faults. The downside of course is that many players are drawn to Hero System precisely because they enjoy the process of building characters, and this approach deprives them of much of that pleasure. That can be mitigated to a degree by allowing players some freedom with how they spend experience points. Also perhaps while building, leave a few points free that the player can allocate as they choose before the first game, so they can feel some personalization for the design you hand them. I can well understand your motive, and it is not wrong. I have been frequently tempted to do something similar on those rare occasions I have GMed. Players have a natural tendency to power creep, to push as close as they can to maximum effectiveness. If everyone does this to the exact same degree, there is no problem for balance with the game, the GM just tailors encounters to the power level the players have defined for themselves. The downside is that it is never equal. One or more players will emphasize combat to the max and be quite a bit more powerful than someone else who emphasized role playing, which can skew both balance and enjoyment. The role player will feel slighted in combat and the powerful one will have so little to do outside of combat that they will enjoy nothing else. I would again return to my suggestion made before. Build the characters yourself based upon description, with some discussion, but leave something like ten points unspent. Let the player spend those ten points however they want. The power player will buy up their strength and a couple of levels with their favorite weapon (or similar) and the role player will add a few skills and/or skill levels. Things will not be completely out of whack and the players will feel more ownership of the resulting characters.
  6. The games I am currently playing are: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/225402/heroes-unlimited and https://www.rpgcrossing.com/forumdisplay.php?f=18102 I find there to be very little mechanical difference between 4th edition and 5th edition Hero. Hero Designer can be set to create characters in 5th edition all of which will work perfectly in 4th. Personally I would much rather not jump into yet another version,
  7. Yea, that's a good bit 'more' than what I meant myself. 😉 My backgrounds often do tell a bit of a story, but they rarely extend more than a couple of pages. For instance... Hecate.pdf
  8. I do not doubt or deny that there are a great many who do care about what race or sex or sexual persuasion people are on screen. I do assert that that kind of identitarian tribalism is fundamentally racist. Those who scream the loudest about it are themselves the most guilty. Perhaps that is why they scream. They see in everyone else that which they know of themselves.
  9. I'm playing in a weekly game (4th edition Champions) that recently started using Roll20. I am also involved in a Play by Post game (6th edition Teen Supers), that is infuriatingly slow. That may look like I am full up. However I am also retired and spend my days in front of a computer with little to do but surf the web or play computer games, and of late, the computer games are lackluster. I would love to get involved with more Hero, as that is by FAR my favorite game system. I am perfectly capable of building characters and playing with 6th edition, but I prefer the earlier versions personally. I've been known to GM, but frankly I suck at it, simply not putting in the time and imagination necessary to do it well. As a player I do reasonably well, as my favorite thing to do is to create characters and flesh them out. I am wont to write rather detailed backgrounds, but little if any of it requires GM followup unless they feel inspired by it. It's mostly for flavor and understanding my character. I have a personal preference for fantasy, but it is not a strong preference. I am available pretty much any time other than Tuesday and Thursday evenings EST. I am Canadian living in Montreal.
  10. Well, technically, as long as there are women around, there could be procreation regardless. Two of my best friends are a lesbian couple. They wanted a kid, and asked me to help. Their being lesbians was not a hindrance to procreation. But yea, I am equally non politically correct with how virtue signalling 'woke' people are trying to be. The idea that people need people of their own race or sexual persuasion in order to identify with them is IMO, a pretty racist idea itself. I am a white male. I have absolutely no issue with identifying with a female protagonist, a black protagonist, or any manner of sexual persuasion, because my own 'identity' has nothing to do with such tribalism. I am a human being and a unique individual, as is everyone else, as are the hero protagonists in movies, etc.. I identify with them on that level. No racism or sexism involved.
  11. Fantasy HERO was, I think, my third favorite: Traveller was my favorite, followed closely by a mixture of 3e Star HERO and the Champions rules (not actual Champions, just some of the rules).


    I don't know if you do paper sheets or anything like that, but if you do, here:




    Knock yourself out.   :D


  12. I watched Stargirl last night and enjoyed it. No telling how long that might last of course. It's usually the writing that turns me off of television shows, the propensity of their protagonists to be idiots for the sake of 'drama'. There wasn't too much of that, but the night is young. The opening battle was excellent.
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