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    Panpiper reacted to Steve in Power balancing an archer?   
    At extreme levels of range, perhaps an archer also needs Telescopic Sight abilities to deal with at least some of their range modifiers? This wouldn’t be an issue with shorter ranges, but would when you get to the outer edge of a bow’s range.
    An archer may have a ton of penalty skill levels, but they wouldn’t do much good if they can’t clearly see the target, would they?
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    Panpiper reacted to Derek Hiemforth in [5th Ed R] Fantasy Hero no point Play Sheet   
    I can't help because I don't know, but I just wanted to say good on ya' for looking to credit the original poster.  
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    Panpiper reacted to Derek Hiemforth in Power balancing an archer?   
    Yes, eventually (i.e., for Legolas-level characters). For starting heroes, I'd probably cap it at +4 to offset range penalties.
    Yes, eventually. For starting heroes, I'd again probably cap it at +4 to offset called shot penalties (even that makes a High Shot a normal chance).
    That's fine. It's no "worse" than a melee fighter adding damage to their swords from hand-to-hand martial arts maneuvers. However, I might only allow Extra DC to be bought with XP (especially if they also have bonuses to offset range, and bonuses to offset called shots, etc. as a starting hero).

    In fact, that's a point in general; how much I would allow of any of these things depends in part on how many of these things they have.  Eventually, they can have them all, but they shouldn't have them all when they start -- even if they can afford the CP cost -- or they won't have any room to get better.
    All that said, these are still the relatively "normal" ways of building a skilled archer. As characters grow in power/skill, they're more likely to have things like Combat Archery and Rapid Archery, or even to "buy-off" the Concentrate Limitation on their bow as a "Nimble Archery" Talent or the like.
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    Panpiper reacted to bluesguy in Power balancing an archer?   
    Here are the rules of thumb I have been using for a long time now.  They seem to be working:
    Character Benchmarks - Famous fictional fantasy characters and their characteristics.  I stole it from someone's site.  If anyone knows whose it is I will add an appropriate authorship.  It is possible to argue with the characteristics for each of theses fictional characters.  That isn't important.  The important part is the relative comparisons. For my campaign, Nyonia, I provide the following rules and information for the players: Characteristics Combat Skills So far we have had everything from a well armed and armored knight (chainmail + breast plate), sword master (fighting with two blades), archer, and a martial artists/monk who fought with a pair of clubs/fighting sticks.  Everyone had their moments in combat.  Everyone had the crazy hard fight and everyone had the chance at a one shot.
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    Panpiper got a reaction from Duke Bushido in Power balancing an archer?   
    The key word in my OP was "aspires" to a Legolas like competency. My problem is that I can easily build a starting character nearly that powerful without any sort of cheese whatsoever. Some strength to wield a decent bow, a few ranged martial arts maneuvers, a few combat levels with said maneuvers, several penalty skill levels for range modifiers and eight penalty skill levels for called shots. That leaves plenty still for characteristics and skills. My question is just how close to Legolas would most GMs be comfortable with for a character in a Fantasy game? I suppose Christopher's "It Depends" answer is an answer of sorts.

    I've got two GMs both wanting to run Fantasy Hero who are both very new to Hero, and "I" don't know what to tell them. They don't understand the power level effects of things to make a judgement on their own. 
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    Panpiper reacted to bluesguy in Power balancing an archer?   
    As someone who has run a lot of Fantasy Hero and plenty of folks who want to play archers.  Here is what I usually do:
    Allow up to +3 vs  Range Allow up to +3 vs Hit locations Allow up to +4 with bows OCV no higher than a 5 Generally the bows can only do up to 1 1/2 d6 RKA There were characters that were able to shot 3/4 way across the gaming table.  If the target is unaware then the archers almost always would take a head shot (and usually connect).
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    Panpiper reacted to unclevlad in Adding standard effect to aid does not calculate 1/2 dice properly.   
    The problem is that the system doesn't define 3-level differentiation very often.  So, if a full die is 3, is a half die 1 or 2?  
    An alternative is to define a custom adder, which HD allows.  For Aid, for example, you can build a "-1 pip" to create the equivalent of 2d6-1.  It won't be reflected in what the standard effect indicates, but it's recorded and priced properly.  A custom adder is allowed to have a negative cost.
    That said:  I think the system is wrong in the first place.  It's rounding you down twice...first, making standard effect 3 instead of 3.5, then rounding 3 down to 1.  But standard effect was never written to be average...2d6 standard effect is 6, when the average is 7.  Realistically, defining the 1/2 die standard effect as +2 is much more fair.
    I'd also, I think, be OK with eliminating many of the intermediate steps, at least on the lower-cost-per-die powers...basic Blast, cosmetic/minor Transform, Aid, etc.  Higher cost...Mental Blast, most AVADs, major/severe Transform, Drain, etc...the half die level feels like it's plenty.  It might be that my use of the system is for supers ONLY...but a problem with it is trying to cover everything under the sun.  
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    Panpiper reacted to Scott Ruggels in Limiting RSR rolls   
    I simply ignored the point cost of the spell. I would limit rolls to 16 or less, but subtract nothing from the role due to difficulty of spells, but add difficulty due to environmental factors and situational difficulties. Such as if the spell require gestures and incantations and was done in cold weather thst imposed Dex minuses, then the same minuses applied to the magic rolls. Too much math made things a serious bother for me so I tended to ruthlessly simplify magic systems. I am an artist and therefore am afflicted with math anxiety and an aversion to numbers, so modt minuses we’re applied to all similar activities. 
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    Panpiper reacted to LoneWolf in What does it mean to be Utterly Evil?   
    A good place to start is that the demon has absolutely no concern for anyone but themselves.  If the action will not benefit them in some way they simply will not do it.  If something will result in a minor benefit to them, but causes major disaster to everything else they will do it.   They can and will pretend to do something nice, but in the end it will benefit them.  
    Next they look at all others as competitors and they always try to screw their competitors. They use every opportunity to reduce someone else’s plans and resources in case they would be used against them.  Anything another creature has can be a threat to you, so never let anyone get ahead. You never allow anyone to gain more from something than you do if you can help it.  
    Last is the utter lack of trust in anyone.  You are a monster and so is everyone else, no matter what they say.  Everyone is going to turn on you so doing it first is just being smart.   Good is an illusion that only the weak fall for.  There is no joy and the only comforts you can have are those you take for yourself. You are utterly alone because everyone is going to betray you.     
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    Panpiper reacted to Tjack in What does it mean to be Utterly Evil?   
    If you truly have no idea what someone or something evil is like I congratulate you on your happy life.  Try watching a couple of episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds or maybe something on the Holocaust.  If all else fails....watch the news almost any night.
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    Panpiper reacted to death tribble in What does it mean to be Utterly Evil?   
    It means they don't pay taxes. Now that is EVIL !
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    Panpiper got a reaction from Derek Hiemforth in Speed/initiative tracking sheet? Anyone have something printable?   
    Exactly like those, thank you!
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    Panpiper reacted to Derek Hiemforth in Speed/initiative tracking sheet? Anyone have something printable?   
    Something like these?
    Combat Chart-portrait.pdf Combat Chart-landscape.pdf
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    Panpiper reacted to Chris Goodwin in Limiting RSR rolls   
    Here's an idea.  Fantasy Hero gives the GM a lot of leeway in designing their magic system.  So, how about this:  all spells take RSR for no Limitation value.  
    "Tier 0" spells require a Magic Skill Roll at no penalty.  
    "Tier 1" spells require a Magic Skill Roll at -1 per 20 Active Points. 
    "Tier 2" spells require a Magic Skill Roll at -1 per 10 Active Points.
    "Tier 3" at -1 per 5 Active Points.  
    Additionally, casters can take various KS, PS, SS, and so on, related to the types of magic they can cast.  Someone with KS: Fire Magic and SS: Chemistry might be able to use both of those as Complementary Skill Rolls to their Magic Skill when casting fire spells.  
    Further, the Mages' Guild has a ranking system.  Mages of the First Circle cast their spells as listed above.  Mages of the Second Circle move everything down one level in difficulty, so that Tier 0 and 1 spells are at no penalty, Tier 2 spells are at -1 per 20, Tier 3 are at -1 per 10, and then they gain access to Tier 4 spells at -1 per 5.  And so on. 
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    Panpiper got a reaction from archer in Limiting RSR rolls   
    If I am building a character for a Fantasy game, and the magic system imposes a strong probably of failure if my mage tries to do as much damage as my fighter or archer build could do without risk of failure (other than hit probability), then I am NOT building a mage. Done deal. Yes, there are loads of utility spells one could have a mage around for, but I am not interested in playing the jack-knife support character. I want to be able to shine when push comes to shove.
    Now it may well be thematically appropriate for your campaign setting that magic is NOT particularly useful in a combat situation. Gandalf did use a sword. But it is germane only to a rather small subset of fantasy RPG settings I think. The VAST majority of people playing such games (usually using other systems) have mages either at the top of the damage dealing spectrum, or on par with other character archetypes.
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    Panpiper reacted to Killer Shrike in Limiting RSR rolls   
    For heroic / gritty levels of play, I normally apply a skill maxima across the board, which incidentally applies to magic systems that require skill rolls.
    Skill Maxima is one of the rows in my "Assumptions" checklist I use for various campaign settings; you can see it in detail along w/ links to various "paradigms" such as High / Epic / Low fantasy, and a worksheet for you to fill in your own if you wish, here:

    And here is an example from an actual campaign:

    Assumptions The following options are assumed to be in effect for this paradigm. Option
    Selected Option
      No NCM   X NCM Powers Available O   Powers Not Available Super Skills Available O   No Super Skills Available Combat Luck Allowed X   No Combat Luck Allowed No Deadly Blow Allowed   O Deadly Blow Allowed   Literacy Standard X   Literacy Not Standard No Weapon Familiarity   X Weapon Familiarity No Armor Familiarity X   Armor Familiarity No Transport Familiarity   X Transport Familiarity No Skill Maxima   14- Skill Maxima No STR Minima   X STR Minima Superheroic CSL Conversion   X Heroic CSL Conversion   No Encumbrance   X Encumbrance Knockback   X Knockdown Generalized Damage   X Hit Location Damage No Long Term Damage X   Injury & Impairment Damage Normal Damage Default   X Killing Damage Default No Long Term Endurance   X Long Term Endurance END Cost = Active Points / 10 X   END Cost = Active Points / 5   Equipment Costs Points   X Equipment Doesn't Cost Points* Bases & Vehicles Cost Points   X Bases / Vehicles Don't Cost Points* Followers Cost Points   X Followers Don't Cost Points*   *Resource Pools as described in the Starting Character guidelines are in effect
    O: By Origin X: Selected  
    @Mr. RNote: as you are interested in using my Metier magic system, it might be relevant for you to know that I consider it to be a low to mid power level magic system and suggest it as being serviceable for Sword & Sorcery and Epic type settings.
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    Panpiper got a reaction from drunkonduty in Epic level heroes, demigods, and planeswalker player characters   
    I played in such a campaign some years back. The characters 'started' at 600 points. (!!!) The campaign lasted five years running weekly, and ended when we resolved the main quest that involved literally saving the universe. We had a technologically ignorant Tarzan, a super Vampire, a Sorceress, and my character, essentially a melee tank who was an Immortal, like literally. He resurrected once from a nuke.
    It was more than a little freeform, and wildly fantastic. We could hop dimensions, we dealt with godlike entities both malevolent and benign, we vanquished Godzilla like threats, confronted armies and demon hordes.

    That campaign remains my favorite campaign of any I have ever played. The GM too told us that ours was the only campaign he had ever run in over thirty years that had ever successfully run it's course by completing its ultimate quest.

    My (starting) character in that game, Vestige.
    We are now playing D&D. 
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    Panpiper got a reaction from Nekkidcarpenter in My stab at build balance rules for supers   
    Oh! Look! A half page of basic guidelines meant to give people an idea of relative balance. I shall then with my superbly honed rules lawyer talents, interpret this then to mean a half page of iron clad rules rife with loopholes to exploit, so I can legally create the most godawful combat monster and lay waste to the very idea of game balance.
    Anyone taking this approach to an attempt to give people an idea of what I consider reasonable would be kindly invited to NOT play in my game.
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    Panpiper reacted to eepjr24 in [LFP] [Roll20] [Thu 19:00-21:00ish EST] Champions (Hero System 6th ed)   
    @John Desmarais - Let me know if you are interested in trying out the Roll20 character importer. I am close to ready for general release, although there will be bugs I suspect it will still reduce the work of getting characters loaded by a factor of 10.
    - E
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    Panpiper reacted to eepjr24 in VPP -1/4 limitation; All powers must be predesigned?   
    We'll use your example. 
    50 point pool (25 AP Control, 50 AP Pool): 75 points base cost. Powers change as Full phase action, INT Roll required. 1/4 Limitation on control. Real Cost: 70 AP (5 point savings)
    Spends 30 points on INT (40 INT total), 3 point power skill roll, gets a 19- INT roll. Changing powers is a 14- (90.74% success). Total spent: 103 Real Points
    Other player decides he doesn't like the limitation.
    50 point pool (25 AP Control, 50 AP Pool): 75 points base cost. Powers change as Full phase action, INT Roll required. Real Cost: 75 AP 
    Spends 8 points on INT (18 INT total), 11 point power skill roll, gets a 19- INT roll. Changing powers is a 14- (90.74% success). Total spent: 94 Real Points
    After doing the math, I'd probably actually give him -1/2 on the limitation value. I would make him have cards of all the powers written up or a list in HeroDesigner that just had the ones for the session, so I could keep track, but it seems like a reasonable amount given that he is encouraged to buy up INT (not a typically highly bought characteristic) and has a decent concept.
    - E
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    Panpiper reacted to archer in Wealth perk use?   
    Yeah, for me it is genre-dependent.
    For modern games, wealth eases things for the players. They can jet around, go to fancy restaurants, and have a lifestyle rather than just a life. If no one has a wealth perk and the team doesn't have transportation, just them getting to the scene of the crime can be a challenge at times. Some players like the struggle. Some want to have cool team jets or to throw money at their problems. Either way is fine to GM but it's much better if the players all agree on the style.
    For many low fantasy or medieval games, most people live in poverty and they don't deal much with actual money. Players who spread around even small amounts of wealth can buy favors, followers, eternal devotion, etc. because a small amount of money given to someone who has none can be the difference between life and death. Players who have wealth in those kinds of games need a rationale for why they have it and why the crown (or the church) hasn't taken it away.
    In high fantasy games where basic economics are set aside and players routinely bring dragon's hoards back to town with them, the players can buy stuff like lands, priesthoods, knighthoods, or other minor grants of nobility as well as gear and comfort. Since money is more common, the common folk do their dealings using money rather than barter and the lifestyle of grinding poverty isn't the norm. And small amounts of money given or traded to such common folk aren't a life-changing event and those common folk don't treat it as such.
    I am a huge fan of the characters I play having the wealth perk. Part of that is having grown up very impoverished by American and all non-third world standards. Part of that is because I don't want my role-playing experience held back by logistics.
    If I need to peel off a twenty dollar bill to pay an informant, I don't want a character who has to worry about whether he has twenty dollars to spare. And if I have to peel of a twenty dollar bill ten times in a night, I don't want to have to worry if my character in his secret ID can pay the rent or not. "Worrying about the rent" isn't a fun gaming activity for me so I actively avoid it by throwing character points at the problem.
    And regardless of my character's wealth and regardless of genre, my characters tend to be the type to pick up the loot and take it home. Obviously not money from the bank. But gear from agents and supers to tinker with, maybe money from drug dealers because I trust myself to find a worthy cause for it more than I trust the cops or drug dealers to find a worthy cause for it, vehicles, bases, I consider it all to be fair game. I can justify that better when I have the wealth perk.
    If I get to use it often depends on whether I later want to spend points on it. But I've always liked the idea of if my team's base gets blown up or if we have to go on the run that I've already stripped and then repurposed some villain's base that we'd shut down years ago. I've never gotten to actually play through that. But I've had it ready a couple of times.
    That's one of those neat things that someone like Tony Stark, Batman, or Reed Richards could pull off without his teammates knowing about but someone like Spider-Man couldn't.
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    Panpiper reacted to Christopher R Taylor in Newbie Looking for an Introduction & Possibly First Campaign   
    If you can find a GM, I have just the thing for you, for free.  Its an introductory/tutorial 5-part scenario of adventures designed to help both GMs and players learn how to play Champions currently in playtest.
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    Panpiper reacted to armadillo in VPP -1/4 limitation; All powers must be predesigned?   
    I would use the 1/4 Limitation but call it "Only for Pre-tested Powers." So, it takes a while for the character to build a repertoire of powers. The player gradually makes a list of the powers she has tested, and can use any power on that list. 
    It prevents the lag in-game where the player is building the power.
    Also, if a new situation arises then the player can master a new power between scenes: "You head back to the HQ and hit the Danger Room, focusing on making your fire blasts more focused like a laser...."
    It also rewards the player who spends the time dreaming this stuff up. I would limit it to one new power for every 15 minutes of practice time.
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    Panpiper reacted to BNakagawa in Istvatha V'han - why can't she conquer Earth?   
    Re: Istvatha V'han - why can't she conquer Earth?
    EndGame MegaBosses are not allowed to overrun the newbie zone.
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    Panpiper reacted to Beast in VPP -1/4 limitation; All powers must be predesigned?   
    the question is then How many spells can you have created and accessable during any 1 scenario
    if you can have 200 spell/powers then no limitation
    20 spell/powers maybe -1/4
    10 spell/powers maybe -1/2
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