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    SF Rant

    the quote function still isn't working for me I guess the " hard science" types consider energy weapons the province of space ghost and/or iron man
  2. both hyper-man and nolgroth have good ides about this
  3. another one for iron fist the theme from ENTER THE DRAGON
  4. no assault iread the ORIGNAL dial H for hero but not the recent version
  5. as often as I catch cold a wouldn't mind catching super-powers instead
  6. I wonder how natalie portman would line playin the role of jennifer walers/she-hulk
  7. there have been instances of clark using his powers in secret
  8. didn't you leave a word out of your amy pond description log-man?
  9. I think he means possible opponents for the righteous ghost
  10. captain Cambodia AKA righteous ghost not bad
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