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    SF Rant

    the quote function still isn't working for me I guess the " hard science" types consider energy weapons the province of space ghost and/or iron man
  2. both hyper-man and nolgroth have good ides about this
  3. another one for iron fist the theme from ENTER THE DRAGON
  4. no assault iread the ORIGNAL dial H for hero but not the recent version
  5. as often as I catch cold a wouldn't mind catching super-powers instead
  6. I wonder how natalie portman would line playin the role of jennifer walers/she-hulk
  7. there have been instances of clark using his powers in secret
  8. didn't you leave a word out of your amy pond description log-man?
  9. I think he means possible opponents for the righteous ghost
  10. captain Cambodia AKA righteous ghost not bad
  11. tuff-man would take them up on it and the A.S.P.C.A. would get the money
  12. what have you got when you make iron man out of pasta rigatoni stark
  13. for an example might I suggest the CW' version of the tomorrow people?
  14. to the best of my knowledge warner bros. owns the pirate of dark water rights by virtue of its ownership of the hanna barberra catalog
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