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  1. and now for something completely congress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2aybhASehI …
  2. was the doubling of the banned periods applied ?
  3. Jewel WRGUB Planes Walker +1 Untap 2 artifacts -2 Pull WRGUB. -7 Take control of all artifacts. (5) White Red Green blUe Black
  4. Beetle Metamorph If insects prove any great evolutionary achievement; it would be for life to reshape itself. From egg to larva to catalysts to insect, Beetle metamorph moves through changes quickly constantly reimagining herself. She shapes her form as insect or wurm as tunneler or pincer armed or parasite warmed by the blood of a host left hollow and torn drinking to code for another life form.
  5. opps I thought they part of the untouchables I come up with one later Shipping Crane is armed with lasers and Drones. It walked up to a nuclear power plant. And Lifted the core and now uses it as a power source. It is radioactive and no one of flesh should approach it.
  6. Navigation to the end of a thread should be accessible on the forum page In the still rise of the ancient past, life cradled in the oceans for billions of years. the salt of the land collected into the soup evolving the mix The bulk of life still remains in the soup through Otaku's giant robots mastermind joined minds with Areathusa and they seek to bring the land into the the ocean to spice the soup. The turtle is a punk I see no number set so New Criteria Aliens with Alien bodies that are sith lords 4
  7. Re: Foods for those that just don't care anymore looks good
  8. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! ah sorry I don't think Smithers will have done anything but for the sake of the tread, he could kill a guard with a deathroll trying to escape
  9. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! err The camera Evidence came from Cobra's labs
  10. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Smithers is alumuni-gator, a race created by Cobra(long dead) of bipetal alligators with neural vegetation implanted in the long cavity of the upper jaw, cold blooded and genetically not human at all. When the video evidence was discovered of Smithers killing a human scientist in a death roll, no one was surprised after all that is the nature of a species. Some suggested putting him down for his killer instinct while the Independent Gator Nation in Louisiana demanded Smithers be questioned. Smithers is after all sentient, He was once the lab assistant of Cobra and claims as such he was trained to save lives. Cobra being a geneticist did not want experiments dying in the lab. However. Smithers confessing to being Cobra's lab assistant 20 years ago made the case suddenly like the Nazi trials for Nuremberg. No one cared about Smithers claims for innocence and the video evidence was damning.
  11. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Claim Jumper This toad man is adept in camillian camouflage, shadowing and tracking. He can smell people on a determined mission and will follow them secretly to take advantage of their quest. He has a sticky tongue and can grab objects from 20 meters away escaping by leaping great distances.
  12. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Iris (a butter fly flaps it's wings in china) flight: 40 m Gust of Wind 20 m Flight Usable against others area of effect line mobile (moves with the air it carries) last 1 turn Effect moves Iris also though she may leave the stream as anyone else caught in the jet Characters in contact with a surface are moved by 10m in the stream unless they brace If two streams should cross, a telekinetic whirl wind is summoned If three streams should cross, a tornado is born Iris has spacial sense via the air velocities around her. She has a deep appreciation for the subtle and unique (which extends to mutants). She is more likrly to consider suggestions than follow commands. A restless force in promoting diversity. She is like to throw nob sequiturs to stir the pot.
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