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  1. Re: Best way to represent a Psionic Symbiote. Help! I had not considered Duplication. Intriguing. The Duplication Option... Duplication (creates 400-point form) -Cannot Recombine (-0) **The Nine Headed Hydra example in the side bar of 6E1 204 -Altered Duplicates (100%; +1) -Feedback (All Duplicates Take Damage When Struck; -1) -Always On (-1/2) -160 Active Points -64 Real Cost If you used a Follower, could you still use the Feedback Limitation to represent the fact that they are linked? Thanks for your time!
  2. I think I have hurt my brain with this one. The concept: An above average Street Samurai (think Shadow Run or Cyber Punk) breaks in to the big leagues when he bonds with a Psionic Symbiote. Boom... instant super hero. He runs around with a submachine gun and a few grenades fighting with his speed of 4. While this is going on the Symbiote also fights at the same time with its average Psionic Multi-Power and Telekinetic Force Field protecting them both. The Symbiote is light blue colored creature with a long tail that wraps around the neck and is permanently attached to the spine at the base of the neck at the back. So far I have come up with several ways to represent the Symbiote fighting. But which one is most appropriate is beyond me. Any input it welcome. 1) Put a +1/2 Trigger (0 Phase to activate, 0 Phase to reset, Goes off of the beginning each of his Phases) on the Psionic Multi-Power. Not sure if you could apply (Character does not control activation of personal Trigger) to represent the Symbiote controlling the power or not; to represent it protecting its host? 2) Buy an extra Speed of +4 (for a total speed of 8) with the disadvantage -1 Only to make a single half-phase psionic attack. (This is my lest favorite. It just doesn't feel right) 3) A Follower of some kind. But I am not sure how appropriate his would be. I don't want it to look like a cheap way to lower the cost of powers. And to be honest I am not sure exactly how to go about it. The problem is that from a concept point of view I think this one is the closest. 4) Just use the Multi-Attack Maneuver and buy off the penalties. So he can shoot his SMG and then Mind Blast some one. Thanks all,
  3. Re: Green Goblin Jet Boarding Questions. Zed- Hummm… Well I guess I can see your point. I have never seen a G.M. ever make a character make a DEX check to keep from loosing an OAF Focus when knocked back. But it is certainly not out side the realm of reason. I would just think that if such a house rule were to be used, that it would need to be used on all OAF Focus’s and not just a hover board because of its special effect. Cool.
  4. Re: Green Goblin Jet Boarding Questions. Good Stuff Zed, I agree with your last two points but I am confused about the first. “-- You get knocked off the board but the board flies back to where you can land on it, can be done via OIF focus. (This won't work if it's OAF -- in that case, if you fall, you fall.)” Normally you don’t loose an OAF Focus if you take knock back. Right? Thanks, **Edit** That would certainly work as well Checkmate, but I am not sure that is the effect I am looking for. I will keep it in mind thought. Thanks
  5. Hello All, So I went and saw Spider-Man 3. It was ok, but overall I was disappointed. However I have always loved the Green Goblins Jet Board (the one in the first movie looked the best if you ask me). Any way I am trying to figure out how to work it out in Hero and I am having problems with it. So I am hoping some of you Hero System masters out there can help me out. The basic board is simple, flight with –1 OAF, and either 0 END or a Fuel Charge. But how would you… 1- Simulate the fact that you could potentially get knocked off it? Just call it a special effect. When you get hit by knock back and actually hit something the board just fly’s itself back to you on autopilot? So its not a real penalty at all? 2- Make it come back to you, via remote control if it gets taken away? Flight with a zero action trigger, Usable as an attack (Jet Board only), only to return to owner? 3- Attack people with its blades when you are not on it, via remote control? An indirect attack with a starting location being where ever the board is at? And how would that work that when you don’t have the Focus. Should I be making a vehicle here and not a focus? I don’t know, but a vehicle just doesn’t sound right. Can any one give me any hints? I don’t own the ultimate vehicle, because I generally don’t use vehicles in my super hero games. Thanks a lot,
  6. Re: (+1/4 END Only For Activation) and (-1/2 END X2)? Thank for the answers!
  7. Are there any rules that state that you can or cannot have this limitation and this advantage on the same power? I can’t find any thing. I was thinking about just lowering the value of the limitation from –1/2 to –1/4 because it is not nearly so detrimental. Any input is welcome. Thanks!
  8. Hello all, If a Force Field (or any power for that matter) has on Activation Roll Limitation and the Uncontrolled Advantage does the user still have to roll for Activation every phase in combat to keep it active? Thanks for your help.
  9. Two Duplication effects questions? 1)A character that has powers (and Stats increases) that only work while duplicated would this be a -1/4 limitation or a -1/2? By the letter of the book it would seem to me that is should be a -1/2 Limitation but that might be a little much. I am looking for personal thoughts and a direct rules clarification here. 2) Said character (and his duplicate) are in a battle and one of the bad guys uses a drain on the primaries duplication power. So technically the duplication doesn't have enough point for the power to work. What does this mean? Obviously the power can not be activated so no new duplicates can be made. What about the duplicate that is all ready out there. I would assume that nothing happens. However it could be argued that the two would recombine because the power no longer works? But, if you go that road the character could by 1D6 Drain Duplication(-1/2 Self only) as a super cheap ranges remerge. Am I making any since at all? lol Thanks Demonsong
  10. Re: Summon Robots? Not necessary because I am the GM I just like to be fair and equal about things and not use or do things in my campaign that I would not let players do....well most of the time. It is taken directly out of Summoning spells in Fantasy Hero. If it is so wrong why is Steve using it in his books? I take too mean you need these items to accomplish the action of summoning and that the items are expended in the processes. I am simply looking for the best, most accurate way to do this; points cost is not an issue because I am the GM. As I stated about I am going of the Necromancy Summoning spells from fantasy hero because they are basically the concept I am going for. Summon a few skeleton minions (or Robot Minions) watch them get stomped in to the ground. And then go home and summon (make) more. I am looking at this like a modern-day necromancer, if you take my meaning. Yes he paid for his well-hidden lab. Not really, more than 4 sounded overpowered. Not that the power wasn't over powered to begin with. Good suff all...Thanks! Demonsong
  11. Summon Robots? I am making a super high tech character for a supers campaign with 4 robots companions, 3 robots wolves and 1 robot eagle. 1 wolf will stay at his small hidden base as a sort of guard dog and a replacement, and the other 2 wolves and eagle will accompany him. Now these robots are not super powerful, 10 body for the wolves 8 body for the eagle with 8-10 points of resistant defense; with attacks in the 2-3D6 killing range. I have every expectation that these robots are going to be destroyed on a semi-regular basis. So I am thinking that making them followers is not the way to go, as I will lose the character points for them when they die. So I thought I would steal the idea of summoning skeletons and zombies from Fantasy Hero and make the (+1) Slavishly Loyal Summoned creatures with the disadvantages of -2 OAF Expendable- Requires expensive equipment and workshop to build, and -4.5 Extra Time- 8Days (2 days per robot). Making the whole power look like this… Summon 300-point robots (60 point) X4 of them (+10 points) Limited group 3 wolves and 1 eagle (+5) +1 Slavishly Loyal Summoned -2 OAF Expendable- requires expensive equipment and workshop to build -4.5 Extra Time- 8 days (2 days per robot) 150pts active 20pts real cost What do you think? Would you allow this in you supers campaign? Is there a better way to do this? I was thinking about followers with some type of regeneration/resurrection with a limitation that they must be rebuilt, but it just didn’t feel right. As a side note all of the robots and the main character have the same DEX and SPD to help keep book keeping to a minimum. Thanks for your input. Demonsong
  12. Re: No Frameworks? I think that with out power frame works you are going to have lots of bricks in your game.
  13. Ok, if a character is knocked down they must spend half a phase standing up. There is no skill that allows some one to stand up as a zero phase action. If you have flight or teleport you can spend 5 points for position shift and stand as a zero phase action, but characters with running can not buy position shift because it is not an extraordinary movement power. Is this correct or am I on drugs again? What about character that have a character concept that it just makes since to have this power? Martial artist that can Kip-up, Cat (or other animal) based characters that should be able to jump up in a flash, Speedsters with insane amounts of running? Do you buy 1†in flight with position shift -0 only for standing? Thanks
  14. Re: ... and pass me the ammunition. I think I an going to have to disagree with Lightray here. A recoverable charge is recoveraable in combat. I am currently leaning towards simply ruling the carrier as a suitable location to restore charges, much the same way as a base. That is how I would do it and that is how it looks like it is done in Star Hero. Later
  15. Incendiary Grenades defended as 10D6 Explosive with 4 charges that last an extra phase. Does the extra phase and thus the extra damage take place in the very next phase or on the characters next phase? Thanks
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