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  1. Assorted martial arts resources: http://surbrook.devermore.net/herosource/herosource.html#NH Assorted orginal martial arts characters: http://surbrook.devermore.net/original/originalchar.html#NH
  2. The Kazei 5 expansion is like 90% done. I just need to complete editing the scenario and write a few essays.
  3. High Rock Press is producing more than just Hero products.
  4. Well, I didn't win... but getting noticed was the important part.
  5. So, anyone have any thoughts on the final product? Backers should have the revised PDF.
  6. Right, And it was an xd6 RKA (I think it was 11-15d6). I have no idea what it was or what it was supposed to be, but it's in the character sheets, so.... I didn't want to leave it out, as I didn't want to presume anything.
  7. This is what was published in 1988. My character sheet goes off of a 5E Hero Creator/Designer file that was also in the archives.
  8. It's on the character sheet(s(. I have no idea what it is.... and Aaron didn't detail it.
  9. Here's the link http://www.ennie-awards.com/blog/2016-ennie-award-nominees-and-spotlight-winners/
  10. And now Larger Than Life is up for an ENnie!
  11. Those are Aaron's exact words... so as you can tell none of us are strong on math.... Anyway, please report all typos and other issues to jason@highrockpress.com
  12. Almost certainly... but there's like one person in Aaron's gaming group that can read his handwriting.
  13. What? For Aaron's files? Yeah, I gave up on those.
  14. My copy downloaded with no problems. If you're having an issue with the link, you need to contact Jason via the Kickstarter website.
  15. We are working on the book right now. We are getting the artwork prepped for the interior, which will be in full color since we hit 40k. Also being developed is the GMing section, with advice from Aaron and others.
  16. -2 is way too much for the Side Effects. Let me see what I have for bioware. Okay, here is a Kazei 5 bioware implant. COMBAT PUMP Effect: Aid STR, DEX, END, STUN 1d6, Self Only Target: Self Duration: Instant Range: Self Charges: 4 Description: This implant is designed to pump concentrated adrenaline and noradrenalin into the character’s bloodstream, increasing his physical capabilities for a short period of time. When the effects of the Combat Pump wear off, the inrush of accumulated fatigue poisons can cause temporary unconsciousness. Extended use of a Combat Pump may have other, even more harmful, effects on the character’s system. Due to the nature of bioware, characters may not buy the Poor Quality Limitation for the Combat Pump, or any other bioware implant. Bioware can be damaged, however, and a damaged Combat Pump may operate at reduced efficiency (i.e. it loses a Damage Class or two), may suffers a lost of chemical reserves (i.e. lose Charges), or may operate erratically (i.e. suffers from the Requires A Roll Limitation). Game Information: Aid STR, DEX, END, STUN 1d6, all four characteristics simultaneously (+1 1/2), Invisible Power Effects (Fully Invisible; +1) (21 Active Points); 4 Charges (-1), Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (2d6 STUN Drain when Aid effects wear off; -1), Only Aid Self (-1), Cybersystem (-1/4). Total cost: 10 points. Options: 1) Level Two Combat Pump: Increase to Aid STR, DEX, END, STUN 2d6. 42 Active Points; total cost 8 points. Cyberssytem is my blanket Limitation for all bioware and cyberware. Now, in your case, a -2 Limitation would need to be Extreme (60 Active Points for -1) and whenever the power is used (x2 Limitation). A 14- Berserk is at least 25 points... 35 if it's Very Common. So, IF the Side Effect occurs every time you use your 24 Active Points bioware, we're talking a -1 Limitation (Major Side Effect for -1/2 x2 for always occurs). But, if the Side Effect builds up over time, then we're talking a far less value or I'd not call it a Side Effect and consider a blanket Limitation (like Cybersystem) that defines what happens as you use the bioware over time.
  17. Hmm.... I did some overdose rules for my in-progress Kazei 5 supplement. Not sure if they'd apply. One thing to consider is some sort of Side Effect (or a blanket "Causes Tekili-li Syndrome") Limitation for all bioware and decide from there. Basically state that overuse causes the Syndrome. Since it's a plot device power don't define it. Put it on the PC's bioware and let them get worried. Periodically give PCs with bioware strange dreams, weird messages, and have them wake up in odd places. Keep it up until their good and paranoid. Then have an NPC with bioware monster out.
  18. What? 200? 300? I know it was something like 125 folders worth of stuff.
  19. Which material? The digital archives? No. The new Strike Force book? Yes, it will be a PDF and a physical book.
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