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  1. Update: We're at over 73,000 words. I have started assembling the character section -- Strike Force, the Shadow Warriors, the Shadow Knights, and mention of such defunct groups as Avaunt Guard.
  2. "Ean"? No idea. A Blood sourcebook depends on how successful the Kickstarter is. True.
  3. http://www.herogames.com/index.html/_/store-items/strike-force-designer-diary-one-treasures-with-r105
  4. Quick Update -- we're at 60-65k words. I have written up 6 NPCs/villains, and have 17 Hero Designer files for various PCs (some PCs have a start and end file). We are now producing some designer diaries, a rough draft of the first part of the part for Kickstarter backers, and trying to spread the word. You can help! Let me know about podcasts and mailing lists, and talk about the project on social media. Kickstarter link to come as soon as I have one.
  5. Take look here. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/78834/Kazei-5-HERO-System Also, a preview PDF is here: Kazei 5 Preview
  6. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)?"Susano" was my first email address (susano@digex.com) and I've used Susano ever since. Susano was selected since I was a huge fan of the manga Orion, and my friend who created the account used the name of one of the main characters for my handle. I've used "Susano" for my net handle ever since. What was the first tabletop RPG you played?Basic Dungeons and Dragons (i.e. the original blue book) What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed?Advanced Dungeons and Dragons What are you currently playing/GMing?Friday Group - Dungeons and Dragons 5E Saturday Group - Shadows Angelus (HERO System 6E) Sunday Group - The Well of the Worlds (HERO System 6E) I am playing in Friday and Saturday and am GMing Sunday.
  7. The Kickstarter page will be more clear as to what other systems will be addressed. I'm not 100% sure what they are. IIRC, mention was made of M&M, SW, Icons, P&P. and the core book will be HERO.
  8. I think the intent is for MM, Icons, and Prowlers and Paragons. Savage Worlds? Not sure.
  9. The sheer scale, I think. The amount of detail Aaron put into things and how much he solicited player feedback and input.
  10. I honestly have no idea. Strike Force may have ended before Aaron died (or may have been on another extended hiatus). As far as I know, Denis Loubet is not playing Phosphene at the moment, although he's mentioned playing in something Jeff Dee is running (a fantasy game I think). I'm fairly certain no one decided to try and run Strike Force game after Aaron died.
  11. Everyone can help by talking this up on social media. Also, if anyone knows off or has contacts with a gaming podcast, tell them about this and have them get in touch with me.
  12. For the record, Part I is done. It clocks in at around 49,000-50,000 words. We are now developing the GM's advice section, while I get the fun task of creating the various 6E character sheets for an assortment of heroes, NPCs, and villains. With luck, much like the original Strike Force, you'll get the starting and most current version of several heroes (such as Phosphene, who was there at the start and was still going strong 260 session later).
  13. I have heard from Jason on this subject. Basically, he's waiting until the BlackWyrm site becomes the High Rock Press site, and then he will start on new book production/
  14. Just a quick update -- i was at around 20k words, but Ross and I realized I was overwriting the campaign synopsis. So 8k words were trimmed and I've now added about 1500 more. So, we're at around 13-14k words.
  15. The entire book is this (IMO). Also, there will be testimonials from the industry, and I do a short profile of his work.
  16. You can send it to me. I prefer 10s and 20s, non-sequential serial numbers. Just start sending it over, I'll tell you when to stop.
  17. So, I've written the Introduction and working my way through the section on the Campaign itself. I'm at 11-12,000 words, and have covered such topics as how Aaron ran his games, blue-booking, his Chronicles, themes, tones, and other such game elements. Right now I'm trying to condense his timeline down into something that's concise but also provides a good idea as to what went on during the game.
  18. +2 OCV versus anyone he really doesn't like (or killed his dog, take your pick).
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