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  1. I have Sam (http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsmovie/ronin/sam.html) and Vincent (http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsmovie/asstd_movie/vincent.html).
  2. Yup. To be a little more specific, the Introduction gives my thoughts on the project, talks about Aaron himself, and then discusses Strike Force and its impact on gaming. The Campaign section gives as basic introduction to the campaign, discusses the methods Aaron used to run it (taken from Aaron's own notes on the subject), then examines the themes and tone of the campaign, and will wrap up with a breakdown of major campaign events. Interspersed between these sections we hope to have testimonials written by various gaming notables.
  3. I am about 7000+ words in. I've written the Introduction and am developing the section on the Campaign (such as how Aaron ran it and what Strike Force was like).
  4. Honestly? Depends. I've already placed a block of his own text into the Introduction, for example. But I suspect other material may be condensed and/or paraphrased. The documents I have to work from total a word and page counter far larger than what we have.
  5. Kickstarter? No. LTL? Sweet! Thank you every much.
  6. So, the first 1,000+ words have been written. I'm working on the introduction and will then go into various campaign elements.
  7. Book is done (well, it needs editing). But production is in Jason's hand/ He switching BlackWyrm over to High Rock Press, but I'm pretty sure he hasn't forgotten about the book.
  8. There's a section on campaign that he wrote for a planned Strike Force book that might cover this. I'll need to look it over.
  9. I'm not sure if this was something he was going to address anyway. The files I've seen do talk about GMing, but much of the PC development was up to the players. I have an email where a player returns to play after spending 5 years away and he rebuilt his PC on his own, based on the new rules (4E and Aaron's house rules). Aaron didn't (AFAIK) ask for (or require) any changes.
  10. That is basically what we are doing, but also expanding it to show the evolution of his world over 25 years or so.
  11. Some of my ideas were to simplify conflict resolution (everything would be roll 3d6 and add) and to integrate HAP fully into the system. So, mostly fine tuning.
  12. This is a matter of time, energy, cost, and having the files showing the various power levels. Which, as far as I know, we don't have. What I have access too are the Strike Force character sheets in the original book, and piles of Hero Creator files showing various characters as of 1994 or so.
  13. I am fairly sure we won't have the room. What I want to do is follow the original book's approach. Which was 1st appearance and then the latest we can find (both updated for 6E).
  14. I have ideas... a number of ideas, actually, for a 7th Edition of Champions/HERO System, but at the moment, I don't think Jason has any plans for a new version. Perhaps in a few more years the time will be right to reboot the system.
  15. That would require the proper amount of Kickstarter funding. We would like to, but....
  16. So, I've finished reading and skimming the hundreds of documents that make up what we have from Aaron's files. And I thought I'd share this screenshot of the final folder, which contains files Aaron wrote for this planned multi-volume guide to Strike Force. This is what we'll be working with and from in our efforts to make a 6E version of the book.
  17. Your father was Foxbat and your mother smells of experience points!
  18. Unfortunately I can't send such things out. All I can do it taunt you with the contents.
  19. Okay, my mistake, it's more like 3,300 pages.
  20. Actually, yes. I have files the show a circa 1998-99 attempt to create a Strike Force series of campaign guides.
  21. Those 797 pages are in a LibreOffice file. Did I mention the 3400 page PDF?
  22. So... I have finished reading all 797 pages of Aaron's session-by-session history of Strike Force. That's 19 years of gaming run over 251 sessions. I am in awe. Now? On to his notes on setting history and the like. As far as I can tell, Aaron ran at least 260 sessions or so... but I don't have a write-up of those sessions. So we'll go with what we got... which as you can see is quite a bit.
  23. HAP are not a case of making it up as you go along. In my expereince, players us their HAP when they really want to succeed at a task or during critical moments when they want to do extra damage to a foe. I also see them not spend them becasue they want to wait "just in case". To me, it adds an extra layer of player invovlement, where they can affect the story in a postivie way, which is a good thing, since the story is about them and their actions. It allows for more heroic stunts and the ability to pull of critical, just in-the-nick-of-time, type actions.
  24. Possibly. Certain Dark Champions, Post-Apoc Hero, or Fatnasy Hero games, for example,.
  25. I've been using HAP in my tabletop and convention games. Players like them.
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