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  1. Have decided to shift to starting a campaign. Anyone is welcome to join, even non-players so long as you acknowledge that you've read the rules. I'll begin adding again to this thread in another month or so, but I'm going to focus on setting up the club for now.
  2. In the VIPER design thread you posted a great look with a fanged helmet, where did you get that art from?

    1. Terminax


      That is from the 6E Champions Universe Page 188.

  3. Sorry I haven't been able to do much. I've had my GF's kid over for the weekend, and I just haven't had the mental energy to go through things while she's here. I'm working on it now.
  4. Alright, just screening that sheet it's definitely a little too fussy and gamey for me. I'm not your GM though, so it's not like it's particularly wrong or anything - it's just not how I'd like to see it done. The way the unified power structure is used is questionable and combined with the lockout adjustment makes my head hurt. But it's those multis that really set off my alarms. I'm going to plug in what you posted into HD and then play around with it. Should have the result to you by this evening.
  5. I dunno if I'd be cool with the setup without the full character sheet. It seems overly fussy and gamey to me.
  6. Slight correction. Bezos still owns a little over 10% of Amazon stock. He's behind Musk, but he'll catch up. Like Musk is doing with Starlink, he's planning to put up a satellite internet network.
  7. Uhm, probably far more than I'll actually ever use. If based on real life, I like to have read at least two history/biographical book on the subject, establish a time line, photos spanning their life time. Add in a brief blurbs about the education, religion, family and major events. Fictional character I like to be fairly comprehensive with as well, trying to flesh them out as completely as possible. If they're going to be a feature character and I can afford it at the time, I have a one or another artist friends do a reference sketch for me. Then create a character sheet in one or more game systems I expect to use and file it, for the day I may need it. *closes the walk-in closet filled with plastic bins of hanging files with all my research notes in them* I swear I don't have a problem!
  8. I guess some of this is different GMs experiences with players putting stuff in power frameworks that just isn't in my own experience. While I use the AP limit as a guide, I've also been flexible with players if they have a good character concept that requires a power or more rarely a power framework that requires a higher AP limit to make it work. And multiform is one of those rare powers I've usually required to be 1) built outside of a power framework and 2) isn't restricted by the AP limit because usually people aim for multiform equal to their main character's cost (let's say 400 CP for example) plus how much it costs if they have multiple forms. Part of that arrangement is because it's already has that 5 CP for 1 CP ratio so it's been discounted plenty as is and putting it into as framework is double dipping to me. But I can see possible avenues in a multipower or cosmic power pool where I'd allow it but I'd always reserve judgement on that based on the build. Like if you wanted a Multiform or Summon half or less the total points of the main character, I could be convinced. But beyond a couple of times where I ran Fantasy games using HERO, Summon just hasn't been particularly common - maybe I've seen it used two or three times over 30+ years of Champions/HERO play. I just don't think I've seen either used enough in a limited fashion to warrant changing point costs. That doesn't mean it doesn't have merit for one to do, but I don't know if it's enough a problem to warrant an official point change.
  9. Yeah, I think repricing either is kind of a pointless exercise at this point.
  10. Oi, this has gotten over complicated for a simple (and completely optional) rules question. Circling back to the original question, I'd choose option 2. I can see more applications than just END and STUN, but they're very, very niche. Regenerating CON and EGO can be used against some esoteric attacks like a poison Drain vs Con OR a some form of psionic attack Drain vs EGO or the like. As for Regeneration of END, if you tied it to flight of a certain speed, you could simulate a scramjet which feeds it's own END. I'm sure given enough thought, one could apply it other ways as well. Certainly the main side use is if you also extend the Regeneration time chart to per phase/18pts and per segment/20pts so that's 10 END or 4 Stun for that cost. Since this is an optional rule which flat out states that it can lead to unbalanced situations it's use is probably limited to the GM's use and if it isn't, at least the GM has been warned. How many of you GMs run into someone wanting to use this optional rule?
  11. All the following have connections to the Warlord, who will be part of our next entry. The Arsenal After a decade of mercenary operations, in the mid-late 2000s the Arsenal is weakened after members begin to age out, suffer crippling injuries or die. When new recruits fail to meet the high standards of the team and they suffer several setbacks endangering their financial security, the Arsenal's "Gun Council" vote to take the Warlord's offer of buying out the team. The remaining members retire, passing the torch to the Warlord who recruits an all-new Arsenal from his Shadow Army. The team becomes the second team after the War Machine to be attached to the Warlord's growing forces, serving as a combination of special forces and specialist cadre. The originals Arsenal members used their new found wealth to start new lives, most simply enjoy the good life of retirement under new identities but several, including Arsenal himself would be recruited by ARGENT as consultants and trainers in the 2010s as the group founds it's own agent corps. The Berserks A small mercenary team, one that all wear similar advanced combat suits and have all undergone the same simple superhuman augmentation - the Berserks quickly get a reputation for good, if rather rambunctious service so long as the money and action is kept flowing. Working back and forth for VIPER and RAVEN (with the caveat that the Berserks would not work directly against their previous employer) during their war in the 1980s saw them employed in proxy battles with criminal allies of the two organizations. After VIPER wins the war, a member of the Berserks named Fenris, bucking for the leadership of team gets into a fight with the rest of the and is chased off barely escaping with his life. The team replaces him with a new female member named Sif. Thanks to the mild life extension properties resulting from their superhuman augmentation the team continues working on and off for VIPER as well as ARGENT and later Raven Reborn. When the Warlord tries to encourage them to join his organization in the late 2000s, they refused. H.A.W.C.S. (Heavy Assault Weapons and Combat Specialists) The original H.A.W.C.S team were rogue US soldiers equipped with stolen high tech battlesuits. Active only from the early to mid 90s, they worked exclusively for VIPER and were among the forces leveraged against Eurostar when VIPER went to war with them in 1996. Silencer started the attack on Eurostar by sniping Whitestar in the head with her Gauss Pistol, killing him instantly. Meanwhile Downtown fired his heavy artillery missile into Durak, blasting the tough strongman into a building causing it to collapse on top of him. Killzone sprayed downfield killing the Whip and pinning down Fiacho. As Airstrike came in to blow up a vulnerable Fiacho, Bora smashed him from the sky with her control over the air. When Silencer positioned herself to take down Bora with her next shot, Ultrasonique who alone could see her blasted her with sonic blast after sonic blast until the battering knocked her unconscious. A furious Durak leapt out of the rubble and right onto Downtown, and smashed his fist straight through his head. With all his comrades downed Killzone opened up with another autocannon barrage and stood his ground. A moments later the rest of Eurostar plowed him under. Pantera tore the stunned Airstrike's throat out and Fiacho administered the coup de grace to a now visible Silencer with his flechette pistol. Two members of Eurostar dead right there and the H.A.W.C.S. team wiped out in less than a minute. As the rest of the VIPER contingent began to open fire into Eurostar's survivors, Fiacho chose to retreat and save his team and fight another day. Having won their battle, VIPER recovered the dead H.A.W.C.S. and what was left of their battlesuits. Sending the suits back to a safe nest to see if they were repairable or not, they were quickly forgotten about as Eurostar began to wreak havoc on VIPER's European operations for their ambush. Crated and left in storage for over a decade, the H.A.W.C.S. remnants were moved around as surplus to needs until a Nest leader needing a quick shot of cash sold them to the Warlord. The Warlord, disappointed in the poor condition they were in still has his engineers tearing the suits down in order to rebuild them or incorporate the technology into his own. Devastator, Lazer, Mechassassin and the Steel Commando Devastator would have a very short career. Having stolen his battlesuit design from the Warlord and despite surviving several brushes with the War Machine it was only a matter of time before that he was captured by the Warlord's agents. His torture and eventual death would captured on video and sent as part of a last threat to work for him or else to Lazer, Mechassassin and the Steel Commando. Nominally rivals, the three met and discussed the Warlord and promptly disappeared. Until the Libyan Civil that is. Meanwhile Devastators battlesuit would be given to soldier of the Shadow Army and serve as the newest member of the War Machine. Notes: The Arsenal is closer to as presented in 4E Dark Champions than the 5E version, though the differences between aren't too great. The Berserks are also based on the 4E Dark Champions team. The H.A.W.C.S. are lifted directly from 4E High Tech Enemies. Devastator, Lazer, Mechassassin and Steel Commando are all in their 6E form.
  12. I swear to God I wasn't involved! It's strictly coincidence! *closes all the browser tabs he's been using to research Haiti for my campaign project*
  13. I think the ideal of the United States of America is very worth having. I feel just the same about the ideal of Canada. However, that ideal isn't the reality. There is allot to be said about the damage and ugliness we have inflicted on others both here and the world in the past, present and probably the future. Ideally, we can reflect on the past, change the present and guide the future to a better world but there is still the reality that we also have to deal with.
  14. The garden before yesterday's thunderstorm. A wild flower that's crept into the garden.
  15. I fly both a Canadian and American flag and "properly" at that. I'm not particularly patriotic to either Canada or the USA, it's just something I do because several of my significant others are American and I always thought it respectful that I cared about them as I do my fellow Canucks.
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