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  1. Re: Who is sticking to 4th or 5th Ed HERO Oh, sorry. Did I miss a post where you say the same thing? My bad.
  2. Re: Who is sticking to 4th or 5th Ed HERO I think both sides have valid arguments, especially when looked at from an economics perspective. Rather than food, look at it from a car perspective: Some people go out and buy a car, mostly through a loan. They make their payments every month, and when they pay off their car, they go get another one. It's not really something they own, but a "driving utility" (utility as in electric, gas, water, trash) that they pay for. Other people go out and buy a car. They own it. When it breaks, they fix it. When it dies, they fix it for a lot of money. It's their car, it's an object that they own. They don't want to spend money every month. RPGs are the same way. Some people see the value (especially HEROphiles) in buying one book, and owning all the rules they'll ever need. A new edition, no matter how useful, thwarts that value. Others see RPGing as a hobby, wherein you buy a new book every other month to keep up. The former is a valid methodology, and I respect and support it. The latter (how I operate) is the foundation of a successful role-playing company. I guarantee that we'll see HERO 7th in ~10 years, assuming we're fortunate enough to still have DOJ. That's how these companies work - they have to keep selling products. And new genre books don't help as much as new editions - no Cyber HERO or Galaxy of Intrigue or book about Faerun is going to be anywhere near as successful as a new edition. 4th Edition, 5th Edition and FrankenHERO Players - I salute you. Your custom tailoring and house-ruling and rules-waving represents the pinnacle of what the HERO System represents - a toolkit, not just a system. I support your decision, and wish you and your campaigns the best of luck. But the HERO System marches on, as it inexorably must, and those of us who can afford to do so will update with the times.
  3. Re: "Bloodied" in HERO Well, the interesting side effect of using STUN, is that improving your REC would take you out of the Bloodied phase rather easily.
  4. Re: "Bloodied" in HERO Ghost Angel: My rationale for the -1 for Bloodied is akin to yours - that lack of yoyoing is going to mean there will be many combats where a character is never Bloodied, as opposed to in D&D, where a character likely has a chance to get Bloodied (and then healed) much more easily. The fact that when a character in HERO is "Bloodied," he's in a lot more trouble, was my reasoning for a full -1.
  5. I'd like to incorporate the D&D rules for Bloodied into my campaign. Has anyone tried this? Stories of success or failure? I was thinking powers/talents activating could include the following Limitations: Only When Wounded: -1/4 (Only when character has taken 1 or more Body) Only When Bloodied: -1 (Only when character is at 1/2 Body or below.) Thoughts? (I tried a search and didn't find anything, but maybe this has been brought up in a previous thread, because I can't believe I'm the first to want to try this.)
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