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  1. Re: Next scene: Foxbat... You are Dan DiDio and I claim my five pounds.
  2. Re: Mad, Beautiful Ideas My husband created a sort of superteam based on a news article about a stray cat who gave birth to her kittens inside the San Onofre nuclear power reactor. The 4 kittens (named by the staff Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Neutron) developed intelligence and powers far beyond those of mortal cats (and reflecting the nature of the subatomic particles they were named after). He even designed a recurring enemy in the form of their mother (who had escaped capture by the plant staff), who was also powerful and intelligent, and resented the humans who had stolen her children away (the young cats have befriended them).
  3. Re: Teen adventure ideas? As seen in a recent Ultimate Spider-man: That part of modern Sex Ed classes where the kids have to take care of a fake baby.
  4. Re: Need Perjoratives! You seem to assume that James Randi is a stupid skeptic. Whatsamatta, did he poke a hole in your favorite belief?
  5. Re: Need Perjoratives! No, that kind of skeptic would be a Scully.
  6. Re: Strange Hero Concepts: Discuss Your Own! I had a hand in creating Mr. Squeak as well, although my version, for a proto-Teen Champions game (a teenage setting, but before the official book came out) was more an attempt to see what the other players would do when faced with a character who was intelligent as they were, but tended to have an animal's moral sense (frex, the concept of property rights didn't really click with him on a deep level-- if someone wasn't using something, why couldn't he?). It never quite worked in the game (I think as much as the concept being a bit odd, my own emotional f**kups at the time were not making me a good gamer), and then Barton asked if he could use the idea but revamped him into a more fun Golden Age hero. Here's the thread in which I first brainstormed Mr. Squeak. Glad you guys have had fun with it!
  7. Re: WWYCD? Women City Savers Only How about the Pangs of Ulster?
  8. Re: WWYCD? Women City Savers Only Irving is a statue that looks male, but would he really be male for the purposes of the field? (It's mystical, rather than some sort of super-tech bioscanner, so... maybe). If he *can* go through the field, he'll help to the best of his abilities, and maybe spend some off-time pondering the implications.
  9. Re: WWYCD: "I Am Doctor Destryoer!" I have a feeling Irving would be distracted by the bewildering new phenomena of opposable thumbs and color vision (not to mention a plethora of biological needs, since we're talking Dr. D and not Mechanon here). I suspect in turn Dr. D would find his new body equally confusing and far more frustrating unless he decides to just get his ya-yas out by smashing things.
  10. Re: 10 Real-life Superheroes Yeah. Going back to the more cheerful and frivolous tone of the original thread, I remember seeing Captain Sticky on some TV show when I was a kid-- I want to say Wonderama. He was pretty fun. Don't some of the luchadores have a sort of superhero persona going? El Santo, in particular, comes to mind.
  11. Re: 10 Real-life Superheroes I'll probably be accused of either a threadcrap or being too serious, but I keep wanting to see Liviu Librescu on such a list.
  12. Re: Dumbest thing... You know, I realize I forgot to elaborate on just *why* "The Draco" was the dumbest thing. Anyone care enough for me to do a summary for them?
  13. Re: 5th Edition Champions Art you liked! There were some bits in UNTIL Superpower Database I liked, as much or more for the concept than the execution: the evil mime with forcefield powers, and two less-than-stellar moments for Nighthawk (his getting flattened by a piece of building due to the guy with luck-based powers-- reminiscent of Phil Foglio's Deus ex Machina Man-- and his being attacked by a barrage of random items by a telekinetic in a diner: utensils, glasses, napkin holders etc.).
  14. Re: Dumbest thing... Wasn't said fan in fact Alex Ross?
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