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  1. I will say this much about the wild anime takes-- they really oughta tone them down for the less silly eps. They *really* seemed out of place in the Apprentice ep (as compared to, say, the Mad Mod or Aqualad one).


    [And damn if that K2G song from the Mad Mod chase doesn't work like a happy drug on me. Scary!]

  2. Originally posted by OddHat

    The movie's version of the Human Torch may only be able to have his hands light up. No flying, no body of fire, just his hands and arms. Artistic cllaims aside, it's (imo) probably because it would be much cheaper to film that way.


    Seems odd, considering that the ubercheap never-released Fantastic Four movie Roger Corman produced could scrape together enough money to do at least one fully-flaming Human Torch scene.


    Okay, it's not like it was particularly good, but there it is. I think they spent most of the budget on the Thing costume.

  3. Originally posted by Redmenace

    I'm just begging for a flame here but I rather liked that episode. Does anyone know what the in-comic Mad Mod was like?


    from Titans Tower:


    "The Mad Mod was a fashion designer who lived on Carnaby Street in London, where Mod clothes were the rage. Mod used his fashion label as a front to conceal contraband items in the clothes he made."


    Actually not nearly as interesting. I liked the riffs on Yellow Submarine and quite possibly Thief and the Cobbler as well, and the Puffy Aniyumi chase song (K2G) made me smile.

  4. I was not in this game, but my husband was.


    Guy came in with a character who was a 14-year-old girl with the sole superpower of causing lust in all observers. Straight women would turn rugmuncher for her.


    The character was quickly vetoed. Shortly thereafter, the guy was kicked out of the campaign group, and personally I find myself uncomfortable being within 5' of him for more than a few minutes.

  5. Originally posted by Mike Basinger

    That theme song has to go still.


    Aw, I kind of like it-- it's a J-pop version of the old Secret Agent Man theme...


    Anyway, saw an ep of the show for the first time last night (the Puppet Master one). Weird, but I could probably get to liking it.

  6. Re: Re: Have to disagree, Storn.


    Originally posted by assault

    Superman does have a "Truth, Justice and the American Way" thing happening. Whatever snide comments that may bring to mind, he does have a fair bit of Super-Patriotness, even if he isn't a literal flagsuit.


    Yes, though I was teasing about the colors. Also, keep in mind that at least in the era of the Fleischer cartoons, Superman only fought for "Truth and Justice"; the "American Way" part was added for the 1950s TV show, and I suspect for similar cultural reasons to the ones that got "Under God" added to the Pledge of Allegiance...

  7. Re: Re: Re: Mythology


    Originally posted by Storn

    Does Supes have stars and bars? No. But his colors are those of the american flag and was purposely done as such.


    The American flag is red, yellow and blue? ;)

  8. One tack for your religious character... does she feel that her powers are a God-given blessing, or does she fear that she is being tempted to pride and sin by them?


    I mean, 'With great power comes great responsibility' isn't a bad way to think of what it means to have superpowers even if it's not Biblical.

  9. All the items, unless noted otherwise, are OAFs.


    Seems like Truthpaste could be modeled on the Truth Serum in FRED (p. 148), maybe with a 5-minute Continuing Charge (unless I'm misunderstanding how those work).


    The Glueglobe can be based on either Glue Grenade from FRED.


    Shrinker sounds like an Entangle with possibly a Cosmetic Transform linked to it.


    Fog-in-a-Tube is Change Environment (however big you want it), Takes Extra Time (extra Phase), 2min Continuing Charge.


    Deathmints: Invisibility to Detect Life Signs (as per Simulate Death), 5min Continuing Charge.


    Spray-on Armor: Armor, Continuing Charge with some kind of vulnerability to fire.


    Liquid Lightning: Transform (target into Target With Vulnerability to Electricity), Continuing Charge.


    Brainsaw: This one's tricky. Perhaps Retrocognition, Only Through Senses of Others, Usable by Others (since anyone can look at the projection), Skin Contact Required?


    The Cherry and Pineapple Bombs sound like Flash (Sight Group), maybe linked to a Change Environment that creates DEX penalties.


    And I'm really at a loss for the others.

  10. Originally posted by Supreme

    I remember both characters. I still think that single examples qualify as rare.


    True dat; I was just noting that they didn't happen, in those cases, to be non-existent.


    And I have a sneaking suspicion that even if a Jewish character has the look of a Conservative or Orthodox Jew, such as wearing payess and a yarmulke, they may not actually seem to *behave* in keeping with the traditions...

  11. Originally posted by Supreme

    [*]a female brick who wasn't gorgeous


    There was a female Thing for a while. Keep in mind that female *characters* who aren't gorgeous are sort of uncommon in comics.


    [*]a Jewish character who wasn't Israeli, Orthodox, or even Conservative (religiously)


    Kitty Pride's Jewish, but I get the impression that her family, at their most devout, is Reform, and if anything they are probably as secular as my family, who are ostensibly Jewish but don't really bother with anything but Chanukah.

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