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  1. Epithemus wasn't so much stupid as rather absent-minded: the classic myth with him is that he helped fashion all the creatures of the world but by the time he got to man, whoops! he'd already doled out every talent (strength, speed, claws, flight) to the animals and didn't know what to do. Brother Prometheus ('Forethought') was then wise enough to give man intelligence and more importantly, the powerful tool of fire.

  2. Well, the reason I left the powers category undefined is that I'm not sure how powers are defined in the campaign I'm thinking of joining. I considered the power as a sort of 'schadenfreude': the guy watches someone try to do something fancy and makes them screw up. I figure it's a mental power, BOECV, and might, with living beings at least, have the 'Works against EGO, not BODY' enhancement-- perhaps he's unconsciously creating mental static.


    It's possible that that this could be worked out as a Multipower, so that it has the 'Works Against EGO' enhancement for the slot that whammies living beings' powers but not for the one whammying foci.


    I *am* thinking it'd probably be an All or Nothing transform, and that it does wear off after a relatively short period of time, so healing would be defined as some fast rate like maybe REC's worth of BODY per turn instead of per month.


    Another interesting jinx power I'd thought of, which doesn't affect Powers, is a Multipower Change Environment, 1 hex, -5 to STR/INT/DEX/PRE (and appropriate rolls) depending on which slot is activated....


    I figure whatever jinxes I do will probably also be Invisible to Sight/Hearing (but visual to Mental Senses as if they were regular mental powers), and maybe requiring Concentration or having entertaining Side Effects (like backfiring to reduce his rolls or giving him several dice of Unluck).

  3. I even did a search around to see if this had been answered, but...


    How expensive would it be to design a power that basically Transforms any Power (can't affect Characteristics, and presumably couldn't affect Inherent Powers any more than Drain/Suppress/Dispel would) into a Power with the -1 Limitation "Activation 11-"? Would it be a Minor or Major Transform? (Activation 8-, or Burnouts or Jams, would definitely be Major!)


    Basically, I'm thinking of a character who jinxes or puts the whammy on people. This power would probably have some limitation in the form of Requires Perception Roll or some kind of successful Detect, as things like Mental Powers or Inobvious Foci wouldn't be spotted right away.


    Would it have any Limitations for Target Group? *Could* it?


    Also, when determining the Healing rate for a transform, do you get any limitations for a fast heal rate, like per turn? The only examples in the Hero 5 book seem to heal damage at the normal rate for healing damage to BODY (ie REC points per month).


    Thanks for all your help (and BTW, lots of threads around here are pretty funny)!

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