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  1. Re: Top 10 List of the Lamest Superheroes of All Times


    Most of the list was just weak' date=' unimaginative writing (as in Zan vs. Downpour from JLU) dragging the characters down. [/quote']


    It must be said, though, that Downpour still got the dirty end of the stick in JLU. Bed-wetting jokes and a pimp-slap from Aquaman (admittedly, a more formidable and respectable Aquaman, but even so)....

  2. Re: Top 10 List of the Lamest Superheroes of All Times


    PS - I see the embedded image attempt now, but I can't find the image (even if I put the link in a browser window directly


    The effect otherwise known as screwing up the cache.


    Parking Lot is Full did used to be hotlinkable; you'd think a comic that ended in 2002 wouldn't be so touchy about it now.


    Edit: Sorry 'bout that.

  3. Re: Top 10 List of the Lamest Superheroes of All Times


    Oh good Lord ! There is one lame character not on the list but should be. Maggot who was in the X-Men. He had two slugs who ate things for him.


    I don't know if this makes him lamer or cooler, but if Wikipedia's to be believed the two slugs are his digestive system, which crawl back into his body to replenish his energy. Think Matter-Eater Lad as conceived by Berni Wrightson...

  4. Re: Top 10 List of the Lamest Superheroes of All Times


    Cypher can decipher anything.... He is the ultimate "decker". If he were alive, there wouldn't be a government that wouldn't kill us all to have him.


    It is kind of a pity Marvel killed him off just as cyberpunk concepts were becoming mainstream.


    Me, I'd've liked to see a major archaeological society ask him for help. Linear A and Mayan khipus (knotted string writing) are still waiting to be fully deciphered...

  5. Re: Batman's Utility Belt


    I don't remember this from The Dark Knight Returns. It sounds more like something the Scarecrow would have.


    Yeah, it's in there. He uses it to send Two-Face's guys into catatonia before disarming the bomb on the helicopter.

  6. Re: What is Munchkin?


    In this particular instance, the bracelets wouldn't be OIHID, since they are available both in Hero form and Normal form. I don't know much about G-Force, but just from what you posted here, I'd say the bracelets would be a focus/foci that would have the Instant Change power. Then the characters powers could be OIHID, but there'd have to be a reasonable method of the characters going from Hero to Normal (K.O., braceletes removed in combat or after), otherwise it wouldn't be limiting the characters.


    Interestingly, the show never showed how the heroes themselves turned off the transformation, but the villain, after finding a piece of one hero's "civvies" and discovering that it in fact did turn into part of her uniform, came up with a device to forcibly transform them back!


    There was also an episode of the show where one member of the team lost his bracelet and didn't know it until he tried to transform.


    It sorta-kinda feels like OIHID since the transformation usually involves an verbal activation ("Bird Go!" or "Transmute!" for those of us who remember Battle of the Planets), and probably could be treated as such for most game situations.

  7. Re: Bad Powers


    *sigh* Am I the only one who thinks they missed out when they didn't include Matter-Eater Lad in the new Legion TV series?


    If Wikipedia's to be believed, the writers fully intend to have him show up in a later episode.

  8. Re: What is Munchkin?


    Can you have an OIHID that somehow IS a focus? I was thinking of G-Force, where they need their bracelets to change into their Hero ID uniforms.


    And on the actual topic: I always figured a munchkin tended towards powergaming but made it more annoying by having a childish (in the bad way, ie temper tantrums) attitude and a propensity for having his own fun at the expense of everyone else's.

  9. Re: Bad Powers


    There are certain sonic frequencies that cause people to lose control of their bowels.


    Actually, Mythbusters couldn't get anything to happen when they tested such frequencies on their show, but you don't have to let that stop you.

  10. Re: The things you pick up from Cartoon Network


    Well' date=' okay, it is better to go out while you're still on top then to hang around until you become a joke, but I stil think it's foolish to get rid of a show because "it's been successful for years".[/quote']


    IIRC, if a show has 5 successful seasons, it has enough episodes to be syndicated-- which has a decent profit margin without the expense of creating new episodes. Disney is rather notorious for stopping production as soon as the requisite minimum number of eps for syndication has been reached.

  11. Re: Show me the Water Powers


    Has the player thought about including ice powers?


    If they're a kind of "weather witch" then snow and hail powers might be more appropriate (large hailstones would be a good one, actually: EB, Area of Effect, Indirect).

  12. Re: Anyone know what happened to JLU?


    Three seasons then the axe seems to be the formula for a lot of animated shows in the West' date=' for better or worse.[/quote']


    Actually, 5 seasons (78 episodes, IIRC) is considered a nice sized run for syndication, which is just what TT and JLU got.

  13. Re: NAZI Villians


    Wasn't there a bizarre Nazi hero, or antihero? He felt that he could demonstrate Aryan superiority by helping to shepherd (through rescues and such) the lesser peoples.

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