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  1. Re: Wwyd ????


    I'd best resist the temptation, as I would probably ask for a power suite similar to Captain Marvel's and then go on a "fixing" spree that would have Black Adam and The Spectre going 'geez, show some restraint.'

  2. Re: Clown Ideas?


    Heroes have just about gotten used to the idea of Pac Manhattan when Andrew decides that what would REALLY be impressive would be live-action Katamari Damacy...


    [i'm still trying to figure out how one would write up a Katamari in Hero. It seems to be a Sticky Entangle with a Force Field (among other things) to protect the items and creatures rolled up in it.]

  3. Re: Wow....that is a useless power for sure....


    Although Phantom Limb looks goofy, he seems to have an Electrical Energy Blast KA with the limitations of No Range and Visible. I'm not sure if that is an inherent power or if that comes from a focus of some sort.


    I also think he has some kind of (at least slightly) enhanced defense on his limbs, as he's able to deflect one of the Monarch's darts (and those seem to stick in bare flesh quite nicely, even Brock's).

  4. I don't mean a Presence Attack as such, but actually using only a limited amount of one's PRE.


    This came from looking at this scan from an old Superman comic; Lana and Lois are trying to "disguise" Clark as Superman, and Superman (partly by dint of an excellent Acting roll, I suspect), is coming off as gawky ol' Clark, with a much lower effective Presence than Superman would have.


    Somehow, giving a Superman or analogous writeup a base PRE of 10, with all the rest being bought with "Only in Hero ID" doesn't *quite* fit to me.


    How would you folks do it?

  5. Re: WWYCD: Dare to be Foxbat


    Irving would probably spend most of the time trying to get acquainted with such radical new concepts as hunger, the need to excrete, sleep cycles, and color vision.


    Foxbat would probably spend most of the time trying to get acquainted with such radical new concepts as having no opposable thumb.


    I asked my husband about his character Elizabeth (the one who basically has Full EM Spectrum Vision, Always On). She would probably rejoice in the peace and quiet (if not the gender change) and spend the next 36-72 hours sleeping. Foxbat, meanwhile, would probably be nearly catatonic as he tried to deal with (for starters) HEARING EVERY TV AND RADIO BROADCAST IN THE WORLD SIMULTANEOUSLY... (and since the perception is through the cells of Elizabeth's skin, earplugs won't cut it)

  6. Re: Not quite a WWYCD: YWUA your PC...


    Hm... I hope, for Irving's sake, that my body will still remember toilet-training.

    He's also gonna be in for a bit of a surprise when that time of the month rolls around. (Never mind that he'll still be trying to wrap his mind around color vision...)

  7. Re: Help: Elephant Man?


    Here's a picture of a (out of production, I think, as it was a limited edition for charity) Reaper mini:




    There's also this image of the demon Behemoth, but he's got quite a paunch:



  8. Re: Villianous/Heroic Powers


    Healing: Villianous - "O.k. Henchman, I've cured the beating her heroes gave you now back to the fight..."


    Nastier version: "Oh, no, no, no. You don't think you're going to escape this interrogation *that* easily, do you?"


    Especially fun if you have the sort of healing that allows regrowth of bodily parts.

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