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  1. Whenever Kylo would fume, rant, and scream about "destroying the past", I wasn't hearing Adam Driver as Kylo Ren: I was hearing Adam Driver as "writer with a chip on his shoulder".
  2. https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/106332/why-was-yoda-reluctant-to-teach-luke
  3. Avunculicide, the killing of one's uncle Filicide, the killing of one's child Mariticide, the killing of one's husband Matricide, the killing of one's mother Nepoticide, the killing of one's nephew Parricide, the killing of one's parents or another close relative Patricide, the killing of one's father Prolicide, is the killing of one's offspring Sororicide, the killing of one's sister Uxoricide, the killing of one's wife
  4. There is a fundamental issue which exists whether you believe Luke would contemplate murdering his nephew or that his actions are a gross violation of the character's core beliefs: the wide time skip. If we had films bridging the events from Return of the Jedi to The Last Jedi, any kind of significant (negative) character change would at least be easier to sell. As it stands, if we want to accept this film as being part of the Star Wars story, we have to swallow the changes without question and without any sort of substantial context. Anyhow, there were far better ways to handle the story aside from Luke Skywalker sneaking into his nephew's bedroom to kill him. * Snoke masterminds an expertly executed plan to ensure the Jedi are out of his way; Luke gets captured thanks to lost technology or even biology which can nullify The Force. Ysalimiri, anyone? Suddenly, the new generation of Force users have to change the way they do battle if they wish to succeed against the First Order. * Luke goes off on a quest to discover just why there always seems to be a Sith/Sith Lord popping up seemingly from out of nowhere. During this search for answers, he gets captured. * Luke feels the growing darkness within Kylo and decides to retrieve his mother - Leia - in an attempt to dissuade him from going down a ruinous path. While away, Snoke or perhaps a proxy of Snoke comes to the new Jedi academy and successfully seduces Kylo to The Dark Side of The Force. Luke can still feel guilty about failing his nephew without the ugly "murder for the greater good" nonsense. I still think he wouldn't go off and sequester himself from the rest of the galaxy when people need his help, but at least this outcome is much better than isolation motivated by thoughts of neptocide. * The evil aspect of Anakin Skywalker's psyche - Darth Vader - managed to split off and persist long after the redemption of The Chosen One. We learn that it was this shade that helped turn Kylo to The Dark Side. Turns out there was a reason why Kylo was hanging onto Vader's melted helmet beyond an unsettling adoration for a mass-murderer.
  5. It was garbage writing meant to dirty the face of a cherished protagonist so that the shiny new perfect hero could, er, shine.
  6. I'll tell you one thing: if you've ever wanted to see a black guy* ride an alien horse, this film will scratch your itch. * who was underutilized, forced into performing hackneyed comedy, and would have made for a compelling Jedi (especially if had he been written like a soldier confronting PTSD while helping his new allies)
  7. I MIGHT consider forgiving the Sequel Trilogy if Jar Jar Binks makes an appearance as a Sith.
  8. They were ambitious works that expanded on the Star Wars mythology while feeling like Star Wars. The acting* and scriptwriting, on the other hand... Oh, and the glut of CGI didn't help matters either. * Liam Neeson, Ian McDiarmid, Christopher Lee, and Ewan McGregor aside. Okay, okay...Hayden Christensen had his moments too.
  9. I always thought he was shouting "DRAKE!"
  10. This film is the gift that keeps on giving ??.
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