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  1. Mick Astley (Rick Astley). Rick Ashley (Rick Astley). Brian Emo (Brian Eno). Iggy Poop (Iggy Pop). Blue (Blur). Irony Maiden (Iron Maiden). Iron Madden (Iron Maiden).
  2. Yet (Yes). Peal Jam (Pearl Jam). Pearl Ham (Pearl Jam). Pearl Jar (Pearl Jam). Crowded Louse (Crowded House). Satana (Santana). Moe Satriani (Joe Satriani). Kate's Bush (Kate Bush). Kate Kush (Kate Bush). Fart of Noise (Art of Noise). Mart of Noise (Art of Noise). Art of Nose (Art of Noise). Munch Syndrome (Munich Syndrome). Guns'n'Moses...coming to a southern state near you! (Guns'n'Roses). Green Hay (Green Day). Green Yay (Green Day). Drowning Fool (Drowning Pool). Drowning Poop (Drowning Pool). Stoned Temple Pilots (Stone Temple Pilots). Red Snot Chili Peppers (Red Hot Chili Peppers). I slightly cheated here, but c'mon...when do I ever get this opportunity? Miami Found Machine (Miami Sound Machine). Miami Pound Machine (Miami Sound Machine). Mami Sound Machine (Miami Sound Machine). Poets of the Mall (Poets of the Fall). Poets of the Fail (Poets of the Fall). Man McCoy (Van McCoy). Moldplay (Coldplay). Job Zombie (Rob Zombie). Roy Zombie (Rob Zombie). Ron Zombie (Rob Zombie). Beaches and Herb (Peaches and Herb). Jackson Jive (Jackson Five).
  3. Why is that then? Fighters and magic-users and clerics and thieves are rare in the larger world. 1% of the populous or something similar. So are you suggesting that only one of the players actually play a class and the rest are 0 level butchers bakers and candlestick makers? Because if it offends you so much that subclasses are represented well in a group of PCs then you should be equally as offended that any class is represented in the party of PCs, given how rare they are in the world. Of course that’s ridiculous. Hopefully you can see how ridiculous and extrapolate that on to sub classes as well. Player Characters are the ultimate exception to the rules of the general. That’s the whole point. If the players wanna all be elven fighter/magic-users then the world doesn’t suddenly become mainly elvish warrior-wizards. That’s just silly. It makes no sense. If the PCs consist of 2 rangers, a Paladin, an Illusionist and a monk then that has absolutely NO bearing on the world at large or the representative classes of the land. Why would it. Why would however many NON player character classes you decide are in the game world reflect how many PLAYER character classes are in the game world? Are you turning NPCs into PCs whenever you need them? That’s a bit weird.
  4. Are you guys missing the free Doritos, Mountain Dew or hummus yet?
  5. NPC: "That was one alias. I have many names. You should..." Player: "So do porn stars. You'll have to try a lot harder if you want to impress me."
  6. Long time no see, Clonus. --- --- --- "Of course, we could simply wait and hope that they will find us." "But the air...." "Is limited, yes. We will eventually asphyxiate." "Suffocation?" "Yes." "Not what I have in mind. What else is there?" "I've been thinking; I could start an electrical fire." "Why on Earth would you want to do that?!" "Because the sensor grid should pick up on the temperature spike. Anyone with half a brain and their senses still intact should notice this." "Hold on a second. When we were going through the system checklist earlier, you said...you said that the fire suppression system wasn't set up yet." "Correct." "Well then..." "...but that is a separate apparatus and unique to each room. The facility sensor grid is distributed evenly throughout the structure." "Okay. There's still no guarantee it is up and running though, right?" "Yes. The fire could be for nothing. We may end up suffocating more quickly and/or cooked alive." "So, a slow waltz or a brisk cha cha." "The prize at the end of the night is the same either way: death." --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
  7. “In the souls of people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.”
  8. This man has his priorities in order.
  9. Truly? I suppose the Irish or Welsh would be more keen on "grotto", then. Anyhow...have a grotto!
  10. Would that technically fall under the label of "grotto"?
  11. Behold: a HERO or GURPS player's paradise. Actually, the above scenery reminds me of my brief experience with Heroscape.
  12. https://www.misterkitty.org/extras/stupidcovers/stupidcomics455.html
  13. Mr. TheNaga is an awesome dude.

    1. TheNaga


      Thank you very much.  That was nice of you to say that about me.

  14. I trust you spotted my previous message? --- --- ---
  15. What: you didn't already own it in one form or another ? Incidentally, around the time I obtained that O.S.T., I also picked up the a-ha album "Stay On These Roads".
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