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    Ragitsu reacted to Duke Bushido in The world would be a far richer place if every person spent more time unearthing the   
    Thank you, Sir (I presume); that is much appreciated.
    Unfortunately, I've come to discover that's not as welcome here as it once was.     In the world, I mean.
    I agree with you completely.  I miss the days when it seemed more common.  On the plus side, I'm sixty!  I don't have too much longer to worry about it! 
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    Ragitsu reacted to Thia Halmades in The multiplayer (online) component of Halo PC provided me with many hours of fun.   
    I’m on PS4/5 now, but I do lament I’ll miss HALO Infinite. 
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    Ragitsu reacted to Amorkca in A relative of yours, I take it?   
    Likely a necromancer...
    and yes - my aunt...
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    Ragitsu reacted to Cancer in This happens to be my astrological sign. Apparently, it is yours as well?   
    It is, under classical Western astrology.  My username was a triple pun at the time I selected it.  The horoscope; my thesis project was on M67, a famous star cluster in Cancer; and at the time, I was employed as  a scientific programmer at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, developing a population microsimulation code for evaluating cancer screening strategies.
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    Ragitsu reacted to aylwin13 in Is this a friend of yours?   
      Forrester grimaced as he looked down at the photograph laying on his desk. It had been mailed to him in a manila envelope with no return address.
      "Who the hell found this?" he asked, shaking his head. "I thought I had buried that Pepsi endorsement campaign deep enough that no one would ever find out about it."
      Sometimes you have to do things that you end up wishing you hadn't.
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    Ragitsu reacted to TheNaga in Mr. TheNaga is an awesome dude.   
    Thank you very much.  That was nice of you to say that about me.
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