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  1. Yep, for the most part that seems to be true. I usually go in and edit the RTF document when go too crazy with multiple Multipowers with many advantages/limitations.
  2. You're right of course, I completely missed that the Stun grenades, unlike their Knockout counterparts, are base on Drain rather than Blast.
  3. Howdy! I'm currently building Sentinels for my Marvel 1980s game, see this thread: https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/99366-marvel-sentinels-for-champions-the-mutant-hunting-robot-kind/ This of course includes a number a Gat Jet attacks to neutralize and capture pesky mutants, modelled on the NND attacks presented in the 6th Edition Character Creation (6E1) and the Champions powers book However, there seems to be something off in how the NND Advantage is valued or applied, or I’m missing or misunderstanding how the Advantage is applied.
  4. As for what I’ll be building, there will be making numerous versions of the Sentinels, from the Mark III (the worst model, not that tough at all, almost a really durable and dangerous minion) to the Mark IV and Mark V (quite good and tough respectively) and the Mark VI (really tough), based on the writeups in the Children of the Atom book from the old TSR Marvel RPG, but I’ll use all the tips I’ve gathered here for how to build them in Champions 6th Edition. That way I can use different variants depending on the situation and what suits the adventure. I'll probably have them run up
  5. Many thanks for the tips and guidelines on building and running Kirby's old bots, I'll be using quite a bit of what you suggested (though I'm leaning towards making them Automatons and Machine minds). The game I'm running is a 300 point game, but the (Mark III) Sentinels probably won't show up until they're at least at 350 points.
  6. No rush, I just thought you had them online somewhere and that I missed them.
  7. If you don't mind, where can I find this updated version you've made? I checked your Task Force website, but I can't seem to find them among the Villains there.
  8. Thanks for the information, never played 4th Ed., so I was unaware of the Minuteman robots as "Champions equivalents" of the Sentinels (unfortunately, I don't have any 4th Ed. supplements). Seems there's a version of them in Champions Universe 5th Ed. though according to a forum search, I'll take a look there.
  9. Howdy! Anyone round here who's made a version of the Marvel Comic universe Sentinels (the mutant-hunting robot kind) for Champions 5th or 6th Edition, or know anyone who has attempted this? I can't find any examples online, but my Google-fu may be failing me... The reason behind all this is that I'm going to create Mark III and Mark IV Sentinels for my current Marvel 1980s Champions campaign, and it would be interesting to se others take on Jack Kirby's iconic robots... I'm debating whether to make them Automatons or not, for example.
  10. As I understand it, there's a difference between the fixed "print to pdf"-function and chosing an export format (do correct me if I'm wrong here). The latter works fine for me. As for the former, I apparently can't get it to work on either of my computers, so I've basically given up on using that option.
  11. Tried that with Superheroic and Heroic, same result.
  12. Seems I can't upload more than 0.02 mb here on the forum, far to small for the character file. Is there another way I can submit or send it in by email?
  13. Here's the trace log. The HDC character file to follow in a separate post (too large as per your forum interface rules). trace.log
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