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  1. Re: Alchemica and the use of Transform in battle I think the key word here is 'Anything' Don't like stone? Why not animals? (Transform into Dogs, cats, birds, whales, etc) Are they standing their smugly? Turn the ground under their feet into air/quicksand/etc Don't like the odds? Transform one of them into your 'obedient servant'. Are they all bunched together? Transform the air above them into a boulder and let it drop (Dive for cover!!) I think that, if it helps to think of it as a VPP, go right ahead. As GM you basically get to control the effect (as long as the BODY gets covered).
  2. Re: Cool take on the Golden Age: The Specialists [webcomic] Excellent find! Definitely on my 'must check weekly' list now... (I'll rep him for ya...was going to anyway...)
  3. Re: Multipower Variable Slots, ever use one? The one area I've seen Variable Slots used is primarily when a movement power (specifically Flight) is in your MP. If it was a fixed slot, you wouldn't be able to use any other power while in the air...but, having it variable allows you to put just enough points in it to allow you to 'hover' (1" or 2m Flight) while the rest are used in another power. Yeah, so..."Flight".
  4. Re: Ultraman: My own take on the Man of Steel, sort of... The only problem I have is the 'Language: Plants'. Depending on what effect you envision, this could be as simple as having a 'green thumb' (talks to plants...they grown slightly better...), or a *very* cheap version of Retrocognition Clairsentience ("Which way did they go, Fur Tree?" They went thataway! *Rustle*Rustle*)
  5. First, a explanation of what I'm taking about: 5th Revised, pg 394 Here is my question: When faced with a Non-Area Attack, under what circumstances would it be 'better' to Dive for Cover that it would be to Dodge (+3DV), or even Martial Dodge(+5DCV)? When I first read this, I thought 'Hey...that's cool...'Auto-miss'. But, it's really not that great. Consider: Character A DEX 23 (DEX Roll 14-, OCV/DCV 8) SPD 5 Character B DEX 24 SPD 5 'B' attacks 'A'. 'B' needs a 11- to hit. 'A' aborts his action. If 'A', Dives for Cover (1" away) = a 13- roll to have attack auto-miss (84% chance of the attack missing) Dodge = 'B' needs 8- to hit. (or a 74% chance of the attack missing) MA Dodge = 'B' needs a 6- to hit (or a 91% chance of attack missing) So, at first blush, it seems that DFC is better than Dodge...but, remember that after 'diving' you end up being on the ground and prone (1/2 DCV) until your next phase (and, in this example, 'B' would go before 'A'...) But, what if you are already at 1/2 DCV? (i.e. 'Braced' the phase before, Did a 'Sweep' or 'Rapid Fire' attack)? Using the above example: If 'A', Dives for Cover (1" away) = a 13- roll to have attack auto-miss (84% chance of the attack missing) Dodge = (DCV 8 +3 / 2 = 6) 'B' needs 13- to hit. (or only a 16% chance of the attack missing) MA Dodge = (DCV 8+5 /2 =7) 'B' needs a 12- to hit (or a 26% chance of attack missing) So, it seems, that Dive for Cover can be useful vs. a non-area effect attack. If your DCV is already penalized (Flashed, Haymaker, Sweep, etc), you can make use of this to basically 'put off' getting hit for, at least, that phase (might be useful if you have a teammate who can then come to your rescue). Is there any other situations that might come up?
  6. Re: Rules Question: TWF + Rapid attack, is it this simple? I don't think this is quite right. With the 'Sweep' maneuver, you can make as many attack attempts as you want...but at a cumulative -2 OCV with each attack. pg 397 5th Edition(Revised) says it better than I, but basically: - figure out how many attacks you want to make. - apply an OCV penalty of -2 to every attack past the first one. - make a separate attack roll against each target (which can be the same person or a different one, as long as they are in range). - If you miss at any time, you stop rolling (Your attack ends). With the 'Two-Weapon Fighting' you get an extra +2 to offset the Sweep penalties (as well as less penalties to your own DCV). So, it would be quite possible for a character with TWO and Rapid Attack, to make a half move and attack 4 times (at -4 DCV vs. each target) (You all can correct me if I'm wrong...)
  7. Re: How to deal with a multiform pregnancy? I believe that their should definitely be an egg involved.
  8. Re: Outside the Box powers Interesting! It seem like you are getting a 'Image' power there for free though (and how would it work if there was nobody around?). Invisibility, invisible power effects --- makes me think that 'The Silence' (from Doctor Who) would have something like this as their defining power http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silence_%28Doctor_Who%29
  9. Re: Help modeling a power I think a AOE (Line) with a limiter 'Can only effect consecutive hexs/area that he passes through'. Could even add a trigger to it, so that it goes off everytime he makes a full and/or half move in combat.
  10. Re: Hydroforce I feel your pain. At HC, the one thing I did was have the GM setup the form(s) as NCP's on the 'Character' page. Yes, you'd need to send it to your GM every time there was a change to a form, but at least the info was all there to see.
  11. Re: Outside the Box powers *stares* Soooo, whenever he uses this extra PD/ED, there is a chance that one of the people he's 'helped' before will fall victim to the attack he avoids? (They must have all missed that line in the Ad.....must be in the small-small-small print. ) EDIT: Got to say, though, I think that's REALLY stretching the SFX. You must have gotten a real (ahem) generous GM to allow that. Seriously, though, it turns a standard defensive power into almost an autohit attack. You just need to go ahead and 'help' a target ahead of time...a really stretch of the term 'SFX', I think....
  12. Re: Hydroforce A 400pt Multiform (x4 Number of Forms, Instant Change) would cost you 95pts. It would be cheaper, allow you a bit more flexibility with the individual forms, plus allow you to have a 4th Form (maybe a Hybrid-form, involving elements of all 3 states of Water?) You can even add in fun things like 'Personality Loss' if you stay in one form too long... Cool character! (Lame Pun intended)
  13. Re: How to Build: Read Ancient Ruins / Writings One other thing you might do is dig down and find out what the Talent 'Universal Translator' is actually at its core (it's likely based on a 'Detect' or some such thing). I think that 'Ultimate Skills' might have that information (someone can correct me if I'm wrong). That way, you might be able to pull out the parts that 'fit' and add-in the spell part (incantations, etc) to just the portion you want....
  14. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine This really looks like fun! Where is the link to this site? I tried the few on the first page, but they didn't seem to work for me....
  15. Re: How to Build: Read Ancient Ruins / Writings Perhaps something along the lines of 'Universal Translator' with some limitations? (Costs Endurance, Incantations, Only to understand Ancient Writings)?
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