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  1. I want to build a Focus that adds to strength but does not increase it above a certain value. What limitation would I put on it and how much is it worth? Ex: powered exoskeleton that grants +15 STR but caps out at 30 STR. What about if the hero had to use the strength built for the power and could not add their own. Say a magic amulet that makes you 30 STR regardless of your strength before using the focus?
  2. Penalty Skill Levels!! Doh! totally forgot about those. And looks like they did use CSL for the + to OCV. Didn't know about Restrainable and Focus being mutually exclusive. I figured one stopped you from using the power by entangling/grabbing the limb with the power while focus meant you could be disarmed (via a disarm attack) or have your power taken away if KO'd. Thank you Cantriped. Although that is odd why the added powers only take some limitations. Maybe it is because the extra limitation points don't matter because the powers have to cost at least 1 Real point.
  3. I was seeking to create the weapon listed on page 219 of Champions Complete but I am unclear of the limitations used and the best way to get the OCV bonus, Rmod and StunX I suppose you can build it as a compound power (AK47 example A/R 63/19): -RKA 2d6: Advantages: Autofire 5 (+1/2), Charges 30 (+1/4), OAF (-1), Restrainable (-1/2), Requires Hands: 2 handed (-1/2), STR minimum 9 (-1/2), Beam (-1/4), No Knockback (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4) -+1 OCV: CSL +1 to AK47 Attack (2 points) or use power characteristic: OCV+1 (5 points) - Rmod +1: CSL +1 to AK47 attack with limitation only to coun
  4. The wording for adding advantages to frame works is kind of unclear. It consist of 2 lines: 1) So you use just the option of "Framework Only" when applying the advantage. So if i want Armor Piercing it would bring up a 40 point mutpower pool to 60 Active points. Got it. 2) But then it talks about calculating the advantage on the slots. I thought it was only added to the framework and not the slots? Say I have two powers in the framework. One is a blast with no advantage but the second I want with less power but it has Armor piercing advantage. Does adding the Armor piercing on
  5. I would say his corporate competitor, Justin Hammer, in Ironman 2 was more of a professional rival (perhaps romantic as well with him trying to court Miss Potts away from Tony). Ivan Vanko, on the other hand, was definitely hunting Stark though. Aldrich Killian from Ironman 3, was the leader of the villainous organization AIM. While AIM is no Hydra you have to remember that Hydra should be a hunted of the Avengers ( a whole team of high powered supers), and not Ironman on his own. Aim was full of dudes that can burn right through Stark's armors with their hands. I honestly lost count of h
  6. I guess if you expand what the term language means you could expand it to quite a few species. Simple chemical communication between ants comes to mind, but unless you can make those same chemicals you cannot speak and you need a way to analyze the chemicals they put down to read their language. Bees perform a sort of dance to relay info about location of flowers to gather pollen. I remember an article where scientists used a fake bee puppet to communicate. Otherwise you could read the body language and behavior of wild animals to know what they are saying at a sub basic level. Dom
  7. Additionally, when speaking the language of the palindromedary, one must also know how to speak out of both sides of their mouth.
  8. Egad! I am not trying to milk every limitation I can out of it. But there should be some difference between a characters whose armor appears magically on them and a character who just puts on some jumped up Kevlar. I think I like the "Real Armor" limitation with the Sfx that it requires a clothing change to be activated. If she is captured her armor could be taken away so its a Focus from what I read about OIAID they cannot, but steps can be taken to prevent them from going into secret ID. If I make it a universal focus I could lend it to someone else if needed. If its personal only, it makes
  9. I am not sure the top 2 maybe #3 as well would fit the criteria of "reasonable way of preventing resurrection". I suppose it would be ok for a villain though if it fit the tenor and power of the campaign. Really OP if the campaign is not on the interplanetary level or there is no means of dimensional travel for example. Also, a problem if there isn't an opponent with transform to do #3. ( not so much for villains since the GM will introduce a villain with transform eventually) Any player can do #4 and #5 and after beating the target a few times they may actually be able to determine
  10. I was working on a character with regeration with resurrection and to better understand how this works I compared it to a power in the Champions power book called" Immortality Syndrome" pg 379. Which only confused me because it does not make any sense. How I interpret regenerative with resurrection (assume 20 body): Normally if you get hit below your negative body, in this case -21, you would die and cease regenerative. However since you bought resurrect it continues to work and unless your opponent takes extreme measures like decapitating you to stop the regenerating (or any conditio
  11. Much of the value of the limitation is based on how the GM runs the game. If there are many instances where I have to react quickly while in my secret ID or I often have to forget activating my armor to go on the offensive then the limitation may be undervalued. On the other hand it is free points if the adventure is always on my terms and I am never faced with having to delay combat to change into costume. Since that is all subjective, how about compare it to a character without the limitation or even with their armor always on. Are their potential situations where I would be at a disad
  12. Does anybody know if the artists that do the interior sketches have websites where you can order prints. I really liked some of the 5th edition art and was curious if their were similar works or I could pick up. I tried googling them, but it can be difficult when you are trying to find an artist with a real common name like Greg Smith. Perhaps some of them never created any websites at least from what I have been able to find. I was able to find some stuff for Storn but nearly zilch on the others.
  13. The quick release on the Body armor I wore on my second stint in the Stan had a quick release which was built in for a reason. Pretty nice if you find yourself submerged, say in a Humvee on its roof. Still the first IBA I wore was quicker to remove than to put on as well, even without a quick release option. All in all it may depend on familiarity with the armor as well as if you are being gentle about the procedure. I don't remember seeing any rules about taking armor off, but usually that would not be something to worry about. If you are captured the enemy presumably has lots of t
  14. I have lots of questions about unified Power. 1.) Can you Unify powers in Multipower/VPP slots? 1.a) if yes, then why wouldn't you most of the time? The character sample I have seen don't. 2.) Can powers bought through the same Focus be Unified ( should they be?) 3.) Can linked powers be Unified? 4.) For Unified Power do you need at least 2 powers in the group or 3. The wording seems is a little unclear making it sound like you can add a third power if you already have a group of 2, but maybe I am reading too much into it. 5.) Does it make sense for powers that come from the same spe
  15. Crusher Bob, these persistent powers just bought alone without the limitations would mean that you have the Armor 24/7 and they would even operate while asleep. Are you saying that because of this, Steel man who is always armored and life supported does not have an advantage over Armored girl who has to actually put on her armor one leg at a time? Armored girl would be slower to spring into action if her base is attacked in the middle of the night or perhaps have to risk combat without her armor while Steel man would only need to roll out of bed. It may be a moot point if the GM never puts
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