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  1. Looking for game in Omaha area

  2. My Little Pony and Call of Cthullu, nuff said.
  3. Lars "Lard Assman" Hanson, felt all of his dreams were coming true, he was obese and was a virgin but he was selected to appear on a new TV show called "Life makeover". He met with "personal trainers" and went on a special diet of shakes. He opened his heart to the camera revealing all of his insecurities and dreams. He was even introduced to gorgeous women that fell in love with him. His life was turning around, or so he thought. As the show neared its end it was revealed on live TV that it was a hoax. The real name of the show was "big fat loser" and the diet shakes he had been consuming were designed to make him gain weight. he came into the show weighing almost 300 lbs and ended weighing nearly 600 lbs. The women professed their disgust and how they could barely stand to be near him. Something fragile inside him snapped and he went on a rampage, stomping the host flat and breaking the necks of more than one girl. At one point he even took bites from the corpses. He fled to the streets his hunger unsated, killing and stomping anyone he felt like killing. Until he was picked up by like minded souls bent on revenge for the wrongs of the world. Little did anyone know that his ordeal not only broke his sanity but also unleashed a latent mutant power. He is incredibly tough, resistant to damage, and strong. He is vicious beyond belief and even has sharpened his teeth to points. The cops had dubbed him the 10 ton cannibal but his childhood nickname of Lard Assman stuck.
  4. Raul the pool boy was good at 2 thing before the accident, 1. cleaning the pool( well not really that good) and 2. doing special favors for bored trophy wives (his real talent.) After the accident he was horribly disfigured now a living pool of water. Losing his primary vocation and quite angry about the loss of the fringe benefits, Raul decided that it was time to get his own. He decided to join up with his fellows and take from the world what he deserves. He is able to flow into secure areas, shoot out columns of water, and he is quite resistant to physical damage. If water can get in than he can get in and water can seep in virtually everywhere.
  5. Calculus the mastermind. Possessing super savant like ability quickly calculate complex problems. He can respond to attacks or to changes in strategy or tactics quickly and efficiently (Good levels of OCV , tactics skill.) He can set forth a seemingly random chain of events to produce a desired outcome. This power is bought as levels of luck for himself and unluck useable as attack. He also has the ability to find weaknesses in his opponents and has great ability to analyze. he uses an omnium steel quarterstaff in combat and is very skilled in its use
  6. Re: A Stranger in Space
  7. Re: A Stranger in Space I certainly looked forward to reading the story. I like Cygnia, that character has lots of growth potential especially now that she is away from her represive, culture. Maybe through some trials she can learn to think more on her own (rather than follow regulations etc) and develop as a character.
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Shadow run ed? several years ago. My character: Human with some bioware and a Salette gaurdian Fellow Runner: Large Troll with Panther Assualt cannon My team were sent after a female elf decker ( I forget why). We asked around a night club and we were able to figure out that she had a lair somewhere beneath it which lead us to some old sewers. We manage to track her to a tunnel that had a pipe that was leaking natural gas. Thinking it the wise course I turned off the gas and proceded down the tunnel where I had a little scuffle with a few R.O.U.S's but otherwise emerged unscathed on the other side. I entered a well lit chamber occupied by a topless Female elf holding a Ruger Super WarHawk. Elf: Who are you ? What are you doing here? Are you alone? Me: *Giving her an apprasing look* No just me and my big friend. Elf: *she looked me over* Big friend...yeah right? *she scoffed* Just then the Troll emerged from the tunnel behind me. Me: Yeah! *grinning*
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