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  1. Re: (Equipment) Axe vs. Sword I use Resorce Points in my FH game(I haven't got 6E yet so I don't know if anything has change there) So if the players want a 2d6 +1OCV STRMin7 weapon defined as ether an ax or sword it's all good. Time is too valuable to stress the little things.
  2. Re: Golden Age Superheroes as Pulp Heroes DC's 1997 annuals pulped all their heroes. Though if I remember right most of the stories were suppose to be told in the "pulp" style but didn't take place in the past
  3. Re: Does your campaign world have a S.H.I.E.L.D.? I use both PRIMUS and UNTIL (pre-5th version because there no way they would ever be allowed to opperate on US soil). I also have CHESS (Central Headquarters, Enforcement & Security Services) loosly based on a US only version of DC's Checkmate and I.S.E.S. (International Space Exploration Service) with a Egyptian mythological motief.
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